How Do I Control Text Box Pre-Filled Entries

Sep 3, 2003

Can someone tell me how to control whether or not a text box is automatically pre-filled. In other words, on some web sites, when you visit them, the username and password automatically fills itself. But on other web sites you have to fill in the username and password each time you visit them.

There is one web site, Yahoo! dot com, where the username and password text boxes are never pre-filled. I have to type in my username and password for Yahoo! dot com each time I restart my browser. It didn't used to be that way. Yahoo!'s web site used to automatically pre-fill the username and password text boxes.

The web site that I'm working on uses cookies. I suppose that I could put a cookie $Name variable in a text box - but there may be a better way of doing it, though.

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Keep Control While Passing Form Entries

I have the following code in an intermediate file, separate.php, passing values from a form to a receiving file: form -> separate.php file -> vendor's receiving file

foreach($_POST as $key => $value){
$url .="$key=" . urlencode($value) . "&";}
header ("Location: $url");?>

I place other code (all working), ahead of the code in question. Then, the portion of the other code that sends an email to me containing the values from the form, still does that. The portion of the other code that opens another page, does not open it any more.

Instead, a nuisance (to me) confirmation page generated by the vendor's receiving file opens instead of the page I specified in my other code. This is the part of the other code that does not open any more:

print "<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=">";
I have to send to their receiving file with the confirmation page because the regular one they designed for this purpose (no confirmation page) requires that the form's redirect field be included, and that is a problem to me (not to most of their customers) because I have two buttons in the form going to two different pages, instead of one button like all their other customers would have.

The receiving file (confirmation page) that I have to send to was designed with a different use in mind, but I have to send to it because the regular one must receive a form field that I do not want to include. So it seems that I need to replace header ("Location: $url"); with something else, or make some other change or addition.

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Value Text Fields Gets Filled Before Search From Database?

I have created a search form, to display results (specified) in text fields. The function works, but before I hit the search button, results are being displayed (not even de ones the may be displayed), how can I get a empty value for all the text fields, before the search button is hit.

Here is the source code I use: (changed some parts of privacy).

PHP Code:

$tcm_lang_file = 'includes/lang_nl.php';


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MySql Proccesslist Filled With "Sleep" Entries Leading To "To Many Connections"?

Every time i execute a "SHOW PROCESSLIST" command it shows me about 400 idle (Status: Sleep) connections to the database Server emerging from our 5 Webservers.

That never was much of a problem (and i didn't find a quick solution) until recently traffic numbers increased and since then MySql reports the "to many connections" Problems repeatedly, even so 350+ of those connections are in "sleep" state. Also a server can't get a mysql connection even if there are sleeping connection to that same server. All those connections vanish when a apache server is restated.

The PHP Code used to create the Database connections uses the normal "mysql" Module, the "mysqli" Module, PEAR::DB and Zend Framework Db Adapter. (Different projects). NONE of the projects uses persistent connections. Raising the connection-limit is possible but doesn't seem like a good solution since it's 450 now and there are only 20-100 "real" connections at a time anyways.

My question: Why are there so many connections in sleep state and how can i prevent that.

-- Update:..........

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Forms And Adding Variables Filled With Text To MySQL Database

I am having issues adding variables filled with text (in this case customer information) into a localhost wampserver) MySQL Database. Ill show you what I have so far. Config.php: Connects to my MySQL Database:

// Initiate MYSql Details
$MYSQL_Host = "localhost"; // Where the MySQL Database is located.
$MYSQL_Username = "root"; // MySQL Username.
$MYSQL_Password = ""; // MySQL Password.
$MYSQL_DbName = "iprint"; // Database name to connect to.

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Folder Filled With Files, Each Of Which Contain Blocks Of Text Focusing On Several Main Topics?

I have a folder filled with files, each of which contain blocks of text focusing on several main topics, like so...


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Text Version-control With Difference Highlight?

If you ever edited a question right here on StackOverflow, you have probably noticed that it keeps track of what exact changed were applied to a question. It is displayed in a form by highlighting red portion of a text which were removed and green which were added since at a particular edit. My question is how to implement such a system myself. I am trying to make a custom CMS in PHP with MySQL and this seems like a very cool feature to tackle.Any advice or maybe there are open source libraries which can do this already and I can just analyze how they do it?

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How To Select Similar Text Entries?

I have a table with a client name column, and in a form, I need to select a client by supplying his full name, or if s/he doesn't exist, showing clients with similar names so that the user can select from a list.

That I can resolve with a simple WHERE name="$name", the 'name' column being indexed.

But here comes the problem. When such select yields 0 entries, I want to find SIMILAR names, matching as much of characters from the left as possible. For example, if I'm looking for "John Doe", I want the script, failing to find him, to show me similars like:

Johan Doe
Johen Doe
John Doae

I don't know if MySQL has a string comparison function that would do this, so I decided to make an algorithm: Code:

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Control The Text Area When Someone Clicks On A Link It Opens?

I have many text area in one page I get them by a link called "comment" so her is the idea I made a code in php that includes a form when the user clicks on "comment" this is an Ex.

if(isset($_GET['comments'])) { $comments = $_GET['comments'];
if (!isset($_GET['comments'])) {
$comments = "";
if ($comments == "ok") {
echo "<tr><td colspan='6' align='center'>";
echo "<span class='rePost'>Re : &nbsp;</span><span
include "postComments.php"; echo
} ?>

now when the user clicks on comment it just includes the comment text area but here there is more then one threads on the same page or I can say more then one post on the same page so when the user clicks on "comment" on post one all the other posts get the text area below it.what I need here is when the user clicks comment on post "1" the text area appear below post "1" and not 2 or 3 or any other one on this page.
I hope I got you to the point that I want.

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Control The Content (text) To Display In A $form->input ?

I'm starting with CakePHP and after reviewing this tutorial [URL] and also after having used the "cake bake" command to generate my models, controllers and views , everything is fine, but when I visit the Post's add view (views posts add.php), I find that instead of showing a input text for the username, it shows a select with all the usernames.

this is the line in the Post's add view that show the select.

echo $this->Form->input('user_id');
PostsController :
function add() {
// Some other code
$users = $this->Post->User->find('list');

Although I know how to display only the username of the currently logged-in user, I don't know how to control the content to show in $this->Form->input() because if I use a variable that is not part of the "Post" model , it's shown , but as the label for the input.

P.S. I've been trying to find this information on the cookbook , but I haven't been able to find anything specific to my situation :(

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Populate MySQL With Multiple Text Box Entries

I have about 300 rows of mysql data which I have chosen to diplay with a text box at the end of each row, that is available for adding comments. I would like to be able to add comments to entries and then have an update scripte that would take the text box, named "MC" and place the data in its row identified by a hidden field which would corrrespond to the Primary Key of the MySQL Database. I've done something similar using check box arrays, ie. Checkbox name="MC[]"

My question is whether I can write a script that would test for a value in the corresponding text box, and update the MySQL data accordingly. I have also provided in my display script that if the MC column is already populated in MySQL it will not display in the form.

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Text Formatting - Print Out Entries In A Database

im trying to print out entries in a database. it prints out okay but im having trouble formatting the text- changing colour, font etc. The following code works ok if i just use a variable, but it doesnt work here

echo "<td><font face="Verdana" color="#E5E5E5" font size="+4">{$row['productName']}</font></td> ";

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Read Data From Text File - Display The Last 200 Entries?

how I can read a text file in php, I'd like to have it display the last 200 entries (their each on a new line) from the text file.

John White
Jane Does
John Does
Someones Name
and so on

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Function - Code To Compare Two Large Text Files With 300,000 Entries And Output Differences?

i've got two lists A and B, B = A + C - D. All elements are unique, no duplicates. How do i get the lists of:
(1) the new items added, C
(2) the old items removed, D

C and D aren't more than 10000 elements or so.


Crap, sorry guys - forgot the important detail - these are both text files, not in memory elements.

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Read Entries From DNS Servers And Ping The Entries

i need to build a script that will let the website i'm currently building to read entries from DNS servers and ping the entries to see if they're alive. the problem is i have no idea how to 'read the DNS entries'.

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Get Field For All Entries In Table - But Breaks When 0 Entries?

Code: [Select]<?php
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `MY_FIELD` WHERE field = `".$fieldname."`;", $connection);
if (!$result) {
echo "Database query failed: " . mysql_error();//

So, my code want to check in the "MY_FIELD", and get all the entries there. I made this code, but It seems to fail. The table has no entries, yet. So I was wondering, how can I "error proof" it so it acts nicely if the table is empty? Right now prints out:

Code: [Select]Database query failed: Unknown column 'main_name' in 'where clause'*"main_name"* is the current value of $fieldname right now. This is the current "name" that I would be looking for, but the table is empty.

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Searching String For Entries And Tabling Those Entries?

I have a string that looks like "14, 1, 4, 5, 16, 17, 2, 2, 5, 1, 5, 20, 5" etc but with many more characters (and it may end up with a few thousand characters to it in the end). Each character is between 1 and 20 (inclusive) and separated by ",". I need to search this string and count how many times each number occurs (i.e how many 1's, how many 2's ... how many 20's). I sort of got it working using a for loop and switch statement although it was rather obfuscated. What would be the easiest way to do this?

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Automatically Not Accept Empty Entries Or Delete Empty Entries On Table?

For some reason on my excuse submit ( ) , I get a lot of empty rows in my mysql table. Is there a way I can automatically not accept empty entries or delete empty entries on table?

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Already Filled In Form

i ve made this form in html and i want it to already be filled in with data from the database if it already exists PHP Code:

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Arrays Not Being Filled

the array gets filled like this: Array ( [0] => on [1] => on [2] => on [3] => on ),Pieces of my code: CSS stuff: PHP Code:

checklist {
border: 1px solid #ccc;
list-style: none;
height: 10em;
overflow: auto;
width: 25em;
checklist, .checklist li { margin: 0; padding: 0; }
checklist label {
display: block;
height: 15%;
padding-left: 25px;
text-indent: -25px;.

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Filled Polygon

This code creates the line graph. I want to fill the color from start to end point of line graph. I tried using the imagefilledpolygon but I am not able to pass the array of values. Code:

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Help W/ Zero Filled Numbers (strings....)

I need to be able to loop through a set of filenames (pictures), and if they exist, display the files. No problem with that so far, only that now, the filename system has changed (we went from 100 pics per item to 999)... I can't get to some of them. pictures are named like this :

Lcal0113_z001.jpg to Lcal0113_z999.jpg (not always all of them are there). Now, if I simply try to loop through the 999 Nr's , it won't work for all of those that are below 100 (because of the "zeroes" that stand in front, no surprise...) (Lcal0113_z070.jpg for example won't show up) this is my previous code :

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Pre-filled Form With Images

I have a form with about 25 text fields and 6 file upload fields (with the Browse button.) Currently I have the form submitted to a page, which is supposed to email a pre-filled form to my email. Anywho, Once I fill out the form I get an email with all the field prefilled but the 6 image fields. Here is the php code I use to send the pictures PHP Code:
$Photo1 = $_POST["Photo1"];
$Photo2 = $_POST["Photo2"];
$Photo3 = $_POST["Photo3"];
$Photo4 = $_POST["Photo4"];
$Photo5 = $_POST["Photo5"];
$Photo6 = $_POST["Photo6"];
$message .= 'Image1: <input type="text" name="Photo1" value="' . $Photo1 . '"><img

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If Variable Filled In Then Print Something

I am trying to display some code only if a variable is filled in. How would I do this?
I have a mysql column called "img_2" which I'd like to show some code only if there is a value in img_2. So something like:

if "img_2" is filled in then
<img src=¥"img/{$row['img_2']}¥">

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External Form That Is Pre-filled

I want to link to another page, and have a form on that page filled out with some data. For instance, a link to the main Google page with the search field filled with some text. I don't want to link to the search results; I just want to link to with the form filled.

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Print A Filled-in Form

I've got a form that people can fill in, and if they press the 'submit' button, the form should be printed with the filled-in values instead of the input fields in the html(php) page.

To make things easier, a stylesheet for print might be used too. How could I achieve such a thing?

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