Format Table With PHP Result

Mar 30, 2006

I have to create some kind of dynamic page, logic is next: i have integer in variable and i need to create certain number of fields based on that int. example
$variable = 6 and I need to have table with 6 fields, 4 in one row and 2 in problem is how to do that, how to get new <tr> when number in bigger than 4.

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Export Mysql Database Table To Excel Format - Format Record In Row

I have site in which i have put a link to download a database table in a excel format. visit this link and download [URL].... My script is working but when i download the file. It displays the data in a single row I want to display each record in a different row. like this


The code is :


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Format The Result Like This, 16:13:22 ?

Im pulling information from an xml file tha returns the time formatted like this 161322, how would i format the result like this, 16:13:22 ? Code:

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Get Result In Particular Format ?

I have following PHP code

$val="<div id=user".$row['cid']." userid=".$row['cid']." class=innertxt><img src=images/images.jpg width=50 height=50><strong>".$uname."</strong><ul> <li>Email: ".$row['cemail']."</li> <li> <input type=checkbox id=select".$row['cid']." value=".$row['cid']." class=selectit /></li> </ul> </div>" ;

but once i get result i get in following format ?

<div id=user11 userid=11 class=innertxt><img src=images/images.jpg width=50 height=50><strong>Ruby</strong><ul> <li>Email:</li> <li> <input type=checkbox id=select11 value=11 class=selectit /></li> </ul>

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Format Xml From Complex Result Returned?

have a look at the attached image. those are the results i'm returning with my query.

$result = mysql_query("SELECT gameName, startDate, endDate, FROM (gamedetails left join gamestats on gamedetails.gameID= gamestats .gameID) left join playerdetails on gamestats.playerID = playerdetails.playerID left join gameprizes on gameprizes.gamePrizeID = gamedetails.gameID WHERE gamedetails.gameID = '".$gameID."' AND statsID is not NULL order by score desc");

basically what i'm trying to achieve is a leaderboard. so i send through a game id i need to get

a) the player at position 1
b) his score
c) the prize for rank 1 (if there is one)

i was hoping i could get the xml into some format like this

<name>Game name</name>


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Get The Data And Then Print The Result Out Into An Xml Format?

1/ If I have a persons details stored in a mysql database... to get it into xml do I need to use a php sql statement to get the data and then print the result out into an xml format?

2/ Why would i ever use xml?... is it simply becuase the data is then available in a structure that other aplications/sites can understiand?

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Get Table Value With JQuery, Run Function Then Append Result To Table?

1: I'm loading a table onclick as follows:

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#ajax-append").click(function() {
$.get("get_data.php", function(html) {
$("#myTable tbody").append(html);

Once the table is loaded - I'd like to get the value of col1 and pass it into a function ie/ get_result.php?data=col1 and put this into col3 for the entire table using jQuery and showing a loading gif for each row while the function runs.

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Format Result Text Using Passthru Of System

I tried to use the Passthru and System function to resolve some whois

echo passthru('whois') .'<br>'
$whois = system('whois', $retval);

It works fine, but all the result text is at one line. How can i format this
output correctly ?

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Properly Format A Mysqli Query Result?

So I am writing a small PHP framework for fun, and I have come to a point where I need to format an arbitrary query result into this format:

[fieldname] => value<br>
[fieldname] => value<br>
[fieldname] => value);<br>

If I was doing this in mysql, I would simply do it this way: $tmp[mysql_field_table][mysql_field_name] = $value. But I chose to do this project using mysqli, and I can't seem to find an equivalent for mysql_field_table() so I can determine the table for each individual value. What is the ideal method for gaining this result?

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Format A Date Result Like This 07/31/09 And Insert A While Row Resultdate?

How can i format a date result like this 07/31/09 and insert a while row resultdateI tried all diffrent approach but no luck.

echo date("m/d/M", . $row['Created']. );

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How To Convert MYSQL Data Result To Csv File Format.

How to convert MYSQL data result to csv file format.

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Format And Organise A Result Of A Query Which Is A Continuos Array?

My Code :

public function get_all_posts(){
$sql="SELECT * FROM posts";


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Updating A Table With Result Of Another Table?

I am in the middle of developing a web application (customer DB) and currently attempting to create a module to update the number of member registered under 1 agent.

I have 2 table, 1 is 'users' and another 1 is 'dealers'. The 'users' table contains some normal user credential "agent" column which contains the "username" of 'dealers'. This table also includes "user_registration_timestamp" which indicates the registration time of this particular user.

On 'dealers' table, I have "registration_timestamp" too but with"expiredtime" to indicate the agent active period.

My script is to calculate how many "users" contains the same dealers in the period of that dealers active status (by using users' registration_timestamp and compare it with dealers registration_timestamp and expiredtime) and update into "thisperiodusercount" column inside 'dealers'.

Since the dealer has 2 types of active period, I have to use the "usercountbalance" column to add balance after 1 active period to another so when updating, it needs to add total users + usercount balance.

Below is my attempt:

//Query to get the max dealer ID
$getMaxID = mysql_query("SELECT MAX(`id`) AS maxid FROM dealers");
$row = mysql_fetch_array($getMaxID);
$maxID = $row[maxid];
for ($i = 0; $i <= $maxID; $i++){


Currently it is still not working and it does not update the table correctly.

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Format Into A Table?

I'd like to take the data that php is grabbing from my database and make it look more like an actual table.The table would have 4 columns and X rows. How can I do this? Here's what my code currently looks like:

PHP Code:
<a href="add.php">Add entry</a><br>

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Format Data Into A Table

Managed to get this script to out put data and put it into table format. But the idea is to be able to limit the number of data into 3 columns.

I put a border = 1 into the table to see whats happening. It seems that the first entry gets into the table and the rest gets listed one after the other with no table around it.
Check out the code ! PHP Code:

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Format Data From SQL Table

This might be a basic question, but I can't see anything on the forums for it. I'm creating a small jobs database where our coordinator can input data from employers - company, job role, job description etc. I've got it looking how I want pretty much, but the job spec/person spec needs to be more flexible.

Is there anything I can do to make the data extracted look the same as the way it's typed in (like in this box for example!) eg. when the user enters a new line it automatically displays the new line as opposed to a continuous string of text.

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Output Table Format

I need to retrieve the data from the MySQL table using PHP. Code:

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Format Date From Value In Table?

I am grabbing a date from a row in my table which is currently formatted as: date("Y-m-d") 2010-09-29

So in my code I have something like this:


How do I use this to rearrange the date to look like:


I looked at the formatting tutorials, but they explain how to format it for the date you are currently setting into a variable.

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Format A Csv File In Table?

save the user information into a csv can we format a csv file in table

right now I m giving a downloading file for to see entries as a receipt this file is in a format of csv. and I want to make a proper receipt like user name,user total fees so on and all the values are coming form database. but I am not able to format the csv

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Saving A Result To Another Table

I have a script that will print out the results of a table and make a
calculation of a total of one of the columns. See example:


/* Database connection */

/* Select all pilots */
$query = "SELECT * FROM pilots ORDER BY pilot_num ASC";
$result = mysql_query($query);

/* Determine the number of pilots */
$number = mysql_numrows($result);

if ($number > 0) {
/* Print roster header
Change this HTML to fit your webpage layout */
print "<table>";
print "<tr>";
print "<td bgcolor=#000080 width=85 height=12
align=left><font face=Arial color=#FFFFFF
print "<td bgcolor=#000080 width=120 height=12
align=left><font face=Arial color=#FFFFFF
size=2><b>NAME /
print "<td bgcolor=#000080 width=130 height=12
align=left><font face=Arial color=#FFFFFF
print "<td bgcolor=#000080 width=93 height=12
align=left><font face=Arial color=#FFFFFF
print "<td bgcolor=#000080 width=93 height=12
align=left><font face=Arial color=#FFFFFF
print "<td bgcolor=#000080 width=75 height=12
align=left><font face=Arial color=#FFFFFF
print "<td bgcolor=#000080 width=75 height=12
align=left><font face=Arial color=#FFFFFF
print "</tr>";

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Select From Table With Result Of Another Sql?

Is it possible? tag_table :


and I wanna do it with one sql code is it possible ?

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Mysql Table Result

I have a product page which grabs a product, lets say the ID = 1. At the bottom of the page it grabs the 2 latest products created by that user. I would like it to grab the next 2 products in the database instead of the latest. So,

Product 1

Other Products

Product 5 and Product 6.

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Get Every Result From A Table Except The Very Last Record?

I would like to get every result from a table except the very last record.

example if a database has this structure:

i only want the records from 0-4. I want it to select all but the last record, this means that i cant know how many records there are since the records will keep increasing

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Export The Record Of A Table In Csv Format?

Is there a way to export the record of a table in csv format and then send that csv as attachment in mail to anyone using php?

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Format A Date From Mysql Table?

syntax on how to format a date from mysql table with php? the date in mysql table is like this 2011-03-05 and I want to format is like this Saturday March 05, 2011. I want each time i echo out any date from the table the date will be in this format (Saturday March 05, 2011).

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Format A Section Of A PDF Table Which Was Created ?

I'm attempting to format a section of a PDF table which was created with PHP. I have 2 tasks which I thought would be quite simple, but I can't figure either one out. Inside a table, I have 4 cells which need a grey background color. I thought something like fill={ {area=cell fillcolor={gray 0.12}} } would work (as area=table works fine), but I'm mistaken. My other issues deals with formatting text within a cell. I need to bold just a portion of the text which is in the middle of a string. Looking at how the rest of the document was created, it seems as though I'm only able to bold the entire cell.

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