Form Validation Using Functions .

Jul 13, 2006

let's say I have a mutli-page form. I use functions to validate each form field individually. So I have:


foreach ($_REQUEST as $Key => $Value){

($Key === "surname")? $surname = check_surname($_REQUEST['surname']) : ''
($Key === "name")? $name = check_name($_REQUEST['name']) : ''


in the functions I assign the value of the request to a session if it validates (to carry it across the form pages) and unset the session if it doesn't validate (in case it's ok before and then changed). If all the form field have a corresponding session my form was correctly field so I move on tho the next step.

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Form Validation With Functions?

I am trying to make a very simple form validation function. I currently have the following

function formValidate($field, $msg) {
if (empty($_POST['$field'])) {
$errors[] = $msg;
} else {


When I run the script and enter nothing into the $_POST['form'] field it still executes an empty record into the database.

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Form Validation - Finding Duplicates: Regular Expressions Or String Functions?

I'm trying to figure out the most efficient method for taking the
first character in a string (which will be a number), and use
it as a variable to check to see if the other numbers in the string
match that first number. I'm using this code for form validation of a
telephone number.

Previous records from the past few months show that when someone is
just messing around on one of our forms (to waste our time), they type
in a phone number like "555-555-5555" or "111-222-3333". Our Web forms
have three text boxes for each telephone number:

homephone1 = area code (3 digits)
homephone2 = prefix (3 digits)
homephone3 = suffix (4 digits)

businessphone1 = area code (3 digits)
businessphone2 = prefix (3 digits)
businessphone3 = suffix (4 digits)

My plan is to check for this pattern, then if I find it, just redirect
the user to the thank you page so they'll think the form was
processed, when it actually wasn't.

As we find additional patterns that people use for malicious data,
I'll enter those as well (e.g., 123-123-1234)

Also, if you see any tutorials, or articles that talk about "real
world" form validation please point me to them. I've been looking for
references for form-based validation logic that takes real world dummy
data into account, but haven't found much.

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Form Validation :: Combine Validation For Different / Multiple Fields

Now I have the error messages going where i want them to but I cant figure out how to combine validation for different fields. The form due to how I now have it set up as error_msg, error_msg1 and error_msg2 will only reject the form if one field is not filled in. I tried to use the pipe to combine them but had no luck. Will i have to set a different complete validation for each field. Or can i use an array (error_msg = 'error messager here' error_msg1 = 'error message one here') somthing like that. Can you use multiple words in an array? Everything i see on line and in my books show one word one=two sort of This is the code I now have ...

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Regex - Simple Form Validation And The Validation Symbols?

I want to use some basic php validation (regular expressions) on, how do you go about doing it? I have just general text input, usernames, passwords and date to validate. I would also like to know how to check for empty input boxes. I have looked on the interenet for this stuff but I haven't found any good tutorials.

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Where Should Validation Functions Be Stored?

I'm using a PHP MVC Framework, and I've been just lumping all my validation functions in a helper class which get called when I need them.

However, isn't the Model for logic about working with data, not exclusively databases? Would it make more sense to put the validation functions in one of my models?

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Test All Validation Functions?

I already test all validation functions, it is about 80 % working. The rest is my problem about duplicate user name or email.

You can try my demo:

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Prevent A Form From Proceeding To The Post-validation If An Error Occurred In The "normal" Validation?

Is there a way to prevent a form from proceeding to the post-validation if an error occured in the "normal" validation?

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Get Ajax Form To Inject Captcha Verification Into The Browser After Successful Form Validation?

Currently after my form has passed validation it forwards to an html page.I would like to have one last step that pulls reCaptcha and when reCaptcha has been passed only then is the registration details of the user sent to my database and user forwarded to what ever page I choose. Here is my javascript and ajax. The submit.php is a file that holds all my validation rules. I think I now have to have a file that holds my captcha and use ajax to get that file or maybe there is some better way. I'm still learning.

$('#fhjoinForm').submit(function(e) {


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Use ExpressionEngine Form Validation Class In Module To Repopulate Form In Template?

Is it possible to display errors and repopulate fields on a form that is hard coded into a template? So far Ive only figured out how to display the errors in a modules view, but not a template. Based on the logic of ExpressionEngine, Im guessing I need to somehow make the validation errors visible through a tag in my module, or even generate the whole form from the module, but Im not sure how to best approach this.

Here is what I have right now.

function submit_form()


And for testing, the view simply contains:

echo validation_errors();

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Dreamweaver Form Validation And Redirect Them Back To The Form Page Without Comment Input To The Database

I post this solution to a form validation and redirect as an addition to a comment page written with dreamweaver. Unfortunately Dreamweaver does not provide server-side validation for php. You're expected to purchase an extension. My problem I have a comments page with a comment form. I wanted the comment input to a database if ok but if a user tried to input code or a link, I wanted to redirect them back to the form page without their comment input to the database. I also needed to work out where in the Dreamweaver written code to place my validation and redirect.

$editFormAction = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) {
$editFormAction .= "?" . htmlentities($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
if ((isset($_POST["MM_insert"])) && ($_POST["MM_insert"] == "comments"))
$comment = htmlentities($_POST['comment']);
function check_field1($comment)
if (preg_match("/</", $comment))

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Codeigniter Form Validation -unset Form Values After Success?

I realise this request goes against the example provided in the CI documentation (which advises a separate 'success' page view), but I would like to reutilise a given form view after a form has been successfully submitted - displaying a success message then displaying a blank form. I've tried a few ways unsuccessfully to clear the validation set values (unsetting $_POST, setting rules / fields to an empty array and rerunning validation). I could redirect to the same page, but then I'd have to set a session variable to display a success message - which is a messy approach.

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Set Up Validation On A Simple Contact Form That Is Created Using The Form?

I am trying to set up validation on a simple contact form that is created using the form helper. No validation at all occurs. What is wrong? In the code below, the good keyword always shows, regardless of what is entered into the form, and the saved values set via set_value are never shown.

// Contact
function contact() {
$data['pageTitle'] = "Contact";
$data['bodyId'] = "contact";

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Zend Form: Add Error Message After Form Validation?

How to add an error message to Zend Form element after the form was already validated? I'm trying to add error mesages I get from Zend_Auth (now I'm displaying them using flashMessenger). I tried something like this:

$form->getElement('username')->addErrorMessage('my message');

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Form Session Stopping Form Submission And Validation

I have a post a comment code that validates input but submits on page refresh. so i added session unique id to the form validation. but it won't let me post on any of the detail.php pages after i have posted on one(detail.php is a dynamic page that gets the records from my db) for example [URL]... this allows me to post on the article on 78 [URL]... doesn't allow me. on my form page i already have a variable that gets vtopic $p_name = $_GET['vtopic'] and puts in my db. So is there a way so that the session nows the $p_name so that it stop me commenting on other articles on the detail.php todo is the hidden field, auto increment.


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In-page Contact Form With Pop-up Form Validation And Verification?

I am looking for a script to send an email. My form is coded in the page with no room for messages. I would like a script that validates the form with a popup and tells the user the email has been sent with the same pop up.

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Form Validation For A Simple Contact Us Form

I'm doin a Web Programming Course and we were asked to do a simple contact for. for some reason it's not running. Can someone tell me why? here is the code:

$NAME = $_POST ['name'];
$EMAIL = $_POST ['email'];
$SUBJECT = $_POST ['_subject'];
$MESSAGE = $_POST ['message'];
include 'config.php'

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Form Validation Is Not Working In Zend Form?

This is my zend form code

class Form_Bookmark extends Zend_Form{
function init(){


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Jquery Form Validation - Dynamic Form Name?

Now, i use this code to validate my form:

$(document).ready(function() {

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Form With Multiple Functions For Form Action?

I've done some googling for tutorials on this but can't seem to find any tutorials or examples. What I want to do is create one php page with all the form actions, insert, update, delete, and then the include command to load the form, list, deleted php page. I've included the start of what I have here, but I have no idea where to go now...

include("application.php"); <----- (db connect)
$DOC_TITLE = "Catalyst Series Management";

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Validation Form Redirect To New Form

I have a validation form that must behave differently based on the results of a PHP validation check. I have a post command at the top of my form that calls itself. I don't leave the form when performing the validation check on the values that were entered into the form, I simply repost the form to perform the PHP validation. If any of the values that have been entered into the form are incorrect, I display a warning message on the screen for the fields that are in error. This works fine.

However, if all the values that have been entered are "correct". I want the form to open up "another" form without reposting to this same form. So, after I perform the first post that validates the inputs into the form (by calling itself) how can I redirect the user to another form if the validation checks are all successful? What is the syntax for doing this?

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Form Validation Setting Within The Form?

I want to set form validation rules during form design itsef. Is it possible? In othercases if we change the field name we will have to open form_validation.php in config folder and change the fied name there also.Same thing happen for the other case also. So my desire is to set the form validation setting within the tag element like

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Form Validation...

you would need to use Javascript for form validation, since the form is client side, PHP doesn't have the capabilities for validating forms to the extremes you'd need.

it isn't all that difficult really, how well do you know Javascript?. if not well enough, contact me and i'll see what i can do.

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Form Validation - A Better Way?

I have a form to process in PHP, and I want to validate all the fields. only way that I can think of is use a if statement for each field, is there a better way than this? at the moment my code is just swamped with if statements...

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Form Validation - How Can I Do This?

Can someone suggest a method or point me in the right direction for validating a simple form using php.

I have a form which only has two significant fields - a drop down with three choices, and a dropdown with five choices - and I want the user to have chosen the correct value from the first dropdown before allowing the form to be submitted : ideally, on choosing the incorrect value, the page will display "incorrect please try again" or something along those lines.

the form is like this :

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[php] Form Validation

I have a page now wich contains a form below that form are a couple of tables wich contain some data from the db. With the form you can add new stuff to that db. What I wanna do is make the form do self submit (no prob here)

But now Im stuck with the way the script is going to work I want to validate the form and report back in text (on the same page) which fields were missing. If eerything is ok insert into db and just show the page.

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