Facebook Application - Check Users Likes And Display Message

Aug 11, 2010

i want to check a whether a user likes a certain page and if they do i want to display a message or div?

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Facebook Like Button - Fetch The Users Who Likes The Product

i am using facebook like buttton

<iframe src="http://www.facebook.com/widgets/like.php?href={url}&amp;layout=button_count&amp;"
scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; width:150px; height:25px">/iframe>

=>{url} is dynamic value

also i am using

$facebook->api_client->fql_query('SELECT user_id FROM like WHERE post_id="{url}"');

to fetch the users who likes the product but i am not getting any output.

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Getting Facebook Likes On Facebook To Translate To On Page Likes

If I share a link from my website directly on my websites facebook page and it's liked there, it translates to likes on the actual website page (the like counter increases). I've figured out how to automatically post through php to my websites facebook page but the likes on facebook don't translate to likes on the actual page that's shared. Is there a way to make this happen?

meta tags all appear to be correct, still don't have the likes translating

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Facebook Application That Allow Users To Upload Image To The Application Album?

I am trying to develope a facebook application that allows the users to create an album in my application and upload photos to it. I read some articles but those were very confusing. Could anyone tell me where I can get some simple article regarding this. I have no idea where to start from.

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Facebook Application - Check If Inside Facebook Canvas / Standalone?

I want to develop a Facebook connect application that can operate both inside a Facebook canvas or standalone. Can I check if the user is using Facebook canvas / not using the official Facebook PHP client library?

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Ost A Message On A Given Users Facebook Wall?

Is it possible for me to post a message on a given users facebook wall, if they perform a certain action on my website?Basically, I am looking for a step by step guide to achieve this, as I have not been able to figure out how to do this via the facebook documentation.

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Posting To Users Walls As Application Using Facebook API?

I've been building a web app that uses facebook integration for easier registration/login and notifications for the users. However, for the notifications I want to be able to post to a users facebook wall when something happens on our site.

Really I see two possible problems with doing this. First being that the user will most likely not be logged in to our website when the notification needs to happen. Second I have not found a way to post to the feed using any identity other than the current logged in user.

So to reiterate exactly what I'm trying to do. When some action takes place on my site involving Bob, I want the websites application to post on Bobs wall notifying him of the action as if the application is one of Bobs friends. From some of the things I've seen while researching this, it seems as if facebook might not treat applications like users and I might have to go through a page to accomplish what I want.

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Delete Facebook Session Cookie From Application On Users Logout?

I am working in an application which is using facebook connect to log in the users using their facebook account.

Everything works fine except in the following case:

1. User logged out from my website and facebook.

2. User try to login again in my app.

In this case when the facebook connect popup opens in says "error in the application".

I found that the reason is that the old fbs cookie is not being removed on users logout. I have added the code to delete the cookie on logout of my app but the cookie isnĀ“t deleted.

Here is my code (using Symfony framework.)

$fbCookie = 'fbs_'.sfConfig::get('app_facebook_application_id');
$cookie = $request->getCookie($fbCookie);
setCookie($fbCookie," ", time()-3600);


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Facebook Wall Writing Application That Could Be A List Of All Friends And Just Simply Posting A Message To Their Walls?

I was wondering if i could possible write an app, that could be a list of all my friends and just simply posting a message to their walls on the friends i select. Not a message, a wall post. So it appears that i went to their wall and wrote a message, they have no idea that an app is pushing the message to them.

also could it be written in python :) its what i know. php is so icky, but doable if it is the only option.

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Facebook API - Check In Application For Fans?

I try to create an facebook application. I created a new application and downloaded the framework. In my index.php i do the following:

require_once 'facebook.php';
$appapikey = '123456...xyz';
$appsecret = '123456...xyz';
$facebook = new Facebook($appapikey, $appsecret);
$user_id = $facebook->require_login();


Without $isfan, it shows me the correct output. But with this question, I always see the else statement (also when I am a fan). Maybe my $pageid is not correct. I showed on my page [URL] and used 107785359249238 as pageid.

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Get The Number Of Facebook Likes For A Url?

Ideally I would like to do this using javascript client side scripting only. If that is not possible then I'd like to do this in such a way as to have the server do the least amount of work.

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Keep A Log Of How Many Facebook Likes A Page Has?

I want to rank my pages by the ammount of Facebook likes they have (via the facebook like api). Is there any way for me to automatically insert a value to mysql via PHP when the like button is clicked? Or a way for me to collect the ammount of likes for a page then insert that value? Is there anyway of doing this with the Facebook API?

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Facebook SDK Getting Likes Count?

I've a facebook app which posts in the user wall. In the post there is a link (to my app) and in the liked page there is a like button.Now I'm making a script that will run once per hour (set from the crontab). In that script I need to get two different likes count:Likes in the message posted in the wall.Likes done in my app (with the button).For the first one I've made this code:

$result = $facebook->api(array(
'method' => 'fql.query',

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Create A Function Where Users Can Check A Message To Delete?

I am trying to create a function where users can check a message to delete. Obviously if more than one message is checked, they will all be deleted.

I have the following code

<form action="process.php" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="deleteMessages" />


I want to pass the checkbox through and if the value is 1, process it and delete it. But how would I achieve this with mulitple messages no matter if there is one message or ten?

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Use Facebook Api To Check If Invited Friends Installed Application On Profile?

Does anyone know if there are any ways for me to use facebooks api to check if my invited friends have installed my application on their profile facebook page is this possible if so where can i go to find out?

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Get Facebook Likes Details Of A Page?

I have a page on facebook. And i want to get all information about likes of that page even Person's name as well who likes that page. I am admin of that page. I have tried with this:


but it is giving empty data. facebook provides only object(i.e. post, photo etc.) likes, but i want to get page's likes information.

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Display In 1 Page All Users Name And Email From Facebook?

Is there any query to pull all users name and email from my Facebook APP via Graph Api? BTW I have the extended authorization on email field ;-) The idea is displaying all the info in pairs like...

Name ; Email

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Facebook Graph Api Gives Empty Result For Likes?

I'm trying my first very basic Facebook app using php and have stumbled upon a bit of a problem. When being authenticated i can easily enough use the graph api to get information about my account...

$movies = $facebook->api('/me');
echo 'Me';
which results in a nice array
[id] => 1000....
[name] => .............

When I use the demonstration link from the graph api page it displays my likes just fine, but not from inside my app. Anybody has an idea why that might be? As far as I could find out there is no need for extra permission to get the likes of a logged in user, basic permissions should suffice?!

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Show All Facebook 'likes' And Associated Total Of 'fans'?

I have been testing a way to show all my facebook 'likes' and the associated amount of 'fans'. The code below works but is very slow, and i assume it is so slow because of the large number of queries that have to go through Facebook's api due to the for each function. Is there a away to do the same thing as i do below, but with only one query (not using the for each)?


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API For Getting Total Number Of Likes Of A Facebook Page?

I am looking for a way to keep track of my facebook page's number of likes every day. Is there an API for it? or any other way?

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Get Notification When Someone Likes Or Comments Via Facebook Social Plugin

I have integrated the Facebook Social Plugin into my Joomla Website. I have a Like button and a Comment box.

How can I get notified when someones Likes the page? How do I view a list of users who Liked the page? How do I get notified when someone comments on the page?

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Find Out Maximum Number Of Likes And Comments In Facebook Using Graph Api?

I want to retrieve the profile ids from my friends list those who comment and like most of the stuff I put on my wall. So far I have retrieved a list of 30 friends who share the maximum mutual friends with me.

Now I need to sort these 30 again based on comments+likes.I use php.

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Facebook FQL: Get All Likes That Are Not In Activities,books,interests,movies,music,tv?

looks /me/likes contains a summary of the FQL ones 'activities,books,interests,movies,music,tv'.

But if you compare both outputs then /me/likes shows much more!

For example just LIKE this Tetris page:url

It will appear at /me/likes but it will NOT appear in 'activities,books,interests,movies,music,tv'.

So how can i retrieve this add. data through FQL?

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Display A Message On Webpage That Should Be Triggered By A Date Check?

I am trying to display a message on my webpage that should be triggered by a date check. The code is below (I removed all HTML tags for simplicity for now):

$int_d = (int)$d;

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Check Which Users Log In From The Same IP Address And Display Their Username

There are 2 tables involved: users and ip_logs. Everytime a user signs in, their ip address is recorded as a new row in the db. So this script is meant to check which users log in from the same IP address and display their username. So username from the users table and ip from the ip_logs table.

PHP Code:
$sqlip="SELECT * from ip_logs where userID='".$data['id']."'";
echo '<b>IP ADDRESS :</b><br />';
$sql="SELECT users.id as id, users.username as username FROM users, ip_logs WHERE users.id = ip_logs.userID AND ip_logs.ip = '".$rowip['ip']."'";

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Testing For Dates: Display A Message On Webpage That Should Be Triggered By A Date Check

I am trying to display a message on my webpage that should be triggered by a date check. The code is below (I removed all HTML tags for simplicity for now):

$int_d = (int)$d;
if ($m="11"&&$y="2010"&&$int_d>23&&$int_d<=28)
echo 'Happy Thanksgiving!';

I want each statement to be executed during the appropriate dates i.e. "Happy Thanksgiving" from 11/24/2010 to 11/28/2010, and "Happy Holidays" from 12/18/2010 to 12/31/2010. The problem is that both statement are being executed regardless of the date conditions I use?

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