FPDF Columns Align On Last Page?

Feb 27, 2010

i'm trying to export a journal article with fpdf everything work's fine. But i can't seem to find a solution on how to align the article's two columns at the last page of the exported PDF.

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FPDF Cell / MultiCell Overflow And Align Bottom?

Ok. I'm trying to use FPDF to fill out an existing forms. I'm positioning my element with X,Y coords as well as giving each Width and Height attributes. Ideally, the text should align bottom left, and if it wraps, then it should push the text up, unless it can't fit inside the height of the MultiCell, then it just simply hides what can't fit. I would like this behavior in most places, but i would also want it to behave where it simply wraps as normal (which i believe is the default value.). So I would like to know if these 2 features are possible:

- overflow hidden when text flows outside the specified height/width dimensions of the cell/multicell
- optionally align bottom, so upon wrap, the first line text moves up, rather than staying fixed and pushing the 2nd line down.

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Fpdf - Going Back To The Previous Page?

I am generating pdf invoice using fpdf.

Some invoices containing many items, and details need to go into the second page. However, I need the total, and other details to be displayed on the first page.

Right now, if I can add new page like this: $pdf->AddPage();

But, this put everything into the second page, whatever after this statement.

There seems no way to specify the page for either write or cell methods.

Rendering, and calculations are bit complex, thus don't want to store into a temp array and display after fully rendering the first page.

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FPDF / FPDI Margin - Import A Pdf And Add A Header To The Page

I'm using FPDF/FPDI to import a pdf and add a header to the page. Everything is working perfectly except a margin is being placed at the bottom of the page that I can't seem to get rid of. I think what happens is that fpdi imports the pdf page (which already has a footer margin at the bottom) and then fpdf adds an additional margin below the imported pdf page. The problem is that instead of having 11'' tall pdfs they are 11.69'' tall (to tall for printing). think of any tricks to remove this margin? I've looked through the fpdf documentation and have tried a couple things but nothing seems to be working.

$journal = "Title";
$volume = "1";
$cid = "111111";
$year = "2009";

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FPDF Class - Divide The Document Into 3 Partitions Per Page

I am trying to get a multi-page report to print correctly on all printers regardless of the manufacturer. I am having lots of issues with this task though and also having problems with getting the correct spacing. I want to divide the document into 3 partitions per page where it shows the exact same thing (aside from the number in the top right) for each partition. I need everything to fit on the page and i need the most printing area possible available to me. Here is what I have so far...

Code: [Select]if($result) {
$pdf=new FPDF();
if(mysql_num_rows($result)!=0) {
while($res=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
$pdf->SetMargins(0, 0, 0);

I have printed this to 2 printers here without problems but the third is proving difficult. It cuts off the left edge. Does anyone know the issue I am having? The page setup also seems to be the exact same for both computers (Fit to printable area, Choose paper source by pdf page size, auto rotate and center)

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Get 4 Columns And 10 Rows To Appear On Each Page

I have a page that has 10 rows appear on it, but I also want 4 columns (not just 1). I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can go about and get 4 columns and 10 rows to appear on each page. Code:

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Pagination :: Rows In Two Columns On One Page

I want to be able to paginate my rows in two columns on one page i.e.

Column 1 Column 2
row 0    row 5
row 1    row 6
row 2    row 7
row 3    row 8
row 4    row 9

<<Prev 12345 Next>>

This is the code I use. I found it and on Google, tweaked it and it works great.


include 'dbmembers.php'; 

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Printf Align Right

I am using printf to display some text and numbers. having been through the professional PHP programmnig book, it suggests the following for what I am trying to acheive

printf(" %'.-18.18s%'.3d%s", $img_str, $num_images, "<br />");
printf(" %'.-18.18s%'.3d%s", $imgcnt_str, $num_hits, "<br />");
printf(" %'.-18.18s%'.3d%s", $imgcol_str, $collections, "<br />");

however it doesn't have the deisred results. I think this may be because of the sizes of the characters, I attatch an image of what I want to acheive, and it includes at the bottom the output of the code above.

Any ideas how I can achieve the style at the top of the pic?

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Align Information From Db In 1 Row?

I this three tables in MySQL.

Table with names of Artists (m)
Table with Product iformations, in this case Picture addresses (p)
Table that has id of Artists and id of Products. (pmx)

I'm trying to Join them together so I get 1 row for each Artists. There are several images in p table for 1 Artists. I added a column called mf_prior where are the numbers of images (user assigns the numbers hiself and select those 3 images that he wants to be displayd on the front-end). I'm searching Artists (manufacturers) by Letters for ex. "M" I'd like to get

manufacturer_id | mf_name | img1_id | img1_address | img2_id | img2_address | img3_id | img3_address

I'm getting

manufacturer_id1 | mf_name1 | img1_id | img1_address | NULL | NULL | NULL | NULL
manufacturer_id1 | mf_name1 | NULL | NULL | img2_id | img2_address | NULL | NULL
manufacturer_id1 | mf_name1 | NULL | MULL | NULL | NULL | img3_id | img3_address

I have this MySQL SELECT:

m.manufacturer_id ,
m.mf_name ,
p1.product_id AS pimg1 ,


as a result I get 3 rows and in places I get NULL - as shown above write a better SELECT or make smth with the result with PHP.

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How To Set Align In A Statement?

I've managed to get my statement working without breaking my script, but for the life of me I can't figure out how (or if it's poss) to make the 2nd part of my statement to align right. Code:

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Get From My Database The Last 3 Id Columns And Then Present Them Separately In The Page?

This is my problem:I want to get from my database the last 3 id columns and then present them separately in the page. I want to be able to tell my page to show the last id entered to the table someplace, and the one before that someplace else, and the one before that here and so on... I don't want a list, I want to be able to decide where the record is presented in my HTML design.

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Align Help For Two Seperate Php Files


include 'c:usrapachehttpdhtmlmy
include 'c:usrapachehttpdhtmlmyindex.php'


thats my current code, the problem is that the first include line needs
to be align in a specific area. the navi.php is my navigation page and
im tring to align it to a specific area. the index is the regular page
and doesn't need anything done.
anyone of your pro's know what im lacking?

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Align Text In GD Image

I have modified a captcha plugin. I use imagestring, imagettftext and imagefttext to display text in an image. The problem is that the text is like a sin wave and the angle is set to 0.0. Wolud Postscript work?

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Align Output To Printer

The case:

I've got a very complex pre-printed form, A4 size. Onto this form I want to print out some dynamic content from my mysql db.

The problem:

Aligning the dynamic content on a html page with css (using css pagebreak) is not easy. And also I find it a bit "off" when the new page is going to print. (might be just me or the printer)

The Solution:
Generate a pdf on-the-fly with php.

So far so good. I prayed.

Now, the trouble is that I still need to align the variables right. So generating a pdf from scratch will still give me a lot of work. So, I think this might be the plan?

1) Scan the pre-printed form to pdf.
2) Fill in with php variables where needed in the scanned pdf file.
3) Stripp the "form" layout from my new pdf (so that any new dynamic pdf only contain the variables for printout)
4) Genereate on-the-fly pdf (silly looking, with only words here and there, but ok on paper since it will be put inside the pre-printed form)


How to open the scanned form (now a pdf file) with php and to further work with it? It seems that it's only possible to "generate" a pdf with php, not "edit" an existing pdf file?

According to "Roger Ramjet" (user on this forum, in post 4 in reply to this thread: ....

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Align To Left/right Problem

I know I havent been using css, thats going to be fixed asap although As seen below the text Player and Date/Time is aligned left and right, I would like to have $raden[0] to go left and [2] to right to match the above text.

<div align="center">
<table border="0" id="table" width="200" cellpadding="2" bordercolorlight="#3E3854" bordercolordark="#3E3854">
<tr><th colspan="3" bgcolor="#c1c1c1"><? echo $class; ?></th></tr>
<th align="left">
<p><font face="Verdana">Player</font></p>
<th align="right">
<p><font face="Verdana">Date/Time</font></p>
while($raden = mysql_fetch_row($result))

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Align Tables Next To Eachothers?

I have a loop which generates tables according to a database content.In other words, the content is changed all the timeCurrently all tables are aligned beneath eachother. This makes one huge vertical scroll, I would save alot of space if the tables could be aligned next to eachother.How can I do so?Here is the table code:

$display="<table align='left'>

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Ability To Add/remove/hide Columns On Listing Page?

in php,there is a simple listing page.in listing page we can not display all the columns from database.i want to give functionality of add/remove/hide columns.

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Displaying Master Details Page Results In Columns?

I have used dreamweaver to create a master details page with links to the details page successfully, but I would like to display the master details page results in 3 columns rather than the 1 column that dreamweaver defaults. As the site becomes richer the content will increase yielding many results, therfore the content displayed in a single column will require the users to scroll way down the page.

So, as it is now the results display as follows:



I have been unsuccessful maintaining the links. I have been able get the results to display in the columsn as I would like, but I haven't been able to figure it out while maintaining the links!

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Displaying Master Details Page Links In Columns

I would like to display my master details page links to the details pages in three columns rather than a single column. Below is the do-while code I have thus far, and I am stuck. mock up this code quick, because I know it is a simple syntax error somewhere.

<?php do {
echo "<table border='0'>";
for ($y=1; ; $y++) {
echo "<tr>";
for ($x=1; $x<=3; $x++) {
echo "<td align='left'><a href="plantdetails.php?recordID=echo $row_rsBotanicalA['PlantID'];">; echo $row_rsBotanicalA['BotanicalName']; </a></td>"

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Possible To Align Numbers On The Point Of A Float?

Is it possible to align numbers on the point of a float such as:


instead of


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Align Small Calendar With Images

I have a webpage that I am making on linux using PHP5. I have created a small calendar showing one month on the left top of the page. I want 4 one line images to be beside the calendar on the page at the right. Like this:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 <A one line image>

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Right Align Text In An Image With Imagettftext() ?

I am setting up dynamic forum signature images for my users and I want to be able to put their username on the image. I am able to do this just fine, but since usernames are different lengths and I want to right align the username, how can I go about doing this when I have to set x & y coordinates.

$im = imagecreatefromjpeg("/path/to/base/image.jpg");
$text = "Username";
$font = "Font.ttf";
$black = imagecolorallocate($im, 0, 0, 0);

imagettftext($im, 10, 0, 217, 15, $black, $font, $text);
imagejpeg($im, null, 90);

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CKEditor Align Images Instead Of Float?

I'm very successfully using CKEditor in my app that allows clients to build and send HTML Emails. There's just one hitch--CK uses style="float:left" for images, while Outlook refuses to accept that as valid (way to go, Microsoft..) FCKEditor used to use aligns instead of floats to position images. Is there a way to hack CKEditor to behave as FCK used to with regards to image alignment?

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Align Text And Searching Files

i would like to align my following code so that it sets it to the left side of the ;page. ive tried a few things but didnt work. also i would like to have it so that it only searches for picture and movie files. how would this be accomplished? Code:

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Getting Images In Table Cells To Align At The Bottom

I am trying to get a series of image in cells a table row to all align at the bottom of the table cells..... I have tried both the img align top, botom and abstop and absbottom, but they always end up aligned in the vertical center of the cell.

The images are nothing more than one image that has been resized vertically based on a data array. Code:

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Center Align Using Html2pdf With Lines On Both Side

<table style="width: 100%;">
<td style="text-align: center;width=100%;"><h4>Education</h4></td>

This is the code I am using. Now i want o/p like this:

How can I draw these horizontal lines?

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