FFMPEG And Video Upload

Apr 18, 2007

I have been working on some code to upload video and convert them to flv using ffmpeg, here is the code: ....

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Convert The Video From One Format To Another Using Ffmpeg?

i want to convert the video from one format to another using ffmpeg .i try lot of code but it does not convert the video example :

exec("ffmpeg -i mickey.flv -ar 22050
-ab 32 -f avi -s 320x240 mickey.avi ");

this code does not convert the video , it does not show any error it loading continuously.

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Ffmpeg - Convert Video From One Format To Another?

i want to include the vedio download option in my webpage. I am using ffmpeg, but it seems to work very slow. Is there is any other way to do this or how to spead up the ffmpeg. i am using this code to get the frames from the vedio. to convert the vedio

$call="ffmpeg -i ".$_SESSION['video_to_convert']." -vcodec libvpx -r 30 -b ".$quality." -acodec libvorbis -ab 128000 -ar ".$audio." -ac 2 -s ".$size." ".$converted_vids.$name.".".$type." -y 2> log/".$name.".txt";
$convert = (popen("start /b ".$call, "r"));

to get the frame from the vedio

exec("ffmpeg -vframes 1 -ss ".$time_in_seconds." -i $converted_vids video_images.jpg -y 2>);

but this code does not generate any error its loading continuously.

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RAM- Using FFmpeg / Running Out Of Memory After The 5th Video?

I am using FFmpeg-PHP to create thumbnails of some videos, those thumbs I paste into a larger preview Picture, using gdlib.That far everything works fine.I am doing all that in a Loop, so ffmpeg-php has to make 10 to 20 preview-pictures of different videos. The Problem now is, if my script did the first preview-picture, it doesn't free the used resources, so I am running out of memory after the 5th video.

The question now is: Why? I destroyed and unset all resource-Handler, and so on...

Here is the Script:

$extension = "ffmpeg";
$extension_soname = $extension . "." . PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX;
$extension_fullname = PHP_EXTENSION_DIR . "/" . $extension_soname;

this snippet runs in a for-each-loop.

PS: I already posted that thread here: url.I hope you aren't too mad at me, but it is pretty important.

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Check If Ffmpeg Is Done Encoding A Video?

I need the specific code to check with PHP if it is done encoding a video with ffmpeg. I just need a simple true/false check. True if the encoding is done, and false if it is not done. Also the language is PHP, and I do have ffmpeg-php installed.

More info: I am on Linux.

Code is below

convertToFlv( $input, $output );
function convertToFlv( $input, $output ) {
echo "Converting $input to $output";


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Take Pictures Of The Video Through Mplayer Or Ffmpeg?

How to take pictures of the video through mplayer or ffmpeg to php?

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Library For Ffmpeg Video Processing?

Now I am looking for a php library which can perform ffmpeg functionality, like retrieving video information, converting it to FLV or in any other format, and streaming video.

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Windows - Add Ffplay.exe (ffmpeg) Video To Script>?

how can i add a ffplay.exe (ffmpeg) video to php script.can i use exec() to access the ffplay.

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Video - Perform Frame Transition Using Ffmpeg?

i am building a movie using various images using ffmpeg.

movie generating properly but what i want that. when any frame changes I want some effects to be perform like fade in, fade out, slide in , slide out, etc..

I want to perform this image changes from one to another i mean on frame changes.

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Take Screen Shot Of Video Size By Ffmpeg?

I want to take screen shot of size of the video. How can if take it , as now i can take the screen shot of this size like 120x90 by following code.

$cmd = "$ffmpeg -i $video -deinterlace -an -ss $second -t 00:00:01 -r 1 -y -s 120x90 -vcodec mjpeg -f mjpeg $image 2>&1";

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FFMPEG - Performing Intelligent Video Conversion

I'm converting videos uploaded to a php script from various formats (.avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mov, etc.) to a single .flv format. The conversion is working great but what I'm having trouble with is the resolution of the videos. This is the command I'm currently running (with PHP vars):

ffmpeg -i $original -ab 96k -b 700k -ar 44100 -s 640x480 -acodec mp3 $converted

Both original and $converted contain the full paths to those files. My problem is that this always converts to 640x480 (like I'm telling it to) even when the source is smaller. Obviously, this is a waste of disk space and bandwidth when the video is downloaded. Also, this doesn't account for input videos being in any aspect ratio other than 4:3, resulting in a "squished" conversion if I upload a 16:9 video. There are 3 things I need to do: Determine the aspect ratio of the original video. If not 4:3, pad top and bottom with black bars. Convert to 640x480 if either dimension of the original is larger or a 4:3 aspect ratio relating to the width/height of the original (whichever is closer to 640x480). I've run ffmpeg -i on a few videos, but I don't see a consistent format or location to find the original's resolution from. Once I'm able to figure that out, I know I can "do the math" to figure out the right size and specify padding to fix the aspect ratio with -padttop, -padbottom, etc.

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Obtaining Video Information Using FFMPEG, Or Possibly HTML5

I'm making a video gallery and would like to pull some info about the video for displaying. Does anyone know how I would go about retrieving the video duration using ffmpeg? Is it possible to get this info using HTML5?

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Uploadify Video Encode With Ffmpeg And Encoding Progress

want to know how to encode uploaded video files through the uploadify I do tried a lot. I call the uploaded file and use the encode script using ffmpeg in uploadify.php file in the uploadify but its not doing nothing. Also I need to show he progress of encoding in the front-end interface The ffmpeg script is working correctly in ssh putty client. But nothing happens inside uploadify.

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Other Modules To Make Watermark On My Video By Ffmpeg Instead Vhook

I was using vhook to make watermarked videos with ffmpeg but realized it sametimes produces very big files... like my input video is 4mb and output video becomes 15mb and i think vhook causes that problem... do have experienced this kind of problem or any other ffmpeg modules which does the same job as vhook does?

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Video Upload / Check Session Before Accessing That Video Folder?

In my project, user will upload videos. So i have done simple code to check video file extension and moved to a particular folder. now problem is that only registered user can see that video. So i decided to check session while loading page which contain player to play video. but in view-source option , video file url available. so then can see that video using that url. now i need to check session before accessing that video folder. or is it possible to store video files in DB?

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Upload A Video Like On Youtube - Vimeo To Get A Final Flash Video?

I want to know how to upload a video like on youtube, vimeo etc to get a final flash video. I'm using PHP.

I have this HTML form:
<form action="upload.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<input type="file" name="upload_video" />

So what should I do if the user has uploaded a video for example in .mov or other video formats to have the final flash video?

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Converting A Video To Flv Format By Using Ffmpeg Is Working In Local But Not Working In Server

I want to convert a video to flv format. I am using ffmpeg to convert the video. I am using following code.

exec("C:/wamp/www/newtip/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -i C:/wamp/www/newtip/ffmpeg/videos/".$name." -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320x240 C:/wamp/www/newtip/ffmpeg/players/".$name_s.".flv");

It is working correctly in the local system. But in the server it is not working correctly.

In the server i changed the code as below

exec("http://www.mydomain.com/newtip/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -i http://www.mydomain.com/newtip/ffmpeg/videos/".$name." -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320x240 http://www.mydomain.com/newtip/ffmpeg/players/".$name_s.".flv");

In local I have given the Source path as C:/wamp/www/newtip/ But in server i have given the path as [URL] .I think in the server the path is wrong.

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Ffmpeg Video Encoding Strategy For Preventing "inflating" Of Low Quality Videos?

We're trying to build a php based video sharing site that allows users to upload their own content.We need to convert all these videos into a medium-quality mp4 video file for eventual streaming through FlowPlayer.Our code is something like this (example for flv):system("ffmpeg -i $vidPath -pass 1 -ab 64k -ar 44100 -ac 1 -vcodec flv -b 1500k -cmp 3 -subcmp 3 -mbd 2 $flvPath");The problem is that this converts any type of 1 minute video into a 10 MB file. If its a high quality 1 minute video, that gets converted to a 10 MB file - which is great. However, if its a low-quality video, say of just 2 MB, it will still get converted to a 10 MB file!!What strategy / method should I adopt so that uploaded videos are "upper bound" in size, but lower quality videos of the same length dont get "inflated" to the same size!

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FFMPEG File Upload

I have FFMPEG, and FFMPEG php installed on a server, and am trying to upload a video and convert it to flash (flv), it looks like it works, but i guess it doesnt...

Here is what is returned in the browser built on Apr 23 2007 14:01:05, gcc: 3.4.4 [FreeBSD] 20050518

Here is my code:

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Upload Videos And Converting To Flv Format Through FFMPEG Library?

any body know how to upload a video and also make a copy of the original video in a flv formate using FFMPEG Library.. i have no experience of using FFMPEG library how i can use this library through php code..

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Video Upload

I was hoping that someone could maybe help me with this script that I am trying to write ... I am trying to upload videos ... I took the code from php.net ... so I have no idea why its not working.

On the off chance that move_uploaded_file succeeds and the output states that the file was uploaded and then when I check the folder on the server ... there's nothing there. I have tried with files under 1mb and over 1mb ... nothing seems to work ... can anyone find my error? ....

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Video Upload And Playback

Can anyone recommend a class/script which handles video file uploads,
preferably with Flash integration? I'm looking to have a video
upload / library section in my cake app.

I considered the youtube api but they dont have upload functionality
in the api (yet). The following links suggest what i want to do should
be possible:

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Video Upload Website

What other free or inexpensive softwares do I need to setup a video upload
website (the like of youtube, yahoo, etc.) with Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP?

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How To Upload Video Files Using Php

Can any body guide me please how to upload video files using php and how to maintain them. Is there any thing diffrent way to upload a video files?

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Upload Video Files

I am facing problem in uploading video files which is more than 5 mb i want to upload files in range of 5 to 100 mb.

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Upload Video To Facebook?

I am working on a PHP/CURL project that uploads videos to the various websites. Is there a way to post a video to the Facebook without creating an application? I found a way to update status info by posting to the Facebook Mobile version URLs but mobile version doesn't support video upload.

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