Email All Users In MySQL Database

May 20, 2011

I want to email eveyone in my DB when a new Event is created by a member. I have a test code which I used to make sure it works and it sends to 5 email addresses (which is all of them) in the test table. This works fine. All members with a 0 get the mail. So I now just took the code and changed the table name (obviously!!) and put it in my live site which has 50 members so far. It now doesn't send any emails? Not sure why this is as the code is exactly the same (except the table name).


Just letting you know of a new Event that has been created. Title: $title Town: $town Date: $date_convert. For more details or to attend this Event


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Email Users From Database

I know how to code it all, but how should I go about emailing all users from a database?

The db has their emails and stuff.

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Script Sends The Email To The Database Of Users?

A mailinglist script.Using it now has thousands of users on their database.On the Gridserver allows 400 messages to be sent every hour or so and they are threatening to disable account.write a script that sends the email to part of the database of users every hour but fear that could be complicated.Is it possible to re-tweak the mail() function call somehow?calling repetitively for each user post the script.

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Display A Users Email Address From The Database?

Im using a query to display a users email address from the database. The problem is when i use this query i get the word email displayed on the screen twice and then their email, but the word email should only be appearing once.

Heres the code:
Code: [Select]<?php
// Connects to your Database


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Check If A Users Email Already Exists In The Database On Submit?

I have the below code (needs to be sanitized for SQL injection - i know ). Submitting to a MYSQL database. I wish to check on form submit if the users email address already exists, and if so display a simple error message (even just a windows error message) stating "the email address you have entered already exists".

All i do know, is the email column is set to unique, and when i attempt to submit using an email i know exists the code appears to run successfully without spitting out any errors (i.e. the web url changes to the below php code) but the table doesn't update (which is correct). I just don't know how to then return the user to the form (preferably with all their info still entered) when this happens along with a nice error message...

Code: [Select]<?


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Email Mysql Results To Users

i think this a rather complex question but i'll have a go. i have this output from mysql printed on a php page:


now that i want is to send an email to the user telling them in what week the missed how many hours. here is my code sofar:


this even sort of works, the only thing i want is to send the user his/her overview of weeks with hours missing. Now the script is sending an email for every week where hours are missing.

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Email Users With Specific MySQL Values?

I have tried searching here and Google and just can not find what I need. Basically, I have a database that includes names, emails, and the amount they owe. I would like to be able to send out a mass email to everyone in that database, and have it basically say:

"Hello <name>, you currently owe <amountdue>."

I can't figure out how to do this.

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Generate Email Mailing List And Individually Addressed Email From Mysql Database

I want to use the email addresses and names collected on my mysql database to generate personally addressed emails for monthly marketing emails.

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Users - Search Mysql Database?

i'm working on a project that stores records of architecture and architects. What i have to do is create a way for users to search the records in a simple way. The user can search by Building name, Architect, Location, Date it was built, Building type and architecture style.Currently i can only search properly by building name, date, type and style. If i add architect to the search query the records screw up when i try to search for the other fields for example if i add the architect to the query and try to only search by building name the results get screwed up and it displays more results that don't have nothing in comon rather than just display one result which would be the building name


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Prevent Users From Requerying The MySQL Database.

I am building a simple forum/disussion area for a website. When a user posts a new message, they type info into a FORM which opens another page that queries the database (performing an INSERT INTO... statement). This works fine...

However, if the user RENEWS the final page in their browser, the database is requeried with the same information that was posted from the FORM! (Thereby storing repeat information) How can I prevent this?

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Create A Toplis Of The Users In Mysql Database?

I want to create a toplis of the users in my mysql database. The users gain points and I want to create a page where you can see the top 10 users with most point.

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Adding Users To MySQL Database With CPanel

I have been banging my head on the wall for three days over this. I don't normally give up, but this is obviously above my knowledge level. I have a PHP script that as part of it's function, it creates a database within a cPanel control panel.

That works fine. What I have tried to add to that is giving a specific user permissions to the database but all of my efforts have failed. Everytime I run the script with my new additions it gives me Access denied for user "userIcreated@localhost" for database "The DatabaseIcreated".

I am starting to wonder if it is possible to add a user to a MySQL database programmatically when the database resides within cPanel. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I want to think that something like this is very possible with PHP, I just don't have the skillset to do it. I have to believe I am close, it is just the username that seems to be wrong. Code:

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Registering Users In MySql Database - Can't Seem To Get The INSERT Working?

I am creating a little website where users can register for a profile and can then can login. I have the login portion working, I just can't seem to get the INSERT working. Here's my code:

$host = "localhost";
$user = "root";[code]..

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Record The Users Local Time And Store In A MySQL Database?

When a user click a button on my page called start job I want PHP to record the users local time and store in a mySQL database. I then want to compare the time to another time call Job posted and store the diff between the time in mins or hours

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Database Full Of Users, And When Someone Wants To Post There Is Basically A MySQL INSERT ?

There is a database full of users, and when someone wants to post there is basically a MySQL INSERT into the urbandictionary database -> words table with metadata like date, username, definition, word, etc. When someone wants to login, they access a separate -> users table that has usernames and passwords and PHP does the authentication there and stores cookies.The other major feature of urbandictionary is its ability to rate definitions. I know that some AJAX magic is done here, with some XMLHttpRequest being sent through a framework like JQuery to make it much easier to deal with. But I'm stuck on how the rating is actually done. Would there be a separate table for -> ratings, where the definition id in -> words matches the definition id in -> ratings, and it logs the user/IP address that rated the definition, so as to prevent duplicate ratings. But wouldn't this be computationally expensive, meaning that whenever a definition is displayed, all the ratings that match a certain word in -> ratings are recalculated and then the definitions are sorted based on the sum of their ratings? With as many page hits as they get I wonder if this is how they really do this.

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Mysql Query - When User Types In A Age The Database Returns All The Users With That Age

I have this database in it there are 3 fields ID, age, name, what I want to do is when I user types in a age the database returns all the users with that age. So someone types in 20 and then it outputs all the names that have a age of 20. This is a learning script at the moment. What is the MySQL I need to do this.

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Unique Code Based On Users Unique Email Address Inserted Into Mysql Table?

I have a mysql table which will store users email addresses once submitted (each is unique and is the primary field) and a timestamp. I have added another column called `'unique_code' (varchar(64), utf8_unicode_ci)`.

a) Generating a 5 digit alphanumeric code, ie: 5ABH6

b) Check all rows in the 'unique_code' column to ensure it is unique, otherwise re-generate and check again

c) Insert the uniquely generated 5 digit alphanumeric code into `'unique_code'` column, corresponding to the email address just entered.

d) display the code on screen.

The table should look like:

email unique_code timestamp 5ABH6 2011-03-15 14:51:18 9QRE0 2011-03-15 14:51:24

What code must I put and where?

My current php is as follows:**

PHP Code:

require "includes/connect.php";
$msg = '';


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Create A Script That Users Can Specify An Email And Send A User A Pre-defined Email?

basically, I'm creating a page where a user can visit, and enter in the following information:

1. Their First Name
2. Their Email
3. Recipient's Email

They then can send a pre-defined email, saying something like the following...

"Hello, {Recipient's email}. {First name} ({Email}) has just sent you a slurp! You can ignore this message, or slurp them back.
[Slurp Them Back] [Slurp Someone Else] [What's A Slurp?]"

The whole part about the Slurp is something that doesn't really matter, it's just the text from the pre-defined email. The text in {...} is taken from the fields on the page, and the text in [...] are just links.

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Send The Data To The Mysql Database As Well As Send An Email To The Email Address

This code is supposed to pull data from a mysql database so I can edit it. that part works. The other part of this code is, it's supposed to send an email to an email address based off of the "location" field. If I choose "Office1, it will send the data to the mysql database as well as send an email to the email address in listed for office1 with the data that went to the mysql database. Can someone take a look & correct my code issues?

Code: [Select]<p> To go to the main page <a href="http://tnep-g-psrflow/flow/index.html">click here</a>.</p>
<?php # edit_dqa.php
$page_title = 'Edit a Record';
$con = mysql_connect("localhost","uname","password");
if (!$con)
die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

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POP3 Email To MySQL Database?

basically what I'm trying to do is setup something that will handle all incoming mail on a certain POP3 email address, pass all the relevant data to a PHP script, which will then parse the data & insert it into a MySQL database.Now I ve been looking around a bit..... checked out procmail, but that just confused the hell outta me (I'm not much of a server guy, just know enough CL stuff to get by), so was wondering if there were any better options available to me or any existing PHP classes that made it a bit easier?

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Parse An Email To Mysql Database?

I would like to parse an email using PHP to a mysql database.

I've read tips on how to configure apache, and how to run scripts, but i'm not able to get these examples to work.

I intend to send an email from my phone/web client etc to a dedicated address on my account ( etc). Then, I'd like to be able to strip out the body of the email, containing the text of my choice, and insert it into a mysql table row.

I'm finding it difficult - firstly understanding how to configure apache etc and secondly, what the php code would look like to receive the incoming mails, and strip out what I need to a database.

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Register New Users By Having Users Inputting A Username And Password Into A Database?

i am trying to register new users by having users inputting a username and password into a database called test and a table called members that has columns: username and password.

but when the password and username are inserted the following message appears. Notice: Undefined variable: table in C:wampwwwwebsite egister.php on line 28 Could not insert data because You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'values ('tom', 'tom')' at line 1

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Fetch_assoc_array - Email Does Match A Row On The Mysql Database

Not using prepared statements I can do it just fine, for example,

$qry = "SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE email = '$email'";
$result = mysql_query($qry);
$account = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
echo '<p>Welcome <strong>' . $account['username'] . '</strong>, Have a good day! And dont forgot your id ' . $account['id'] . '.</p>';

Considering an email does match a row on the mysql database, then I can with ease echo any other column where the email matches by simply doing $account['gender'], $account['age'] for example. I am having alot of trouble doing it OO, here is my attempt;

$q = $dbc -> prepare ("SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE email = ?");
$q -> bind_param ('s', $email);
$q -> execute();
$q -> bind_result();
$info = $q -> fetch();
echo '<p>Welcome ' . $info['username'] . '.</p>';

Doing it with the first method I can display any information from any column where the email matches for that row, I switched to prepared statements for security, but I am thinking of switching back with the hassle it is causing!

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Email Not Inserted Into Mysql Database From Form

I have a newsletter for one of my sites and I can't the email posted to the mysql database.


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Getting Email Address From Mysql Database To Phpmailer?

I am trying to set up a script that will get email addresses from the database and insert it to the script and email the addresses it gets. I have the query working, I have it printing out to the page for testing. The mail script also works if I hard code the email address. But if I try using the email addresses from the database it sends me a failure notice email saying that the to field was blank. I have tried about everything that I can think of to make it work. I have included the code that I am using below. I have removed the sensitive info.

PHP Code:

// Connects to your Database
mysql_connect("HOST", "USERNAME", "PASSWORD") or die(mysql_error());
mysql_select_db("DATABASE") or die(mysql_error());


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MySQL - Why The Email Address Is Not Input In The Database

I have created a HTML form which will input into a MySQL database. It sort of works in that it inputs all the values into the database except the email address. why the email address is not input in the database?

<div align = "center">
$page_title = 'Register';
include ('includes/header.html');
Check if the form has been submitted:
if (isset($_POST['submitted'])) {

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