Displaying Values From One Form In Another Form On The Page Before The User Clicks The Submit Button?

Jun 6, 2011

i will be having form like registration form,where if i enter any data in text-fields it should be automatically displayed in another form before the submit button is clicked.

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Create A Form Which When The User Fills Out Their Local Code And Clicks The Send Button?

I have a weather app, coded which creates weather based on a set zip code. I want to create a form which when the user fills out their local code and clicks the send button that will change the zip code variable. Currently it is set up like this

$zip = '90210'; //change to your zipcode

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Survey Written In HTML Using Generic HTML Form Processor, Won't Save A User's Data If The User Clicks The Previous Button?

I'm using Generic HTML Form Processor in combination with an xampp lite installation to save data into a MYSQL database. However, I've encountered a problem while writing a multi-page survey. If users use the previous and forward buttons coded like:

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Previous Page" onClick="history.go(-1);">
<input type="submit" value="Go to last page">

The next button differs slightly per page. For example, on page 1 it's:

<input value="Next Page" type="submit">

Users can go back and forth in the survey. I would prefer them to use the backwards and forward button to let the browser take care of saving the data but sadly it's not an option. The next button is linked to a hidden input code like:

<input type="hidden" name="next_page" value="http://localhost/quislast.html">

It works like a dream except for one problem. Imagine there are three pages, A, B, and C. If a user is on page C, and they click the previous button twice so they return to page A. If they then click the next page button, the form data (radio buttons) that the users select on pages B and C are no longer remembered. The users then have to re-select their answers before submitting the form.

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Start Uploading Photo When The User Clicks Submit Button?

I have one form on the page for addition and it is related with 2 tables in the database.Eg. Say i have a table named event and one table named eventphotos. The uploadify plugin of jquery for eventphotos works just fine, however, event is the master table and eventphotos is the child table. Thus when i upload the photo due to asynchronous behaviour of uploadify the photo gets submitted on server but there is no EventId present for this photo which throws exception when i try to insert the photo into evenphotos. I hope you got the idea what the problem is.

I want that when the user clicks on the submit button on the form, the photo uploading process should start and it should only get inserted into database once the master record is inserted into table.

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How To Do A Post-type Submit When User Clicks A Radio Button?

I want to effectively do a Post type submit to the very same page when the user clicks on a particular radio button. Of course, I also want it to recognize the click (i.e. checkmarking the radio button) first so the new status of that readio button gets properly Posted.

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Javascript - User To Submit A Form If Submit Button Is Disabled?

When my form loads on the page, the submit button is disabled by default. Is it possible for a user to submit the form with this submit button disabled? (Either maliciously or by accident.)

I ask because I have the form information being validated by Javascript upon submit, but I of course am validating the information in my PHP script. That being said, do I need to really validate that information on the server side? The submit button becomes enabled via Javascript. So, if a user disables JS (thus getting by the JS validation), can they even submit the form?

If the answer is no, then I don't really need to do the PHP validation because the user CANNOT get by the JS validation, correct?

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Calculator Form Is Not Displaying The Result After Click The Submit Button?

I am having trouble with a calculator form, currently it is not displaying the result after you click the submit button. http:[url].....

Here is the code....

<form action="<?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>" method="post">

<input type="text" name="packs" value="" />How many packs a week do you smoke?<br>
<input type="text" name="price" value="" />How much do you pay per pack?<br>
<input type="text" name="months" value="" />Over how many months?<br>[code].....

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Fill The Form When User Clicks On A Row Without Refreshing The Page?

I have a entry form. Below it, I want to show a grid containing existing records. As the user clicks on a row of the grid, the values must get filled in the fields of the form above. Is there any way to do this without refreshing the page?

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Submit A Form On Page Load Without Clicking Submit Button?

Is there a way to make a form submit "onload" without clicking a submit button with PHP? i saw some ways to make it with Javascript, but i love php and id like to make it with php.

For example:

<form action="https://xxxxxx.com/yyy.php" method="post" id="foo">
<input type="hidden" name="LoginEmail" value="user [at] domain.com">
<input type="hidden" name="LoginPassword" value="mycleartextpassword">
<input type="submit" name="Authenticate" value="Login">


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Isset Function - Checking If The Textbox Is Left Empty Before The User Clicks On The Submit Button(using Javascript)

I am an absolute beginner in php & am trying to validate a form using javascript. Problem is I am checking if the textbox is left empty before the user clicks on the submit button(using javascript). On the other hand i'm using isset function of php for the same submit button so that it does not run the code unless and until the button is clicked. Due to this, the default value of text box is being entered into database. How do i prevent this? Is there an alternate function to isset for such an event?

Code: [Select]<?php
$sql="insert into testing values('$_POST[txt1]')";
$exec = mysql_query($sql);
<script type="text/javascript">
function check()

I'm using ghost text technique on my page instead of labels so the text boxes have different values at different instances and hence I cant use !empty function either. How do i unset the submit button so that it does not run the script further?

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Difference Between A Person Clicking The Submit Button In A Form Or Hitting The Enter Key To Submit The Form?

Is there a difference between a person clicking the submit button in a form or hitting the enter key to submit the form?

I have a form that gives a blank page when someone doesn't fill out the form and presses the enter key, but gives you an error code and redisplays the form if you click the submit button with your mouse.

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Set In Single Submit Button In Log In Form For Multiple User In A Single Form

can i set in single submit button in log in form for multiple user in a single form login.php (1.47K)

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Reset Dropdown And TextBox To Default Values If User Clicks Back Button?

I currently have 3 dropdowns. The 1st one will open up the 2nd 3rd ones. The 2nd one has just 1 value and the 3rd one has about 60 values the user can choose from. Then they fill in a text box and click submit. After that, it takes them to the results.php page which will give the results of their selections.

If the user clicks on the back button, it shows all of the default values, but box 2 and 3 (dependants) are missing. If they click submit again, its a whole mess. What I want to do is if the user clicks on the back button, all of the fields need to go back to the default selections.

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Send Back Data To Same Form When User Hits Submit Button

So I have a form that is on page 'index.html'. The user submits the form, which then goes to a processing page, say 'processing.php'. I would like call this processing page from the index page, assign the return value to a variable, and go from there. The problem I am having is that the page should only be called when the user submits the form on index.html page. So how can I call this processing page before the page actually gets submitted and sent to that page? (I don't know if I am making sense, but I want the user to hit submit, then that action calls on processing page which returns the result back to the index page to display)

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Redirect To The Top Of A Page From A Form Submit Button?

I have made a personality test users can fill in. (Its in dutch, find it here: [URL] It consists of about 15 multiple choice questions. At the bottom is a submit button, and it is rather far down. When the user clicks it he is redirected to a page that displays his "score" which is basically a rather long description of his personality type, based on the answers.

Now while this is all working swimmingly, what I cannot seem to figure out, is that as soon as the user clicks the submit button and lands on the 'score' (which is a php script that calculates the user score) page, he lands on the same coordinate as the submit button was on the previous page. Which is effectively in the middle of his personality type description.

I would like him to land at the top of the new page, off course, so he can read his description from the beginning, without first having to scroll up. I have tried making the submit button an anchor, but this does not seem to work.

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Redirect To Another Page On The Submit Button Of The Form?

I have two pages. one is insert_events.php and the other is veiw_events. In insert_events i have a form which have a submit button. I want when i click on the submit button, it redirects me to the view_events.php page showing the events.

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A Form Is Inside A Form And Click The Button Of Javascript To Submit The Second Form?

I have the following script in which a form is inside a form.When I click the button I want javascript to submit the second form, However upon clicking the button I get:Error:document.getElementById("test2")is null.

PHP Code:<html>
function checkForm()


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When Hit The Submit Button On The Form, Getting Blank White Page?

I have this script which ideally will take info from a form and update a table with the form data. But when I hit the submit button on the form, all I get is a blank white page. I'm pretty sure that means there is a syntax error, but as hard as I've been looking at this for days, I can't find it. I also stepped away for a few days and came back to it and still not finding the problem. I'm hoping a fresh set of eyes here can help me out. I'm posting the code to both the form and the php script, but I'm thinking the problem is only in the php script.Here is the form:


if (!(isset($_SESSION['login']) && $_SESSION['login'] != '')) {[code]...

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Call A Function Of Another Page On Submit Button Of A Form?

I have two pages one is db.php and another is form.php. In form.php i have created a form which contains different fields and a submit button. But i want to write the queries in db.php. And when i click on the submit button the insert query in db.php should be executed and insert data in database but the focus remains on form.php.

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Send The Words In The Textarea To Another Page Without Using A Form And Submit Button?

i have a textarea with alot of words in it. Is there an alternative way to send the words in the textarea to another page without using a form and submit button?

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Validation Errors From Displaying On Form Page Load Instead Of Submit

creating two forms and they work fine. Problem is that the validation errors display immediately on page load instead of on submit. Here's the full code for the form parsing: Code:

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Submit Button - How To Submit One Form And Then The Form Data Goes To Other Sites

I'm trying to find a way how to submit one form and then the form data goes to other sites. Here is an Example below! I got Sites (Main),(A),(B)&(C) I want to fill in the form on site (main) and it sends to sites (A) (B) and (C).

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Jquery - Validating Form And Change Submit Button Instead Of Redirect To Status Page?

I have a basic PHP form here that sends an email when submitted:

<div id="contact">
<form id="contact_form" action="<?=base_url()?>contact/email_form" method="post" name="contact">
<h4>Questions? Comments?</h4>


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Pass Values From One Page To Another On Jquery Form Submit?

I'm trying to build a form using php & jquery, but I'm a little confused as to what to do with the jquery portion of it...

Basically, when the user submits the first form, I want to direct them to the "next step" form, but I want to retain the values submitted from the first one in a hidden input field...

If someone can either show me how or point me to a good tutorial, I'd appreciate it...

I don't have any of the php or jquery yet, and this is just a simplified version of the html markup...

<form name="form1" method="post" action="second.php">
<input type="text" name="name" value="" />Name
<input type="submit" name="step1" value="Next" />
<form name="form2" method="post" action="process.php">
<input type="hidden" name="name" value="{$_POST['name']}" />
<input type="text" name="message" value="" />message
<input type="submit" name="step2" value="Finish" />

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Form Submit - Adds A Delete Button To A Form

I have a line that adds a delete button to a form and I have an onClick procedure that confirms if the user wants to delete an article, how can I use PHP to code a statement so if they click OK it deletes the article from the database? Or have it link to a page like events.php?do=delete or call a function? Or do I absolutely have to use javascript?

Here's my code:

PHP Code:

$delbutton = '<input type="submit" value="Delete" name="delete"%s>'
            $jsconfirm = ' onclick="return confirm('' . $LANG01[39] . '');"'

sprintf ($delbutton, $jsconfirm);

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Is It Possible To Disable A User From Viewing A Page After They Submit A Form

I have a forgot password form that allows a user to submit their email then a link to a page to reset their password is sent to that email. On this page I have them submit their email and enter in a new password which works fine.

But is there any way I could disable this page so the user cant get access to change their password again unless they submit another request to change their password. In other words, I want them to use that link only once and thats it.

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