Display Records In Php/mysql

i have the mysql database with the name "wwwgosc_ton" and table with 17 field by the name "general". i want to dispaly all the records with 3 to 4 fileds and link each row to detail of the full field of that perticular records. Code:


Mysql - Created A Table In Mysql Which Contains Several Records - Display 4 Records?

im working on some project on php with mysql, and I'm only actually a beginner in programming with php and mysql.I created a table in mysql which contains several records. I have like 10 records in it. Now what I want to do is I only want to display 4 records from that table. Here is the code on the query part. I stored it in an associative array.

$query_latestJobPost = "SELECT * FROM tbljobad ORDER BY postDate DESC";
$latestJobPost = mysql_query($query_latestJobPost, $dbConnection) or die (mysql_error());
$assoc_latestJobPost = mysql_fetch_assoc($latestJobPost);[code].......

What will I do to arrive with that output?

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Pull Some Records Out Of A Mysql Table And Display Mysql Data?

So i pull some records out of a mysql table and i want to display them in 5 even columns.I'm not entirely sure how to do the math & logic to accomplish this.The pull is simple


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Display Mysql Records Incorrectly?

I have the following code:

$link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'root', 'geheim');
if (!$link) {
die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

be correct, the start and end times for example, is this because I set the mysql field to type DATETIME and it does not understand the numbers?Is thre a way to get the insert date from the current date when inserting with mysql(not php)I would like to display the records as one row per line, how would I do this? And if possible, clicking on a record would display more information above it.

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Display Records From A MYSQL Database On Multiple Pages.

I am trying to display records from a MYSQL database on multiple pages. I get the following error when I attempt to display the results

mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MYSQL result in

c:intentpubwwwrootprogeneefsires1.php on line 238

The code is shown below. I am including a file called class.pager.php for page numbers (author: Tsigo) and this part works fine.

/* Now we use the LIMIT clause to grab a range of rows */
$result = mysql_query("SELECT sireid, sirename, sirethumbpic, comment_1,comment_2,comment_3 FROM beef".$start.", ".$limit);

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Query - Display Records From My Mysql Database Base On 3 Variables

I am trying to display records from my mysql database base on 3 variables (surname, quizname & class) user enter into a form. The problem I have is, I want users to be able to enter 1,2, or 3 values and then search accordingly (e.g. they could enter values into 1 & 2, 1 & 3, 1,2 & 3 etc). I can only get it to work for a fixed amount and I want it to be flexible. My code which works for 2 variables (var_name & var_class) is below. But it only works if both fields have been entered. I think I need a way of checking if the variable is default value and then use suitable where clause but I canít figure it out.

SELECT tblUserDetails.Surname, tblUserDetails.Forename, tblScore.Quizname, tblScore.UserScore, tblUserDetails.Class
FROM tblUserDetails, tblScore
WHERE tblScore.Username = tblUserDetails.Username AND tblUserDetails.Class = var_class AND tblUserDetails.Surname = var_name

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Use AJAX To Connect To MySQL And Display Records Matching A User's Selection?

I currently have a PHP form that uses AJAX to connect to MySQL and display records matching a user's selection [URL]........As well as displaying the data, I also place an 'Edit' button next to each result which displays a form where the data can be edited. My problem is editing unique records since currently I only use the selected values for 'name' and 'age' to find the record. If two (or more) records share the same name and age, I am only able to edit the first result.

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Display Records In A Specified Date Range (pulls Records For All Years)?

I am having trouble showing reports for a given date range. Currently if I specify something like 11/03/2010 to 11/05/2010 I get results for all years within that month and day such as I may get results for 11/03/2008 11/03/2009 11/03/2010 11/04/2008 11/04/2009 11/04/2010 11/05/2008 11/05/2009 11/05/2010. I am using the following code

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM report WHERE date>='$date_begin' and date<='$date_end' ORDER BY 'date'",$db);

I use the following format in my date feild mm/dd/yyyy

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Display 10 Records Per Page And Then Display Links To Next Pages

I have been trying to display 10 records per page and then display links to next pages etc but I can't seem to get it to work. Code:

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MySQL All Records From One Table Some Records From Other?

I am setting up an attendance db. I want to be able to go back and update the attendance after it is inserted. I need to get all of the records from the table People. I need to get the person_id's from roster where date = the selected date. This only gives me the records where r.date = selected date. $users = $db->get_results("SELECT p.*, r.date, r.person_id FROM People as p LEFT JOIN roster as r ON p.id = r.person_id WHERE r.date='$_POST[servicedate]'"); I need to have all of the records from People, as well as the person_id's from roster.

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No Records To Display

I am setting up your basic record retreival using a mySQL database and PHP. If there are no records that match the query, I would like to display a simple message indicating so.
Here is the code I was working with so far: Code:

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Display Records

I have a dynamically populated jump menu that displays all of the names in my database. Originally I tried setting anchored links for each artist, but I can't it to work across dynamic pages. How do I configure it post the the rest of the data for the item selected to a second page or to the table on the original page. Sorry if I'm off on the terminology. I'm getting close here. This is the only missing piece.

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Display Certain Records

I have a database with records that change every so often. Some products need to be taken out of the database so they will not be displayed and then later, they need to be put back in. I am looking for a way to not have to delete the product everytime and have to be reentered, maybe have a checkbox that is linked to the product and check and uncheck the box for the item to be displayed or not.

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Display Records

I want it to display all the records meeting the criteria specified in the script, but it only shows one records and should show about ten. any thoughts or pointers to get it to display more than one record. Code:

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Getting ALL My Records To Display

In this code, almost everything is working perfectly, but for my second query, I have six records that I want displayed in their own table like I have. I know that a loop would probably work, but I am just really not sure how to go about this. I would like the code to display a table of each of the records. Code:

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Display All Records

I have the following code, that displays records in my database. How do I display each record along with a checkbox, then when a delete button is clicked, delete the selected records.

mysql_select_db("my_db", $con);

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM person");

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
  echo $row['FirstName'] . " " . $row['LastName'];
  echo "<br />";

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Display 30 Records At A Time

I have a page which displays the 100s of records from a database. I want to shorten it up a bit and display 75 at a time with a > & < button so the records could be scrolled through. But I dont know where to start?

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Display Selected Records

I have a table on a form which contains records that can be multiple selected by checkboxes. A submit button sucessfully sends the record IDs of the checked records to the next page. I want to display the records that were selected via the checkboxes, but the problem is that I get only the first of them.

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Display Records In 2 Colums

I have to display all the record in 2 column but the thing is the next record will be go below the first record. Code:

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Display Newest Records

which will show last/newest n (10 or 20 30 numbers) records in a mySQL DB? the DB db has a date field, a title, a description field.

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Display Only 5 Records Per Page.

I need one example of paging.I have a db and want to display only 5 records per page.

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Display Total Records

the admin side of the content management system im building, I have a fille called "view_users.php", which will diplay a list of all the users who are registered in the db. What I am wondering is how I would go about setting up a query or whatever to look at the total number of records and return it to the page so that I could have something on my page say "645,527 members and counting.

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Display 30 Records At A Time?

the problem with the class is that if i want to display 30 records at a time and i have 60 total records the pagination divs that shows the page numbers only shows page #1 and not page #2. this is how i call attributes to the class.

$paginate = new Pagination;
$paginate->pageName = "index.php"; //sets the page to use
$paginate->perPage = 10; //show num of records per page
$paginate->adjacents = 3; //current page adjacent to
$paginate->sql = "select * from tbl_products"; //the main query.................

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Display Records From A Database?

I'm trying to display records from a database and then when a new one is added automatically update the displayed records from the database with the new one I am doing this using php and javascript. I want to load a page and display tags under a video and then when a user adds a new tag by entering it into text box to add it to the database and then refresh the part of the page which shows these tags and include the new one which has just been added all without the page being reloaded.

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Display All The Records Of 2nd Table?

I have two tables

1st table contains All The Student Records 2nd Table contains Student ID (only)

Now I want to display all the records of 2nd Table but its not necessary the 1st table will have the StudentID present in 2nd Table, but nevertheless, i want to display atleast the StudentID, so i can come to know which ID does not have a record in table 1.

for e.g.
Student ID | Student Name
000239 Alex
000333 John
000331 Martin

How can we tacklet this?

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Display Records Under Corresponding ID Using Type_id?

I have a database that is set up like this:

id name type_id
1 who_____ 0
2 what_____ 0
3 where_____ 0
4 why_______1
5 how_______1
6 this________2
7 that________2

What I need to do is have the rows that have type_id of 1, 2, etc.. be displayed under the corresponding id, for instance why and how would be displayed under who and this and that would be displayed under what. I'm thinking that I can accomplish this in a SQL statement but im not to sure how. I am using PHP.

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Display Records Randomly One After Another?

I want to display 5 records from a database with in a td one after another (about 60sec). How will i do this, with out the need of page refreshing?

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Display Records From Row Username?

I want to display my registered users on a page in my site, but i need to display MySQL record to do that. How would i?

Database: loginsystem
Table: users
Row: username

How do i display records from row username?

(p.s. I already have a database connect php file)

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Select And Display Several Records?

I have a form where a user types all the news from where I work and in a php page a made a select to display all the news typed by this user, but they have to be in order from the newest one to the oldest one.This is my select, but is not showing me all the records, only the newest one:

PHP Code:
$con=mysql_connect("$host", "$username", "$password");
if (!$con)

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Display Records 30 Days From Now

I am trying to display records that are 30 days from the current time.† Someone suggested the following:

select * from table WHERE date_column BETWEEN CURDATE() and DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL 30 DAY)

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How To Display Distinct Records

I am building a simple online buying website and for the admin php script, I want to display the same product type (in this case the same kind of cell phone) in an html table (I have the code all made below), but on the shopping public site, i want to display an html table with only UNIQUE entries and to just add up the quantity of the duplicates of a given product. I know it's something like: SELECT DISTINCT etc, but please read my code and let me know, . And then I have another field only in the shoppers page (the second set of code I posted on this page) that shows the quantity, but I don't know the mysql query to count up all the duplicates, let me know,

admin page (where admin adds new and multiple of an item for shoppers to buy)
Code: [Select]<?php†session_start();
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">


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Display All Records Using JQuery

On one of my pages, I have 1 form, which just a few text boxes / check boxes.†Currently, I have the form submit a new record into the DB and then refreshes the entire page to show the new result. My question is, should I display all records using JQuery or PHP.†PHP refreshed the whole page, thus more queries are run per page.

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Display All The Records On The Html Page

I know how to display records on an html page from a mysql database with PHP. I am using

$db = mysql_connect("localhost", "root");


$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM st",$db);

while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($result)) {

echo "<td align="left" class="heading2g" nowrap>", $myrow[12], "</td>";}

which works fine.

Now I have a table which has several records. Each field is either 0 or 1. What I want is to display all the records on the html page like before but instead of displaying 0 or 1, if it is a 0 then a little graphic is displayed and if it is a 1 then another little graphic is displayed.

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Display Number Of Records Into Pages

we are using oracle database, Oracle Select statement is not supporting the LIMIT , Is there any other way to display records into pages.

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Display Child Records Only When Checkbox Is On

I have a list of nested arrays, that displays the parent, and then has the child records indented underneath. I want to be able to make a collapsible list, which I know how to do with regular data, but I'm having troubles getting the child records to display.

I can get regular text to show up when I click but not the child records. What I am currently doing is calling a javascript onClick that changes the span textContent property.

What would be the best way to handle the child records? Putting them in a function and calling it from the javascript by way of AJAX or something? Code:

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Input And Display Records With Same Script?

I am trying to create a form for a MySQL database similar to a spreadsheet.
The idea is to display a list of records, with the last line of the list
being an input form. When the user enters data in the form and hits the
submit button, the data is entered and the form is reloaded with the new
data displayed and another input form becomes the last line.

Example ---

Before entering new data

Record 1
Record 2
Record 3
Input form Submit button

After entering new data

Record 1
Record 2
Record 3
Record 4
Input form Submit button

It seems is what I think the approach should be:

1. Display all current records - the last line is an input form
2. User adds data to the form and hits the Submit button
3. The form action calls the same script
4. The new data is entered into the database
5. Back to step one

Does this make sense or is there a better way? How do I structure the
queries to accomplish this?

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Display Problem (number Of Records)

My company sends out a newsletter displaying new artwork aquisitions- my boss would like to have the number of works that we have by an artist displayed next to their name. Meaning- we show the image- then the artist name and the name of the artwork. He would like for the right number to show up in parenthesis next to the artist name.

We have that displaying in another area (in a drop down search box). When you pull down the box it autopopulates with artists in the database and shows the number next to their name. Code:

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How Can Display All Records Using Foreach And Template

I use template to display the xml records which are parsed by foreach loop. But only the newest record is displayed on the template page. I want to display all the records Code:

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Display Only 10 Records With Next And Previous Buttons

Does anyone know of a good tutorial that will show how to only display up to 10 record sets from a query? I want to be able to display up to 10 items and if there is more than 10 from the query, have a next and previous button.

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Display Records From A Database In A Browser?

I'm trying to display records from a database in a browser. I'm first trying to test out how to display records when a user selects 'SELECT' from a dropdown menu.

created a function called selectById()
// function selectById
function selectById($pUInput) {
echo "select by id is being called" . "<br/>";...........

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