Decode Base64 Pdf File

I'm trying to work on a script that can decode an encoded pdf file from xml. I have the xml in a variable called $result. Inside that xml there is code for the pdf. It is encoded in base64. My question is how can I pull the data from the xml, decode it, and display the pdf file that it is.


Decode A Base64 Encrypted File?

I am currently trying to decode a base64 encrypted PHP file

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Decode Base64 File And Open?

Trying to retrieve a base64 file from db and ask user if he/she wishes to download it.

what i've got:


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Decode PHP Base64

have been trying to decode using base64 but was unsucessful. What is the proper way to decode base64. Here is the file I am trying to decode.

<?php $_F=__FILE__;$_X='P0Q+P1lUWQ0gdSoJdElySy1JeEtjWXctS31Hb3pZVFkJKnUNIElySUljdkdfSXd9S3coKTsNIA0gY0d4MX QucigndElySy1JeEtjWXctSVR9S3IuemNHeHpZVFknKTsNIA0gJC5zLUR9Li5fS31Hb2NHaigkX008TmgzJ2NCfWpyYy4nUiw2JF 9NPE5oMyd9MXN0QmMuJ1IsNiRfTTxOaDMnS31Hb0p9MXRyJ1IpOw0gDSANID9E'$_D=strrev('edoced_46esab');eval($_D ('JF9YPWJhc2U2NF9kZWNvZGUoJF9YKTskX1g9c3RydHIoJF9YLCd1VzVQOFZrb2xjSFFTWHkyRm0gNFJ0Cnc8MGhiM11nSmpwRT ZNZjc9VT5LTGlBR3hhMXo5WmRldltuTy5zWVRESU57Q31CcXIvJywnL0QwNTN4Mms5aVZNezdacTRHCkpddUF0T0JUNltFSHZnS1 ggUH04akw8cj15MW5jUWwuTndXVW9SSUZkYnBoPnNTWXphbUNlZicpOyRfUj1zdHJfcmVwbGFjZSgnX19GSUxFX18nLCInIi4kX0 YuIiciLCRfWCk7ZXZhbCgkX1IpOyRfUj0wOyRfWD0wOw=='));?>

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How To Decode Base64 (in Little Endian)

How can I decode a base64 encoded message in PHP?I know how to use PHP_base64_decode function, but I wanna know how to write little endian part, like the code below, it is base64 code with little endian: (how to write little endian part in php)Original Base64 Content ( as posted by original poster ) :

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.net - C# To PHP Base64 Encode / Decode?

So I have this c# application that needs to ping my web server thats running linux/php stack.
I am having problems with the c# way of base 64 encoding bytes.

my c# code is like:

byte[] encbuff = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("the string");
String enc = Convert.ToBase64String(encbuff);

and php side:

$data = $_REQUEST['in'];
$raw = base64_decode($data);

with larger strings 100+ chars it fails. I think this is due to c# adding '+'s in the encoding but not sure.

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Base64 Decode French Characters?

We are getting base64 encoded (XML) data from a third party. If the XML data is in English, everything works fine, I am able do base64 decode, and parse the XML. If the XML is all lower case French characters, everything works fine. But if the xml data contains upper case French characters (like &Agrave), if I do base64 decode and try to parse it, the parser fails.

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Base64 Decode To PDF - Save PDF On Server?

How can I take a base64 encoded PDF and decode it then save it on my server for linking back to the saved file later? I have searched for some time now on multiple forms and with google, and I have come up empty handed for anything that can even push me in the right direction. Maybe my search terms are poorly constructed, The string that is the base64 encoded pdf comes to me via an xml feed and is dynamically generated through the USPS system. I have tested the encoded strings in 3rd party apps I have found along my search for finding a way to do it with php, and it does work in those.

So if anyone has any experience with this, or can point me towards a decent document (other than the site for the encode manual) that can help me out, or if anyone wants to throw me a demo concept to work with,

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Decode A Base64 String (gif) Into Image In HTML?

I have a base64 encrypted string that I would like to convert into an image in PHP / HTML. Here is what I have:

$data = "R0lGODdhAAGAAKIAAP38+/3h3cjN5P3HwgAAAP8AoP8AGv8EIywAAAAAAAGAAAAD.....";
echo base64_decode($data);
// OR


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Ajax - Flash To Base64 Encode / Decode

I'm using AS3 to base64 encode a JPG and pass it to Javascript. I'm attempting to use AJAX to pass that base64 encoded string to PHP and have PHP decode it. (I know I could send it back to Flash and Flash could decode it and send it to PHP, but I'm trying to eliminate the need for Flash on the decoding end).

It appears that AS3's encodeToBase64String() function and and PHP's base64_decode() function do not use the same algorithm, as PHP evaluates it as a base64 encoded object, but does not seem to output it properly. Is there a way to rectify this problem? Note: Please no posts about not needing Javascript. Javascript is a necessary step for reasons not detailed here.

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Base64 Decode - Encode Binary Data More Securely

Ihaveimplementedthebase64_encode)functionwithsomecustommappingtablesoIcouldencodesomebinarydatamoresecurelywithoutanyoneknowinghowtodecodeit hereistheclass


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Create Image File (PNG) With Base64 Encoding?

What's the proper way in PHP to create an image file (PNG), when I have the base64 encoding? I've been playing around with:

file_put_contents('/tmp/'. $_REQUEST['id'].'.png', $_REQUEST['data']);

do I need to decode? should I be using the gd library?

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Decode A Hex To Pdf File?

I have a pdf file content in hex encoded format. I want to decode that pdf file. Is there any php code or tool available to do this decoding. I used the following function to decode the hex content to pdf and tried to open the pdf file, it throws error.

function hexToStr($hex)
for ($i=0; $i < strlen($hex)-1; $i+=2)
$string .= chr(hexdec($hex[$i].$hex[$i+1]));


to decode a hex value to pdf file.

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Decode - Decode Very Special Characters?

How can I decode these kind of chars? I have tried many functions and they did not work. Here is a printscreen of the chars:

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Decode The Entire File?

i want to decode this entire file

<?php // This file is protected by copyright law and provided under license. Reverse engineering of this file is strictly prohibited.

I have read lot of forums and posts that it is a kind of php obfuscated base64 code i tried to decode it but can't find the exact result, i think it is coded multiple time im not a programmer

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Decode A Zend Encoded File

I have a client who purchased a php software package, however the company they purchased the software from no longer supports the software. They have contracted me to modify there code. About 90% of the code is human readable where 10% is encoded using the Zend Encoder.

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Decode A File Encoded By Zend Safeguard?

I was looking for php encoder and found a zend safeguard. I googled about safeguard and found out that there are many decoders for zend safeguard.Zend told me that it is not possible to decode zend encoded files, but users over the internet do not agree.

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Decode Ascii For Xml File, Into Literal Characters?

I have an xml file that is being used on a third party system, and I have no control over the third party system that is using the xml file.The third party system fails because there are ascii in the xml file.For example, it fails when it sees

when it wants a single quote ’

Is there a way to throw php code around the variables and decode the ascii into plain text?

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Base64 Encoding

I'm admitting right off the bat this is only marginally related to php though I'll be using php's base64 encoding if I can make this work somehow.

MS Excel has the ability to embed images. HTML pages also have the ability to embed images such as this example: Code:

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Base64 Encode Question

I have formmail on my site but there are certain areas I would like to place standard mailto: links. We all know the problem with bots snatching up email addresses. I was just wondering if I use base64 to encode my email address would that work as far as protection goes? Im not big on using images, or JS methods.

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Base64 {en,de}code Mysql

I know this is comp.lang.php but I really can't find a
specific mysql newsgroup. Can someone point one out?

It seems to me that mysql doesn't have a couple of functions for
encoding and decoding strings using base64 algorithm. I really
need it *in* mysql, not php or something else.

The reason why it's because I have some strings encoded in a
table which I need to sort so I'd need to decode them first and I
don't want to handle the sorting outside mysql because it will
make the job totally harder.

If there is any chance of finding a solution for that, i'd like
to hear about it if for example, there's a way to implement the
function in mysql somehow. I would even try to change the source
code of mysql, but that wouldn't be too nice because then I'd
have to impose a patch on everyone who would like to run the
system... :

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Base64 Encoded PHP Scripts

PHP Code:

//not encoded:

if ($hi) {
print "Hello World!";
else {
print "oops!";

PHP Code:



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5 - Shorter Alternative To Base64?

I'm writing myself a script which basically lets me send a load of data in a single get request. I'm using base64 to encode it, but its pretty damn long and I'm concerned the URL may get too big. Does anyone know an alternative, shorter method of doing this? It needs to be decodable when received in a get request, so md5/sha1 are not possible.

Edit: on our site we display screenshots of websites that get posted up for review. We have our own thumbnail/screenshot server. I'm basically going to be having the image tag contain an encoded string that stores the URL to take a screenshot of, and the width/height of the image to show. I dont however want it in 'raw-text' for the world to see. Obviously base64 can be decided by anyone, but we dont want your average joe picking up the URL path. Really I need to fetch: url, width, height in a single GET request.

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Base64 Encoding Not Working For '&' And '#'?

My knowledge about base64 is pretty limited. I am using it as an alternative to string escaping in a content management system, for I had been warned about how weaknesses have been found in mysql_real_escape_string(); and quite sheepishly so, as I am aware of how it buffs text size up. PHP seems to truncate everything after an instance of # or & in the string; Also, comment on whether using base64 to maintain the 'trueness' of post content in the CMS is just plain retarded, or a wise move.

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Hexadecimal To Base64 Function?

is there a pre made way to go from a hexadecimal string (a string containing an arbitrary amount of hex data) to the base 64 representation of it? (base64_encode() is no good -- it's not aware of the fact that the passed to it string is hex therefore the base 64 version ends up longer

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Base10 To Base64 Url Shortening

I'm coding an url shortener function for a project in which I'm learning php, here is the code (btw I suppose that global here is not a good thing to do


The code is taken from this Wikipedia article and adapted to php. My problem is that when I pass a multiple of 64 to the function I get a wrong (for my purpose) result, for instance 128 returns b which is not correct, it should have been aaa, but that's too long for a 3-digit number. Also I'm starting to think that there's something wrong in this code, if I pass 1'000'000'000'000 as $id I get nItOq... I feel it's wrong because a url shortening service like returns a 6 number id if I use it, and I don't think that this algorithm is better than theirs. So, two questions: do you spot any bug in the above code? how to manage 64-multiple ids? Do I have to just ignore them and pass to the next one?

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Base64 Encoding A Replace String

I've got the example below to set up phpOpenTracker to log exit URL's
but I'm having trouble getting it to work. I have played with the
quotes and changed the 2 to $3 and got the url in there but I can't
get it to base64 encode it. Code:

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Different Results For Openssl Base64 And Base64_encode?

I am trying to base64 encode a string in PHP and openssl.

openssl: echo -n "1234567890A" | openssl enc -base64


$hash = sha1("1234567890A", true);
echo base64_encode($hash);

the results differ:

openssl: MTIzNDU2Nzg5MEE=

PHP: /Q6nenquhGpX5h2WdiQZQF47Pe8=

I guess this is just a simple setting I can use to adapt result 1 or 2, since PHP produces a string of exact the double size of string 1.

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Use Base64 Encoded String In Url With Codeigniter?

I have an encrypted, base64 encoded array that I need to put into a url and insert into emails we send to clients to enable them to be identified (uniquely) - the problem is that base64_encode() often appends an = symbol or two after it's string of characters, which by default is disallowed by CI. Here's an example:


Now I understand I can allow the = sign in config.php, but I don't fully understand the security implications in doing so (it must have been disabled for a reason right?) Does anyone know why it might be a bad idea to allow the = symbol in URLs?

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Encode Pear Mail In Base64?

I've inherited some legacy code that sends e-mail as follows:

$headers .= chunk_split(base64_encode($mailbody));
mail("", $subject, "", $headers);

It looks strange because it uses no body, and encodes everything in base64 and puts it in the header. Because I'm hitting limits with the default send mail on my host, I'm switching to SMTP with PEAR's Mail package as follows

$mimebody = $mime->get();
$mimeheaders = $mime->headers($headers);
$smtp->send($to, $mimeheaders, $mimebody);

An unexpected consequence is that for some reason gmail is now reporting my messages as spam. How do I get base64 encoding working with php and pear?

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Take A Base64 Encoded Png And Output That Png As An Image?

I tried

header('Content-Type: image/png');
echo base64_decode($data);`

But it doesn't work.

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