Copy Files And Folders From One Directory Into Another

Jul 17, 2005

I have files in

and I would like to copy all of them into

I'd like to copy all of the subdirectories and files that are in

and I would like to be able to use a form of some sort to name the
file I want to copy, and create the folder I'd like to copy it to,
such as newfolder.

How can I use a form to create a new folder on the server?

How can I use a form to name the old folder I want to copy everything
from, then create the name of the new folder I want to copy everything
into, and then copy?

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Directory - Copy Only Selected Files And Folders?

I am using the following code in WINDOWS OS and PHP script, in which initially i am taking the difference of two folder structure and then the out put needs to be copied to other folder. here is the code below..

$source = '/var/www/html/copy1';
$mirror = '/var/www/html/copy2';
function scan_dir_recursive($dir, $rel = null) {


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Copy Files And Folders

Assuming you had a template folder and files on the webspace and you
wanted to make a exact copy/rename of it with a username and password
being the one and only difference - how would one do it ? .

(the difference being a password protected folder)

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Copy/Move Folders+files

what would be the best way to copy folders+files from one directory to another? I have a temp folder created as part of an upload form. In this folder there are some files and another folder with some more files. I was/am going to just cycle through the folders and copy over one by one but i was wonders if there is an easier way like copy the entire temp folder and rename that.

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Using Copy Directory Helper In Codeigniter To Copy And Move Files?

I am using this copy directory helper addon for the directory helper to help me copy files to different places on my web server. It works perfectly if the files you are copying from and the folder you are copying to are located within the CodeIgniter install directory. I however have my codeigniter installation in a subdirectory [URL] and would like to be able to move and copy directories in the root directory.

directory_copy('./user_guide/', './test_copy/');

Creates test_copy and copies the contents of user_guide to it.

However doing this (NOTICE the missing DOT( . ) in the destination directory)

directory_copy('./user_guide/', '/test_copy/');

Causes A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning
Message: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied
Filename: helpers/directory_helper.php
Line Number: 91


I have checked all permissions and they seem fine. It seems the script cant execute outside of the CI installation.

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Copy Recursive Files And Ignore Folders?

What I want to do is copy all files from within a folder structure to one directory and not copy the folders

- so all files deep within folders appear in one destination folder
- no filenames will be the same, so no need to worry about overwriting
- no folders are needed in the dest, just the files.

I have found the following function for copying files and folders recursively but wondered if I could just comment out a little to get it to do what I want?

function COPY_RECURSIVE_DIRS($dirsource, $dirdest){
mkdir($dirdest."/".$dirsource, 0750);


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Linux - Copy All Files And Folder From One Directory To Another Directory?

I have directory called "mysourcedir" it has sonme files and folders. so i want to copy all content from this directory to some other "destinationfolder" on Linux server using PHP.

function full_copy( $source, $target ) {
if ( is_dir( $source ) ) {
@mkdir( $target );


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FTP List Files - Get The Folders/files Within Another Directory?

I am new to the FTP feature of PHP. I have a directory within my FTP location called documents. I need to get the folders/files within another directory. So like this basically:

root/documents/Ryan-Hart/ <-all-files/folders-here

So how can I show and link to these from PHP. I have tried this:

$name = "Ryan-Hart";

$conn_id = ftp_connect($ftp_server);

$login_result = ftp_login($conn_id, $ftp_user_name, $ftp_user_pass);


But that comes out in array. How can a echo out the name (plus extension) of file and link to them?

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How To Copy Files From Ftp Directory To Web-accessible Directory?

I need to copy files from an ftp directory to a web-accessible directory and then delete the files in the ftp directory. (I am doing it this way because web-based form upload can not exceed 2MB and I can't change that)

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List Only The Folders Or Files In A Directory?

How do I list only the folders or files in a directory?I don't understand how to do this with the glob function, or whatever it is I'm supposed to use?

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Sorting Directory Files Help With Ignoring Certain Folders

I have a script that shows just folders that exist in a folder. The script works fine but I want it to ignore the following folders: .bolGallery, images, thumbs, & _vti_cnf. Code:

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Get List Of Files / Folders From A Specificed Directory?

Is it possible to get a lis t of files and folder from a specificed directory using PHP?

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Display All Files In All Folders In A Specific Directory?

I would like to display everything INSIDE a specific directory. In other words, I would like to display all file name's inside all subfolders in a specific directory. (NOT the subfolder itself...but whats inside. See example.)


The ROOT directory is: /root/ The directory that ALL folder's will be located is: /root/folder_names/ I have several subfolders: /root/folder_names/folder 1, /root/folder_names/folder 2, /root/folder_names/folder 3, and so on. I would like it to display all FILE NAMES in folder 1, folder 2, folder 3; but not the folders. How would I do this?

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Cannot Copy Files To Directory

I have a simple script that allows a user to specify the name of a directory to be created. The script creates the directory and then is supposed to copy a specific file to that directory however when I try to run the script I get the following error:

Warning: copy(/home/content/f/t/p/ftpakadmin/html/gallery/testgall/): failed to open stream: Is a directory in /home/content/f/t/p/ftpakadmin/html/admin/gallery/gallery-add-save.php on line 28

Here's the script: .....

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Copy Files To Directory

I don't normally work at the OS file system level when using PHP and have never tried this, but I know it's gotta be possible. What I want to do is write a script that will replace files in one directory with files from another directory when invoked (even if there are already files there). Anybody ever do this? (this is on a Win2k3 Server).

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Copy Files In One Directory To Another?

How can I transfer files from one directory to another?? Here's my code, however I get this error... "The second argument to copy() function cannot be a directory in *WAMP Dir*/process.php on line 141" Line 141 is - copy($tempdir, $leaguedir);

Code: [Select]$tempdir = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."temp/index.php";
$enddir = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$dir;
copy($tempdir, $enddir);

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Copy Extracted Files From ZIP To Directory

Anyway, I can't get to copy the files which were extracted from a ZIP to a directory, the files are extracted, but they won't be copied... the files just lay in the root folder where upload.php is. I've got this:

exec('unzip ' . $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $ary, $output);
$img = 0;
$number = count($ary);
foreach($ary as $file)
copy($file, 'i/');
echo $img . '/' . $number;

It outputs 11/11, so thats good... but the files are not copied and the original files are not deleted. Why isn't it copying them?

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Copy Directories/files From A Remote Directory?

I have two server one is window server as "A" and another is Linux server as "B". I have a directory on server "A" which contains several files and sub directories. I want to copy directories/files from server "A" to server "B" using php. I have control on both server but i want to run PHP script into Linux server "B".

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Dropdown List Of Folders And Sub Folders Inside A Directory?

i am looking to build a php function which will list all folders and sub-folders in a specific directory, but escape a certain directory folder/sub-folders in the list.

$dir = "directory_to_scan_for_folders"
$escape_folder = "folder_to_escape";
function listFolders($dir) {


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Counting Folders In Specific Directory And Counting All Img Files In Subfolders?

writing a piece of code that counts all the folders in a specific directory and prints the number, then counts image files in the same directory but located in all the fullsize sub folder of each gallery.


- fullsize


There are 31 folders in the gallery folder and count returns 39.

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Alpha Sort Lines From Several Files In One Directory And Save Them To Files Of "x" Lines Max In Alpha Named Folders

This below goes through files in a directory, reads them and saves them in files of 500 lines max to a new directory. I need a modification. I would like to save to alpha num based files. First, sort the array alpha numerically (already lowercase) would be the first step I assume. Grab all of the lines in each $incoming."/.txt" that start with "a" and put them into a folder at $save500."/a" but, a max of 500 lines each. (I guess it would be best to start with the first at the top of the sort so "0" not "a" right?) All the lines that start with a number, go into $save500."/num". None of the lines will start with anything but a-z0-9. This will allow me to search my files for a match more efficiently using this flatfile method. Narrowing it down to one folder.


Could be the wrong approach above since no responses. But I want a word like aardvark saved to the 1.txt the a/a folder (appending). Unless 1.txt has 500 lines then save it to a/a 2.txt. So xenia would be appended to the x/e folder 1.txt file unless there are 500 lines so create 2.txt and save it there. I will then be able to search for those words more efficiently without loading a ton into memory or looping through files /lines that won't contain a match.

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Use A Based Directory Printer That Lists All Of The Folders Found In A Windows Directory?

Is this possible without uploading any of the clients files to my server?

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Opendir() To List Folders Only / Xclude Files From The List As Well At The '.' And '..' Folders That Appear On A Linux Folder Listing?

I would like to use opendir() to list only the folders in a particular folder (i.e. /www/site/). I would like to exclude files from the list as well at the '.' and '..' folders that appear on a linux folder listing.

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Using Copy() To Copy An Image To A Different Directory?

I'm using copy() to copy an image to a different directory.

The problem is the image could be in 1 of 3 folders.

With out knowing which folder its in how can I do this?

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Gallery Only Copy Image Into Thumbs Folder When Chose Upload To Main Folders

the file file upload whenever i upload an image to main directory it saves one image into photos folder and copy another into thumbs folder but whenever i upload image to a different album (not main directory) it doesnt copy the other image to thumbs folder what i'm i doing wrong this is the line that i chose the folder...

function make_locations ($locs)
$html = '<select name="locations" class="input"><option value="0">-- Main Directory --</option>';
foreach ($locs AS $key => $value)
$html .= '<option value="' .$value['album_id']. '">' .addslashes($value['album_name']). '</option>';
$html .= '</select>';

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Find A File In Directory And Copy It To A Different Directory?

I merely have the file name, without extension (.txt, .eps, etc.) The directory has several subfolders. So, the file could be anywhere.

How can I seek the filename, without the extension, and copy it to different directory?

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