Convert A String To Unicode/UTF8

how to convert a ascii string to Unicode/UTF8 format?


Unicode - Convert Curl_exec Output To UTF8?

I would like to only work with UTF8. The problem is I don't know the charset of every webpage. How can I detect it and convert to UTF8?

$url = "";
$ch = curl_init($url);
$options = array(


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Unicode Support - Using MySQL 4.1.7 Collation Utf8 And Char Set Utf8-general_ci

Subject: We have some problem with utf-8 encoded characters in PHP.

Using MySQL 4.1.7 collation utf8 and char set utf8-general_ci, we are storing German, French, Spanish and turkey, Nederland’s etc.. Characters, those special characters are storing properly in MySQL.

But when extracting those characters using PHP into variable and want to replace special characters with relevant Umlaut’s, PHP unable to recognize the Special characters.

Please let me know reason, why PHP 4.3.11 does not support utf8 8-bit characters?? How do I achieve the replace functionality with utf8 characters in PHP.

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Convert A KOI8-R Encoded String Into Plain UTF8?

I need to convert a KOI8-R encoded string into plain UTF8

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Utf8 Converter : Extract The Data From The Latin1_swedish Field And Then Convert This To Utf8?

I have a database which is UTF8 charset but the collation of a field in a table is latin1_swedish. Now I need to extract the data from the latin1_swedish field and then convert this to utf8. I do not want to change the collation of the tables field just convert the text to utf8.Is this possible and how as at present I am having to go through my db and convert the invalid chars via str_replace which may take a while.

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Problems With Unicode Utf8

Currently me and a friend are coding up a new BitTorrent tracker. We
have a torrents table that has a column called 'info_hash' which
contains the info_hash as received by the announce.php script (this is
used to identify the torrent).

If we have the collation as latin1_general_ci, and I don't send any SET
NAMES OR SET CHARACTER SET queries after connecting, my announce script
can successfully retrieve the row from the torrents table. We however
want to use unicode throughout the project.

When I changed the charset of the table/db to utf8, the select
statement stopped working. It should be noted however that phpmyadmin
can successfully execute the same query when the table/db is set to

After calling mysql_connect I send SET NAMES 'utf8' and SET CHARACTER
SET 'utf8', but when I called mysql_client_encoding is returns latin1
however, which is what I think is the problem.

I am using PHP 5 and Mysql 5. Can anybody help me out?

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Converting These Types Of Unicode To UTF8?

I am trying to convert this in to readable UTF8 text in PHPTel Aviv-Yafo (Hebrew: u05eau05b5u05bcu05dcu05beu05d0u05b8u05d1u05b4u05d9u05d1-u05d9u05b8u05e4u05d5u05b9; Arabic: u062au0644 u0623u0628u064au0628u200e, Tall u02bcAbu012bb), usually called Tel

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Error - Utf8 "x94" Does Not Map To Unicode On Line 91

XHTML want's to play some games with me, I was doing fine, until up to now. Looking at the two code snippets below I don't see anything wrong with them, however when I try to validate I get "The error was: utf8 "x94" does not map to Unicode on line 91, I have commented line 91 to denote the problem area. And what's up with "Sorry this document could not be checked? Is there something I am not seeing, cause I have been using the same Doctype and validating
okay up until now?

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">


This approach gives you more control for validating and formatting the information submitted. How? Well the user will be given a preloaded Date of Brith box with the option to select the Month, Day and Year as opposed to having the user type in some weird or crazy stuff. The caveat though is the fact that the html code just becomes longer and cumbersome on the eyes or coder.

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Convert Variable Into Utf8

I'm having trouble with a few pages on xcart with the charsets. The problem we're having is that we need to have both utf-8 and iso type charsets as we're getting garbled code on some pages. What I can do is set the utf-8 on all pages and then encode the garbled code into utf-8. Is there a function that does this in PHP or any modules I can use?

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Convert Any Character Encoding To UTF8?

I'm working on a web crawler that grabs data from sites all over the world, and is dealing with distinct languages and encodings.

Currently I'm using the following function, and it works in 99% of the cases. But there is this 1% that is giving me headaches.

function convertEncoding($str) {
return iconv(mb_detect_encoding($str), "UTF-8", $str);

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Convert One Element Of Array To Utf8?

Using Zend _gdata. For some reason, recently the $when string is no longer utf-8. I need to convert it to utf-8. All the other fields are working fine.


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Convert To UTF8 An Array Using Serialize?

convert to UTF8 an array using serialize() but it is not working.
The array:
Code: [Select]
Array ( [0] => Array ( [zona] => _Todas [conta] => 26 ) [1] => Array ( [zona] => Braga [conta] => 1 ) [2] => Array ( [zona] => Coimbra [conta] => 1 ) [3] => Array
But then when I try to use the unserialize() function to convert to array again I get this error:QuoteA PHP Error was encountered
Filename: controllers/v1.php
Line Number: 23
I know this error is caused by the character with accent decoded to UTF8.My question, how to solve this problem?I need to have the correct the bad character in the array that comes from the database.There is other options than use serialize() and unserialize()?PS:The array is for building an JSON so I'am not passing nothing to define the charset.It is possible to send in the headers the charset?

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Convert From UTF8 Symbols Back To ISO-8859-1?

After getting data from a database as UTF8 my text looks like this (example):


This should be


How do I get my ISO-8859-1 symbols back? I've tried mb_convert_encoding($jsonstring, "iso-8859-1", "UTF8"); and utf8_decode($jsonstring); none of which worked.

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Serialization - Convert Serialized Strings To Utf8?

I'm trying to convert a greek database to utf8. At this point, I've figured out how to do it (via MySQL, not through the iconv() function) but I have a problem: The application stores lots of data in the database in php serialized format (via serialize()). As you may know, this format stores the string lengths in the serialized string. This means that since the lengths change after the conversion (because php5 doesn't support Unicode properly) those strings can't be unserialized anymore. So far, I'm considering using one of the following approaches to work around this:

Use PHP to convert those strings to utf8, and instead of converting the whole serialized string, unserialize it and convert every item in the array. Write a script to re-calculate the lengths of the serialized strings. Option #2 seems easier, but I'm thinking there has to be a quicker way to do this. Maybe even a freely available script for converting them, since I'm definitely not the first one to face this problem.

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Convert Latin1 To Utf8 - Phpmyadmin's Importing?

Converting latin1 to utf8 I have a problem at converting latin1 to utf8. Mysql version is 5.0.67 and my box is centos 5.5. At upgrading mysql 4.x to 5.0.67, I copied mysql data directory, and the web page readable with the under-mentioned my.cnf and web page's charset. And my.cnf is here:


At ultraedit, I can read this sql file as Korean letters sellecting cp949, but after saving file as utf8 the problem came at phpmyadmin's importing.

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Convert Included File From ANSI To UTF8?

The page functioned normally but I needed to convert my included file from ANSI to UTF8.After converting(notepad++)get a big space at the top of the screen.Using firebug I was able to figure out that when I include the UTF8 encoded version of the file, it echos break lines.that is the kind of behavior not expect.How to convert the file so that it does not echo itself for no reason?

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Convert To Unicode

I'm asking about method's to convert Text to Unicode Like This :


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Encoding - Convert Utf8-characters To Iso-88591 And Back?

Some of my script are using different encoding, and when I try to combine them, this has becom an issue.But I can't change the encoding they use, instead I want to change the encodig of the result from script A, and use it as parameter in script B. So: is there any simple way to change a string from UTF-8 to ISO-88591 in PHP? I have looked at utf_encode and _decode, but they doesn't do what i want. Why doesn't there exsist any "utf2iso()"-function, or similar?I don't think I have characters that can't be written in ISO-format, so that shouldn't be an huge issue.

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How To Convert Any Text To Unicode?

How can I convert any text to unicode please help me

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Convert Unicode Hex Value To Bytes?

I need to convert characters, like U+0123 (the Latin Small Letter G With Cedilla) to the appropriate UTF8 hex-encoded bytes like this 0xC4 0xA3 (or c4a3). I know there's a function (or combination of functions) I can use to accomplish this in PHP, but I can't seem to get it right.

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Convert UTF - 8 ( Hex ) Value To Unicode Character?

UTF-8 (hex) -> Unicode Character ?.

Unicode Character = “ &#65345;”
UTF-8 (hex) = “efbd81”
Unicode Character = “ &#40682; “
UTF-8 (hex) = “e9bbaa”

Notes: I have a mySql database containing 7000+ records. In a particular column they stored all the hex values represent its respective Unicode Character like above example. I need to search the database by passing hexvalue as my search string in order to get the above Unicode Character.

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How To Convert Entities Into Unicode

I am using a function which convert unicode to entities. So that i can save values into mysql database into entities. This function really helps me when i display the store entity data into web page n it shows special charactor easily. Here is the function code

function charset_decode_utf_8($string) {
/* Only do the slow convert if there are 8-bit characters */
/* avoid using 0xA0 (240) in ereg ranges. RH73 does not like that */
if (! ereg("[200-237]", $string) and ! ereg("[241-377]", $string))
return $string;
// decode three byte unicode characters


But when i explort data into csv file then it shows entities instead of converting the entities into unocde. So is there a way to convert these entities into unicode while exploring data into csv file.?

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Mysql: Latin1-> Utf8. Convert Characters To Their Multibyte Equivalents?

There was a table in latin1 and site in cp1252 I want to have table in utf8 and site in utf-8I've done:1) on web page: Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-82) Mysql: ALTER TABLE XXX CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8This SQL doesn't work as I want - it doesn't convert ä & ü characters in database to their multibyte equivalents

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Convert Characters To CSS Unicode Entities Using PHP

I would like to have some special characters in a "content"-property of a CSS2 pseudo-element. Special characters must be escaped as stated here:

Does anybody know how I can use PHP to convert special characters to their ISO-10646 entities?

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Convert Ascii 2 Unicode From Font Map

I'm trying to convert old text in ascii non-english font to new unicode font. So the keys hav to maped. I have to option. First thing is i have a map file like this


The code will have to replace all the left side character with the right side one. How do i loop through each character and replace them with taking information from the map file. I have been trying with find and replace techniques but with failure. How can I make php read this particular map file which txt file with .map extension and loop through each char and replace it without destroying the document? Here is complete map file I also found a python script to do this, i couldn't port it to php. Am very weak in python. I'm pasting the code here:


I think i have been wrong about the ascii part. Its a text written in non-english font. Which I want to convert to unicode font so its properly shown on

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Convert Between Unicode Normal Forms?

For example, in one Unicode normal form is always represented as an unaccented letter a and a combining accent mark, in another it must be a single pre-combined Unicode character. How would I convert between these forms in PHP?

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Convert Unicode Value To ASCII Value For Use In Query

i have a function that returns a value in Unicode format. When I try and make a MySQL select statement with the Unicoce value it does not work.

So I need to change this Unicode value into a ASCII value that I can use in my database query.

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Convert HTML Entities To Unicode UCS2? What To Do?

Does anyone know how to convert HTML Entities into UCS2-String (Value).

For example: I need to convert Su³owska 43 (value in mysql
database) to a unicode string with the specified polish character(s)
(Polish is just a example).

--- Currently i convert every usual ASCII-String by using the php
multibyte functions. This it how it looks like: ---

$string_ASCII = "test";
$string_UCS2 = mb_convert_encoding( $string_ASCII, 'UCS-2LE',

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Function To Convert Unicode To Special Characters?

Is there a php function to handle the encodings below?

.replaceAll("u00c3u0080", "&Agrave;")
.replaceAll("u00c3u0081", "&Aacute;")
.replaceAll("u00c3u0082", "&Acirc;")

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Convert Unicode Source Into Proper Characters?

I have a scraper that is collecting some data from elsewhere that I have no control over. The source data does all sorts of interesting Unicode characters but it converts them to a pretty unhelpful format, so u00e4 for a small 'a' with umlaut (sans the double quotes that I think are supposed to be there)*. of course this gets rendered in my HTML as plain text. Is there any realistic way to convert the unicode source into proper characters that doesn't involve me manually crunching out every single string sequence and replacing them during the scrape? *here is a sample of the json that it spits out:

({"content":{"pagelet_tab_content":"<div class="post_user">Latest post by <span>Du00e4vid</span></div>

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HTML - Convert Arabic Characters To Unicode?

I want to to know how can I convert a word into unicode exactly like: [URL] how to do that using PHP considering that Arabic text may contains ligatures?

Edit: I'm not sure what is that "unicode" but I need to have the Arabic Character in it's equivalent machine number considering that arabic characters have different contextual forms depending on their position - see here:


the same character in different position:


I think it must be a way to convert each Arabic character into it's equivalent number, but how?

Edit: I still believe there's a way to convert each character to it's form depending on positions

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