Click Counter :: How Many Times Link Clicked

Anyone know about a script/code that count how many times a link have been clicked..
I have tried, and so on.. Only found scripts that costs money or uses a MySQL database.

I need one with no needs for MySQL. It should look like something like this: [ Download ] Been downloaded (NUMBER) times.Anyone know about a simple script to do that?


Update A Counter When A Link Is Clicked

I have seen some tutorials to put a update a counter field in a record. I
have the counter field in a table that also has a field for a path to file.

I display the records in a table on a web page e.g.

IndexNo ............Title................................ Link
.................................... Count

User can click on the Link field in the table to download the file.

The problem is I can't find a way that will run an update query along the
lines of

$Query = mysql_query("UPDATE Resources SET Count = Count + 1 WHERE IndexNo
= '$IndexNo');

when the user clicks the link

Can anyone suggest a way or direct me to a tutorial

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Click Counter - How Many People Click That Link?

I have a link on my website and would be very interested to find out how many people click that link. Does anyone know any free click counter scripts? I dont mind if these use a database or not - maybe a simple incremental counter script would be fine. One thing is that I would much prefer it if the number of clicks is not shown on the actual webpage with the link on (not very proffestional). Perhaps on another webpage of my designation.

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Track How Many Times A Link Has Been Clicked?

i need a script to track how many times a link has been clicked,

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Increment Counter When Click On Link

Just to give more information, I have a search panel when certain criteria is given it fetch record from database and it display record .

<div id="menubar">
<li class="current_page_item">
<a href="count.php" name="abc<?php $i; ?>">Home</a>
<?php $_SESSION['Home']=$row['ID']; echo $_SESSION['Home'];?>

so now what i want is either type-1 : so now if one click on 1st record home link it will take page a.php and when click on record 2nd it should take to b.php . and record are generated dynamically how we will change the page name ie is ( a.php and b.php ) OR any other solution . what i want to do is for each page that is a.php or b.php i want to store how many time the page have been visited and store that counter in database

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Click Counter - Keeping Link Intact

I’ve searched the net and found various click counters (counts how many times a link has been clicked). I want to use it so that people can see how many times a tutorial has been viewed.

But there is one problem: until now, all use a modified link to count the clicks. So instead of the good old: ../tutorials/key_movement.html you get etc. some even want you to completely change the link.

Does anyone know a way to get those clicks counted without changing the links? I don’t mind to use database for this. If there isn’t a way of doing this without changing the links just tell me so. If so, what do you suggest?

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Counter On An URL When It Is Clicked?

I want to hold the IP Address of user/browser of my site, and in one of my page, one link is there, if user click on this link, the count variable increments to one by each click... If the click is made already from the same IP address, it wont increase again and again, if user clicks more than once. The IP address from which the click has originated, and don't increment the count from the same IP within 2 minutes.

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How Many Times Hyperlinks Clicked By Which Member

I have a php website which is only accessible to members. Once member logs in, there are two hyperlinks on a particular web page. I would to track how many times the hyperlinks are clicked by which member. Could someone advise me how to achieve this? I did some research online, they are all about counting hyperlink clicks on the whole website, no matter who made the clicks. What I really want is to track the number by different members.

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Click Counter

I have been looking everywhere to make a click counter for my site, that uses PHP & MySQL. If you look here you'll see what i'm trying to do. Its all TXT file ran but I want it to use MySQL.

Where it looks for data in the MySQL database per link.

EG - [ Image with URL - Data Added - Hits - Description ]

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Basic Click Counter

I have a web page that has several links that I want to count clicks to. I need to dosplay each click next to the link. I do not need to report this anywhere except on the page itself. No reporting or databases or anything, just a count next to the link that will update with each new click on that particular link.

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Make A Click Counter?

Am trying to make a click counter in php and mysql, but all i can do, i make hit counter it only counts every hit on the web where links are shown. Here's what i've done so far: if you choose to help me here are the fields in the database: Name,Link,id,hits,number

mysql_select_db("DATABASE", $con);
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM links ORDER BY hits DESC LIMIT 15");
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
echo "<a href=$row[Link]>$row[Name]</a>";
echo "<br/>";

Before i reached here everything went well, but here i totally blocked

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Make A Secondary Link After A First Link Was Clicked?

i want to make two links.

1. click here to generate CSV file.

2. click here to download the CSV file.

the problem is that i want the second file to appear only if the first link was clicked.

EDIT: i forgot to mention that my table is built up in a while statement.

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Kohana - Hit Counter Counting Multiple Times In One Request?

I am trying to create a simple Hit Counter using Kohana3 and PHP. But when I load a page with it, it counts as 1-3 times (normally, the first hit 3, then 2, then 1). The code I'm using:

$game = ORM::factory('game')



I've found some requests like this:

Agent: facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+
Agent: facebookexternalhit/1.1 (+
Agent: MetaURI API

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Html - Button Click Counter?

I'm trying to build a tiny skeleton framework for a friend, where each time a button is pressed a certain animation is played. He wants a way to count the number of times the button is clicked, as well, but I can't seem to get that part working. What am I doing wrong?

if( isset($_POST['mushu']) )
echo "Working.";
function playAnimation()


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Make Click Counter With IP Checking?

how to make click counter with IP checking ?

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Click Counter To Count Clicks

i want to make a link counter, i mean, when somebody click on a link in my web, this click is archives. Code:

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Click A Link Or Click Submit Without Refreshing?

i have header, main_content, footer, right, and left content my right content has a random link i don't want my right content to be refresh when I click a random link and the main_content would be the output

is it possible that a web page without refreshing the page when you click a link or click submit button and still you can see the url on your browser what you have clicked? how do to that?

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JQuery Click Counter For Flash Links?

I'm trying to create a way of when a link is clicked in my flash movie (that is embedded in html) its counted and added to a "database" so I can keep track of the hits. Bearing in mind i've got 23 different links so I need a separate count for all 23.

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Code For A Hit Counter For Website...that Will Count Every User's Click?

give me code for a php hit counter for my website...that will count every user's click...

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Control The Click Times On Image?

PHP Code:



From the above code, i can unlimited click on the image and get the coordinates. But i want know how to set the limit for the user click. Let said i want user only able to click 5 times only and for each click on the images, i still can get the coordinates.How to do that control click not more than five times?

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Click On The Button For Limited Times?

Consider we have a button where you should clickIs there anyone can help me and give the best idea how to make it limitedi means after 20 clicking on that button per person ( IP ) , it goes de-active / or / image / or / text for example says ( no more clicking ) Yes it could be very complex idea cause it may needs to recall a command at cronjob ( if i'm not wrong )i want a button that valid to be clicked 20 times per day , per person ( IP ) after the clicking 20 times , it gives msg says for example " come back 2morrow "It is 20 times per person per day just like some downloading websites, when you downloads many files after for example 20 downloads it gives you msg " no more download for you today "so it is yes as you've said 20 times per person per day i've tried to find any script has such function so i can isolate the code but i didn't find any ,

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Dont Let Them Click Submit Too Many Times In 30 Secs?

Im playing around here and practicing.How would I go about limiting the submission from an IP?So that they can only submit something every 30 seconds?Is this some type of session expiration?Im doing it in AJAX thats why I want it.If you could just tell me what it is I need, then i can go read about it

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Click Multiple Times A Submit Button?

I encountered a problem that I can't solve. My point is to "click" my sybmit button and every time increase a counter, while this counter reach 10. For the first time it works, but this is it!My test code is below :

<form name="testForm" method="post">
<?php $cnt=0; ?>
<input type="submit" name="next" id="next" value="NEXT"/>


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Logging A Clicked Link

Currently, I use a 3rd party shopping cart that is disconnected from my website. In other words, when a person clicks on the "Buy Now" button, it leaves my website and goes to the 3rd party shopping cart site to complete the checkout process. I want to log the instances when a user clicks on a "Buy Now" button. How can I do this?

My first inclination would be to use a javascript solution such as:

<a onClick="return linkClicked()" href=""> BUY NOW!</a>

linkClicked would open a file on my server and add an entry. I've found that this won't work since javascript won't let me write to files.

Is there a way to do this in PHP? Is there a way to log the clicked link and then immediatly forward the user to the shopping cart?

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Clicked Link Text

I have created a table on the fly from mysql

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) {

echo "<tr>";
echo "<td class='body'><a href='#'>".$row['au_id']."</a></td>";
echo "<td class='body'>".$row['au_fname']."</td>";
echo"<td class='body'>".$row['au_lname']."</td>";
echo "</tr>";

is there anyway of getting the current clicked au_id? i would like the
user to click the id to display more information but I'm unsure how to
get the currently clicked id...

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Testing If A Link Has Been Clicked...

I have this bios link on a dynamic php menu...there are two bios under bios...what i want is to test and see if the bios button has been clicked...if so, i want two sub-menu links to appear below the bios link...I understand I'll need to do an if...else here but how do I test to see if that bios link has been clicked?

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Check If A Link Has Been Clicked Already?

I'm working on a PHP Jeopardy game, I need a way to find out how to check if a link to a question has been clicked and hide it once it has.

I also need a way to refresh the gameboard to show all question links again.

Does anybody know how i can do this?


The setup of my game is quite simple. Users do not have to register.You are presented with a jeopardy board from which the questions are taken from a mysql database the questions and answers are stored using get (i didn't want to have to make multiple sql requests). When you click on the question category (e.g. Category 1, $100) it will bring you to the page that will display the question on this page is a link back to the board and a link to the answer. On the answer page there is only the answer and a link back to the board page. (makes sense to me let me know if it doesn't)

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Passing The Name Of The Link When Clicked

I have the following code

<a href="process.html">cholera</a>

I want to pass cholera to process.html onClick. Is there any way to do that in HTML?

If no, PHP scripts are also most welcome.

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Get Info When Link Is Clicked?

I am attempting to write a script that will add 100 points to a user's account once they click on a link. I'm using some javascript that has the link, and some php that will $_GET the URL information that was passed in, then update the user's points.

Here's the code I've got, but I've yet to get it to work successfully.

PHP Code:

$userid = $_SESSION['userid'];
$viewedquery = mysql_query("SELECT `todaysurfed`, `exp`, `level` FROM `userstats` WHERE id='$userid'");
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($viewedquery);


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Update $hits After A Link Has Been Clicked

All I wanna do is increment a variable $hits after a user has clicked on a HTML-link.

Should I use the JavaScript "onClick" for that and put a value in $hits?

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Determining First Time Link Is Clicked

I am currently working on a site using php and mySql with a restricted user area. The admin of the site has the ability to update messages and upload pdf files for their users. When user A logs in the messages specific to user A are retrieved from the database. Also I use a script to check the user specific folder for files and these are then shown as links allowing them to view the pdf files.

Now I am looking for a way to determine when a link to a pdf file is followed the first time only, so an email can be send.

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