Change Timezone From Pacific Time To Eastern Time

Apr 30, 2007

My host recently moved their servers to Los Angeles, so now all the new posts to the database are in Pacific time.. How can I convert a DATETIME field from the database to display in Eastern Time? Code:

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How To Set Now() To Return Eastern Time Instead Of Pacific Time?

I was wondering if you guys know how to set now() to eastern time to pacific time. My server is currently set to Pacific time, and I need to retrieve eastern time.

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Get Current Time Of US / Eastern Timezone?

I want to get current time of US/Eastern timezone. How would i achieve that.

I have tried following code but it is displaying my system's time.

$currenttime = date('h:i:s:u');
list($hrs,$mins,$secs,$msecs) = split(':',$currenttime);
//print "&time2=".$secs."&time1=".$mins."&time0=".$hrs;

i am using this script with flash so commented out 'print' line.

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Timezone - Date_default_timezone_set() Eastern Standard Time (EST)?

Is there an official, un-deprecated timezone that PHP5 recognizes for Eastern STANDARD time--not Eastern DAYLIGHT time?Short story long :-PWow, I can't believe that PHP makes such a cluster-floogen out of setting the time.I would like to use PHP5's date_default_timezone_set() to set the timezone for my script. I want to use standard time. I do not want my script to observe daylight savings time. I do not want to have to use gmtime() and subtract 60*60*5 seconds each time my program writes a time. I don't want to save that value to a variable either. Setting the default timezone is more elegant and makes the script more portable to other servers and locales.Unfortunately PHP requires I use one of their stupid "official timezones" when setting the default time zone. There is an "America/New_York" but I have no idea if it or any of the official PHP timezones observe Daylight savings time. Through experimentation, I discovered that "America/New_York" does observe DST. "America/Panama" is EST and thus does not observe DST... but what if Panama should ever change their mind about DST in the future? (They observed DST in 1908)Because Panama could always change their mind; I just want to use the GMT or UTC offset. there but is very USA-centric so I understand why it is deprecated. "Ect/GMT-5" is there too and I have absolutely no idea why that is deprecated. If you ask me, all the place name timezones should be deprecated and the GMT timezones un-deprecated... but get this... "Ect/GMT-5" is actually wrong! I had to use "Ect/GMT+5" to get USA's Eastern Standard Time. I'm pretty sure I'm not 5 hours ahead of England here on the East Coast.

Answered?No one really answered the question. So I guess I'll answer it myself. "No, there is no, un-deprecated timezone that PHP5 recognizes for Eastern STANDARD time" A lot of folks told me I that should store dates as UTC time and translate them to local time when I pull them out of storage--something I already know. The problem is, I was hired to only fix this little part of the script and I doubt the guy is going to let me re-write his whole code which he's been using since the dawn of PHP supposedly.I will reluctantly give credit to the dude who shows you how to correctly store and retrieve times so future folks searching for this learn how to do this the right way.

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Set Time To Pacific Daylight Saving Time?

In a PHP site, I have the current time setting: D j M Y, G:ia How do I change that to reflect current pacific time with the daylight saving time?

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Show Time / Date To Reflect Eastern Standard Time

my web host is located on the west coast i live on the east coast so if my page shows the date:

$day = date(d);
$mth = date(m);
$yr = date(y);
echo $day . "-" . $mth . "-" . $yr;

i shows the date as of west coast time. so the time now is 1:40am april 6, 2007 my page will still show april 5, since west coast is 3 hours back. (10:40pm apr 5) how do i compensate for this time zone difference? i want my time / date to always reflect eastern standard time.

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Altering Time Per Timezone And Displaying Time One Hour From Current Time?

I am printing out a date as such

echo date('l jS of F Y h:i:s A');

The server is on west coast and I am on east coast. It displays west coast time and I want to adjust -3 hours for east coast time. I have seen it done before but cannot find reference to how it is done right off hand. The server has PHP 4 installed if that makes a difference. I also want to display the time one hour ahead such as echo "one hour from now will be (php)";

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Convert Eastern To Central Time Zone?

I have a time that is being in Eastern Time Zone, but I want to adjust it to CENTRAL TIME ZONE. Both time zones are in USA. I never do it before? I don't know how to convert it.

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Change From Local Time To GMT For Unix Format Time?

Using PHP/mysql I implemented a form for saving in the db a time in unix format using the function mktime. The view form displays the time in a readable format using date function. Only now I discovered that I was using local time and not GMT (UTC) time as requested. The changes are quite easy in the sw changing mktime for gmmktime and date for gmdate. But the question is if there is a way to convert the time already in the DB (in unix format) from local time to gmt time.

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Timezone - Get The Gmt Time?

I have a server which is set to EST and all records in the db are set to EST. i would like to know how to set it to gmt? I want to put a time zone option to my users.

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Get Time For Different Timezone

I am trying to make a script to echo the time in a different timezone... actually in a different part of the world. How would I incorporate GMT+10 in a mktime or date function. I have looked at the manual, and cannot see exactly how it would work.

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At The End Of A Script Time Change Every Time?

When running a micro time and catching it at the start of the a script then at the end of a script why does the time change every time you run the script?Does it have to do with other items running? How it was processed?

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Time Difference Change Over Time

Is there a way to print the time different depending on how long the time has been. So like if the user has not been logged in for 24 hours or more... it will say 1 day rather than 24 hours. And if its less than 1 hour it will say it in minutes... and if its greater than 1 hour but less than 1 day it will say minutes and hours?

This is my query which i have done so far but don't know how to do the above checking!

//get register date and now date
$GetLoginDate = mysql_query("SELECT DATEDIFF(NOW(), LoginDate) AS LastLogin FROM userregistration
WHERE UserID='{$_SESSION['Current_User']}'")
or die(mysql_error());
$lastlogin = mysql_fetch_assoc($GetLoginDate);

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Get Server Time - Timezone

my server time is (simple date in bash Sun Aug 29 10:37:12 EDT 2010 when I run the code php -r "echo date('Y-m-d H:i:s');" I get: 2010-08-29 10:37:10 but when I execute a php script that has echo date('Y-m-d H:i:s'); I get a different time- since php thinks the timezone is UTC (server time is EDT). My php.ini file has no timezone set, and I wouldnt like to change anything- as I have no idea what affect it would have on other sites that run on this server. Is there a simple way to get the server time- at the timezone that is set for the server?

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Time Elapsed - Set / Get Timezone

When I store a DateTime and then retrieve it and do some elapsed function to know how much time ago I stored that DateTime, I get an offset of about 7200 second, wich is 2 hours off. Im in france, so I guess its somthing like GMT +2 (+1 hour +1 summer hour). How can I fix this? there is somthing to do with set/get timezone but im not sure how exactly to do it. I use php5.3; mysql 5.05

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Show Time In Different Timezone

My webserver is hosted in England and I'm in the US. So all the time is showing up a couple hours ahead of my timezone. I can't edit the php.ini file or none of that so I was wondering how would I go about changing the php scripts on my pages to display the time and date as EST.

At 11 PM my time Saturday may 19 it said it was "Sunday May 20, 4:00 am" So I can't just do something that changes that hour, I need it to display the correct date aswell.

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Central Standard Time In The U.S. (CST Timezone -6).

the server that hosts my PHP pages has its clock set to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT timezone 0). I need for my PHP scripts to have access to my local time which is Central Standard Time in the U.S. (CST timezone -6). Note: daylight savings time _is_ observed in my state.

I have looked all over a PHP algorithm that would convert GMT to CST but
have so far not been successful. Does anyone have such an algorithm lying around that they could post?

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Mysql Date & Time With Timezone

My clients are access my application from deferent timezone. I've stored my clients Timezone in a Table.

When one access my page I have to store his access Date & Time in my database.
When he or I will see his access information my application has to show date & time as his/my local timezone.

I'm very much confused about the date & time in PHP+mysql.
Now how can I store the GMT Date & time ?

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Setting Time According To Timezone From Database

I want to make a system which displays time dependant on the timezone in a particular country. E.g. a table in my database contains country names in one field, and in the column next to it, it will contain GMT-compared timezones like -0100 or -0200. What I need to do on the webpage then is set current GMT time ($time), and then pull the information from the database and alter $time to be GMT -1 or GMT -2.

So far I have this code:..............

which seems to do the job, and I could enter into the database 'Antarctica/South_Pole' rather than the GMT-/+ time. Would this do the job OK in the long run? Also, using this method, would Daylight saving times be worked out OK?

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Timezone - Get Time For Current Region?

After ~2-3 hours of searching couldn't find the clear answer: I have a timezone of the user(he chooses it from a list) I have a time in UTC(not current time) So I need something like GetTimeForRegion(time, timezone) for PHP. Is there such functions or libraries or services?

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Timezone - How To Display Local Time

Our server is set to GMT time so the hour does not keep jumping around in spring and autumn. However, during summer time, it is annoying that all the times are displayed an hour out.

How do I get and display the time, taking into account the local timezone in PHP (especially when the server thinks the local timezone is GMT).

or, How do I know if an area is using "summer time" at the moment?

or, How do I display a GMT time stamp or a different timezone?

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Showing Time For User Timezone?

Hi, I've been trying to get my head around timezones and how to allow users to set their zone and update the times accordingly. Basically, I have a unix timestamp in the database and i want to be able to update it to a users timezone which is also set in the database and display it as a readable date and time.

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Check If A Time In A Timezone Is Elapsed?

Here's the time entered by a user

CDT 2011-02-01 16:30:00

How do i know that if that time was passed already in php?

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Compare Date+time And Timezone?

I'm working on a new feature for my free poll website. Members can enter the expiration date+time+timezone for their poll. First thing that I do is check if the given date+time is in the past. I use the following code to do this:

if (mktime($_POST['hour'],$_POST['min'],0,$_POST['month'],$_POST['day'],$_POST['year']) - (60 * 60 * $_POST['timezone'] / 100) < mktime(date("H"),date("i"),0,date("m"),date("d"),date("Y")) - (60 * 60 * $system_timezone / 100)) {....error....}But the code doesn't seem to work.$_POST['hour'],$_POST['min'],$_POST['month'],$_POST['day'],$_POST['year'],$_POST['timezone'] are input from the user.

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Server Returns Time From Different Timezone?

I have read many forum posts on the use of date(), time(), and $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME']. Here is my issue. My server is set for Mountain Standard Time (MST). I can see this in the server confiq. in php.ini the timezone is set to AMERICA/Phoenix. However when I run a script with just date() the time returned is clearly Eastern time. My script is stripped down to only return that function. I keep testing different inputs, I have tried to only call the $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'] and I keep getting Eastern (my timezone). What am I missing?

What I am trying to do: I have a script that should only display a dialogue box/input box at a certain time based on the server time, and the end of an offer time stored on my db. So I call the server time to compare to the end time on the db. The script works fine but actual time returned by date() messes it up by a couple hours.

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Display Time According To Local Timezone?

As mentioned in subject, how reliable the following function is if I want to display time according to local timezone?

putenv ('TZ=MYTIMEZONE');

Where MYTIMEZONE is from


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