CakePHP Set:: Combine() - Transform Numeric Array Into Associative Array?

Mar 11, 2011

I have been attempting to structure an array using the set::combine method, and I cannot get it working (what am I doing wrong!). And I will note I need to turn this into an associative array like:


I've tried every example and have been over the manual section on combine all evening. Can't get this working

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Get Numeric Index Of Associative Array?

I got an associative array and I need to find the numeric position of a key. I could loop through to find it but but is there a better way build into php?

$a = array(
'blue' => 'nice',
'car' => 'fast',
'number' => 'none'
// echo (find numeric index of $a['car']); // output: 1

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Numeric Positions Of Associative Array?

I have an array such as:


$foo = array(
'id' => 5,
'name' => 'John Smith',


Is there a simple way of getting the first two values (without knowing the keys)? Like:



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Get Associative Array Key From Numeric Index?

If I have:

$array = array( 'one' =>'value', 'two' => 'value2' );

how do I get the string one back from $array[1] ?

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Convert Multidimensional Associative Array To Numeric Index?

I have some ugly multidimensional associative arrays that I'd really rather deal with as numeric indexes.. indexii ? anyway, I've tried array_values, but it's not recursive. Also, I'm not interested in flattening the array at all.

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Multidimensional Mixed Associative/numeric Array Shifting?

i have an issue i need to fix sooner than later. if i had the time to rewrite the entire script i would, but such is the life of a programmer, right? anywho, i've taken over a project and i have a multidimensional mixed associative/numeric array like so:

[item1] => Array
[dataset] => Array()


a few things that may help make this happen is that i know that the dataset index will always be the first index in the itemX index and the key will always be 'dataset' and the others will all always be numeric indexes. is there anyway to do this in php? the fact that it's a mixed array is throwing me. i can't have the numeric indexes getting reset and starting at 0. it doesn't matter if they're order is shifted, only that they all come before the 'dataset' index.

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Change An Associative Array Into Indexed Array / Get Zend_Table_Row_Abstract As Non Associative

I was wondering if there was either a function or an easy way to change an associative array into an indexed array. To elaborate, I'm using the Zend framework, and I've got a point in my site where I take out a row of an SQL table as an associative array. I've passed it to javascript via an echoed in JSON. However, I've noticed that I can see the names of my database's columns in Firebug. Having outsiders know the names of your tables and columns is a big security no-no, so I'd like to change it from

SQLarray[b_price] etc.
SQLarray[2] etc.

Is there a good way to do this? It would also work to be able to have a Zend_Table_Abstract->fetchAll() return a non-associative array, but I don't think that's possible.

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Javascript - Converting A Associative Array To A JSON Associative Array

I am converting a look-up table in PHP which looks like this to JavaScript using json_encode:

AbilitiesLookup Object
[abilities:private] => Array
[1] => Ability_MeleeAttack Object
[abilityid:protected] =>
[range:protected] => 1
[name:protected] => MeleeAttack
[ability_identifier:protected] => MeleeAttack

And in JSON, it is:


The problem is I get a JS object, not an array, and the identifier is a number. I see 2 ways around this problem - either find a way to access the JSON using a number (which I do not know how) or make it such that json_encode (or some other custom encoding functions) can give a JavaScript associative array. (Yes, I am rather lacking in my JavaScript department).

Note: The JSON output doesn't match the array - this is because I do a manual json encoding for each element in the subscript, before pushing it onto an array (with the index as the key), then using json_encode on it. To be clear, the number are not sequential because it's an associative array (which is why the JSON output is not an array).

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Build Associative Array Based On Values Of Another Associative Array

I'm looking for an elegant way to turn this array:


Into this array:


Note:, there is no relationship between the keys or values. They are completely arbitrary and used as examples only. The resulting array should be an associative array grouped by the values of the input array.

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Transform Array Uplevel Array Elements?

Transform array uplevel array elements? Have an $x as array:

$x1 = array(
0=>array("up1", -10, 1, 1, 2.5),
19=>array("up2",-4, 1.2, 2, 0.5)

I want to transform $x1 Became x2 like this:

$x2 = Array(
"up1"=>array(-10, 1, 1, 2.5),
"up2"=>array(-4, 1.2, 2, 0.5)

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Mysql Associative Array / Load Into An Associative Array?

I have this table:

Username, Fan, Count
1danny22, katana1973, 2
bob, rita, 2
mattyhacky, hayley, 2
mattyhacky, dickie1eye, 1
mattyhacky, xxjodiexx, 1

And I want to load it into an associative array which would looks like this:

Array (
[1danny22] => Array (
[katana1973] => 2,
[bob] => Array (
[rita] => 2,
[mattyhacky] => Array (
[hayley] => 2,
[dickie1eye] => 1,
[xxjodiexx] = > 1,
$strSQL = "SELECT username, fan, count( * ) AS intCount
FROM fan
GROUP BY username, fan
ORDER BY username, intCount DESC";
$strResult = mysql_query($strSQL);
code should go in here!!!

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Transform Array Into Multidimensional Array?

So I'm working on a website with Doctrine as ORM and I get the following array back as a result:

Array (
[0] => Array (
[c_cat_id] => 1
[c_title] => Programas e projetos
[p_menu] => PBA BR 163


always eager to learn new ways of doing things and that's why I love StackOverflow ;)

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Algorithm -sort An Array Of Array And Every Element In Start And End Are Numeric Only?

I have the folloring array structure:

$list = array();
$element1 = array('start' => '10', 'end' => '15');
$element2 = array('start' => '1', 'end' => '5');
$list[] = $element1;
$list[] = $element2;

Every element in start and end are numeric only.I would like to sort $list by start values.How can I do that effectivly?

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Insert Associative Array Into Associative Array With Name For Each New Array

is there any library that can inspect and display what are the arguments that a method takes?{"0":


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Equivalent Of Delphi - Convert The Object To An Array And Then Refer To The Associative Elements In The Array?

Is there a PHP way to do the equivalent of the following Delphi snippet

with someObject do
x:=objPropA;//some stuff with objPropA

Apart from reducing the verbosity of code it also reduces the possibility of typo errors. The best I have managed is to convert the object to an array and then refer to the associative elements in the array. This works for me because I ensure that I am only handling simple PHP objects - i.e. ones which do not have objects as properties in turn. However, given just how neat PHP is I am sure that there is a better way.

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Set The Value Of A Multidimensional Associative Array Element Using A Path Defined In A Separate Array

Ok so I have an array that holds the following elements:


Then in a separate array, I have defined the path to these values:

$structure[0] = array('a','b','#','c');
$structure[1] = array('a','d','#','c','c');
$structure[2] = array('b','c');


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Transform An Array

Anyone got any ideas how to solve this problem posted in .NET forum.

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Convert Associative Array To A String Or Single Indexed Array - Invalid Argument Supplied For Foreach()

I need to convert this array into a single dimensional indexed array or a string. Happy to discard the first key (0, 1) and just keep the values.

$security_check_whitelist = array
0 =>
'whitelisted_words' => string 'Happy' (length=8)


But it returns:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

How can I convert the associative array without receiving the warning message?

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Copy Elements From An Associative Array And Place Them At The Beginning Of The Array?

I have an array of countries that I will be using in a select menu:

[0] => " -- Select -- "
[1] => "Afghanistan"
[3] => "Albania"
[4] => "Algeria"


I want to copy create copies of the Canada and USA entries and place them at the front of my array. So the array should end up looking like this:

[0] => " -- Select -- "
[47] => "USA"
[39] => "Canada"
[1] => "Afghanistan"


The array keys correspond to their ID in the database, so I can't change the keys.

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Long Name For An Associative Array / Array If To Take Into Account Performance Of The Application?

I have a function which must return one dimensional associate array, like $user_info[$index]=value where $index is a string which consist of


for example, my associative array could look like $user_info['user-123456789~~Bill Gates~~bill_gates.png']=$value. I need user_id, full_name and photo for another needs, in order to know whose value is this and what is his full name, etc.So, the questions that has risen are following:

Is it OK to have such an array if to take into account performance of the application?If it is bad (I think that it is bad idea) so how can I solve my problem in this case.

Additional info. This function retrieves user information into this associative array and returns this array. Further, my application stores it in a session in order to address it and retrieve information right from the session variable, not execute once again a query. And finally the reason I need one dimensional array is that I use a function array_diff where one of the arrays are $user_info array.Note, Take into account that one user could have 1 or many values.

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Update Values In An Associative Array And Store The Entire Array?

Here's a code example:

$array = array();
$array['master']['slave'] = "foo";
foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
foreach ($value as $key2 => $value2) {


Output does not reflect 'foobar' in l5

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Count Total Items In A Multidimensional Array / Associative Array?

How can I count the total items in this array below?

[upload] => Array
[name] => Array


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Sorting Associative - Array In The Exact Order Of The Content Of Another Array

I need to sort an associative-array in the exact order of the content of another array. The Arrays are retrieve by 2 separate sql-requests (stated below). The requests could not be combined to only one request, so I have to sort the second array into the order of the first one. These are the arrays:

#Array which contains the id's in needed order
$sorting_array = array(1,2,3,8,5,6,7,9,11,10...);
#Array which contains the values for the id's, but in order of "id" ASC
$array_to_sort = array(
array("id" => "1", "name" => "text1", "help" => "helptxt2");
array("id" => "2", "name" => "text2", "help" => "helptxt2");

The SQL-Queries: SQL-Ouery for $sorting_array: (the db-field 'conf' is setup as "text", maybe this is my problem so that I have to first explode and implode the entries before I could use it for the next query.)


I could access $array_to_sort as follows to see the content one by one:
(if the lines below don't match the array above, than I mixed it up. However, the lines below is what brings the content)


But it is sorted by "id" ASC, but I need exactly the sorting as in $sorting_array. I tried some things with:


which only brings the Id's in the correct order, but not the content. Now I'm a bit confused, as I tried so many things, but all ended up in giving me the same results. Maybe the sql-query could be done in one step, but I didn't brought it to work. All results to my searches just showed how to sort ASC or DESC, but not what I want. Furthermore I must confess that I'm relative new to PHP and MySQL.

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Array Push - Associative Arrays And Keep Associative Keys?

I have several associative arrays, each starting with a string key. I also have a master array that i want to use to combine each of these sub arrays. When using array_push though, each array is then given an additional numeric key in the master array. How can i avoid this and push the sub arrays into the master array keeping the keys intact?

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Combine An Array Of Keys With Corresponding Values From Another Array?

I have 2 arrays

Array ( [1] => Manufacturer [2] => Location [3] => Hours [4] => Model )
Array ( [Manufacturer] => John Deere [Location] => NSW [Hours] => 6320 )

I need to combine them and associate the values from the first array( Manufacturer, Location, hours , Model) as names in the 2nd array and if a specific values from the first array doesn't find associative name in the 2nd array to associate empty . For the example the result that I need from the above arrays is an array like this

Array ( [Manufacturer] => John Deere [Location] => NSW [Hours] => 6320 [Model] => )

If i use simple array_combine it says that PHP Warning: array_combine() [function.array-combine]: Both parameters should have equal number of elements

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Combine Multiple Array - Return Value In One Array

i want to do this type in my form i have check box array and the function i want to call as the size of check box array, now all is ok simple one time calling. but i want to call the function as above, and store the function return value in one array as function return array so i want to do like this

for user id 1->callfunction return array
user id 2->callfunction return array

i have try to used the array_push but i does not get any result

here is my code
$track = array();
if (!empty($start) and !empty($end))

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