Auto Calculate Form Fields Value Using JQuery Calculation Plugin

I am building a form that will automatically calculate the values entered by a user ideally using jQuery/javascript, i am not sure how to do this but have a general idea of the logic required (i am no expert so feel free to correct me) - I have created a dummy image to help explain what I am trying to do.


I have a single form, which has many input fields automatically calculate the total amount for each table provided it has been selected. Using jQuery - I would expect the logic to be something like -

i) Find the input field element ii) Find all the text fields within the table that have a value iii) Add these together and display in the 'total' form field

While i'm ok on the PHP, javascript is something I still get confused with at times -


Use JQuery To Add Form Fields And Sessions To Remember The Fields Were Added

I am creating a multi-paged form and now i am consulting the Stack guru's for some assistance; On this page the user can add more input fields [type=text] onto the page. So basically there is a singular input for "CHILD NAME" then a Add button to allow the user to add more children if they have more than one.

My form allows you to go backwards and forwards, the form remembers what was input, how would i get jQuery and php to remember that the form fields were added so they are not hidden when the user re-vists the page?

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Validation With Jquery Form Plugin?

This is the first time I have attempted to make a form using jquery and php. I used the folks over at Mid Mo Design as an example but even with that tutorial am still having trouble getting it to do what I want. This is the code I have been using. As well as jquery 1.4.1 and jQuery Form Plugin 2.43.


#scrollContact {
border-top: double 1px #0D0D0D;
padding: 100px 50px 50px 50px;[code]...

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Auto Populating Form Fields

I know this isn't a PHP thing. But, I've been unsuccessfully looking for how to populate form fields with data found in other fields.

For example, I would like to populate shipping information with the billing information - if they are the same. This would save the time from entering the same address twice.

Does anyone know of a javascript site that is decent at these options?

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Auto Create Form Fields

is there a way in php to look up a mysql table and use the column headings as form field variables … meaning with this php program the entire table columns are displayed as form fields in the browser ?

No need then to build the form by hand … in this consequence there could be a input type column and a width column which could be used to also automatically create the right types of fields for that particular mysql table …

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JQuery Dynamic Form Creation Plugin/System?

I am looking for a good system to make dynamic forms. Basically create them on the fly.
Add new fields etc.

I thought about JQuery but if anyone knows a better system then I'm opened to suggestions.

I will need to create form fields on the fly and then be able to save user input to database too.

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Echo Json_encode With 2 Variables With Jquery Form Plugin?

Code inside php file:$variable1 = array( 'variable1' => "$variable1" );
$variable2 = array( 'variable2' => "$variable2" );
echo json_encode ($variable1);


Echos both variables in their spans doing 2 echos does not work, but the single as coded above works using the jquery form plugin.

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Can't Upload File In Internet Explorer Using JQuery Form Plugin

I'm using JQuery Form Plugin to upload a file together with PHP, everything works perfectly in Firefox, but in Internet explorer is does not do anything if I submit the form. My code is below

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
var options = {
target: '#message',
beforeSubmit: function() {

Now my problem is that I can't figure out why IE 7 is not doing anything when I click on my form submit button

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Replacing GET With POST And Auto-filling Form Fields

I've got the following page that is used to retrieve entries from a database and put the values in their respective fields for the user to then edit and UPDATE on the database.

It's working but first I have to press Submit, then when that page loads I have to click Edit. Is there a way to avoid this extra step of having to select Edit on the followup page? Code:

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Auto Fill - Use Eleven Form Fields On Page

I am trying to use eleven form fields on a php page where one of the fields will be used to enter a user name (or id number) and have the remaining fields fill in with the data I have for that user. I have over twenty records in m database and I need (I think) a menu/list as well that does the same thing so I can see all files in the list and click on a name (or id). how to do this for a single field entry (user name) as I can remember (or view) the files using XAMPP but there will come a point where I am unable to do this so I would also need help with the menu/list option.

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Ajax In Form Then Jquery To Display Filled Form Fields

I have a form that requires a physical address. Once the user enters the full address, I have a button that says "Verify address". I want to be able to click that button, trigger an ajax call that will call a file in the server which will get the longitude and latitude of that address, then return to the form with those coordinates, and display a div with them. Dont worry about figuring out the coordinates. Im just trying to figure out the whole ajax call and jquery display upon response from the server So, I did this;

$(document).ready(function() {
//if verify button is clicked
$('#verify').click(function () {
var address = $('input[name=address]');
var city = $('input[name=city]');
var state = $('input[name=state]');
var zip = $('input[name=zip]');
var country = $('select[name=country]');

process.php returns the longitude and latitude back in a variable as: "longitude,latitude". How do I access that data back in the front end so I can populate the form fields with it?

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Paypal IPN Setup - Ship To Zipcode And Auto Calculation?

I have successfully setup paypal IPN on my site and its working fine. From my paypal account I have set options to ass shipping and tax calculations(only if it's Iowa). But the only issue is, on the paypal checkout page it's asking me to enter the "Ship to Zipcode" manually.if I enter and update only then the net payable is getting updated with the shipping and tax charges.

Is there any variable via which I could send the ship to zip code which will work directly on the cart and make it auto calculate the charges and show it? I have tried both "zip" and "address_zip" variables. None of them worked. By the way I have multiple items on my cart so I am using the "cart" transaction type.

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Post Form Not Working With Jquery Fields?

i cant get the form to post the variables to another script using dynamic fields?

edit: the script creates a new row of input fields, but none of them manage to post variables to a php script.


<script type="text/javascript">
var newRowNum = 2;


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Jquery Repopulate Table Form Fields?

I have a simple html table that starts off with two rows. Each row contains 2 form fields. User's can add additional rows to the table as follows:

$('a#addRow').click(function() {
$('#jTable tr:last').after('<tr>'+
'<td><input type="text" name="foo[]" value="" id="foo[]" /></td>'+
'<td><input type="text" name="bar[]" value="" id="bar[]" /></td></tr>');
return false;

This works fine.

However, if there is an error detected after the form is posted, then I need to recreate the table with the correct number of rows. At the moment, after posting, the table defaults back to the two starting rows only.

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Loading Template With Variables From Form Fields Using JQuery?

I am trying to create a form that generates an html template. I have the template in a hidden div on the page and am using jQuery to create a new window with the template html, but I can't figure out how to load the contents of the form fields into the template. I know I should probably be using AJAX, but I don't know where to start.

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JQuery Autocomplete Not Working For Dynamic Form Fields

I am using jquery Autocomplete on a form field. The issue is, then dynamically I add another row to the form, it doesn't. Yes, I keep toggle the id of the new field to a new one.


I think the problem is that jQuery is not recognizing the dynamically added elements, it only reads the elements present on load. Is there any way that we can poke the jquery handler to read these new added elements? I heard of the bind and live functions, albeit I cannot find a way to implement those.


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Jquery - Read Text File Into Div Then Add Positioned Form Fields?

I have multiple text files, which are simple reports, that must be reviewed and validated by users. I would like to pull the report into an html div element then add form fields at absolutely positioned locations. For example, the report may have monthly sales by sales rep:

Jan Feb Mar
13 9 11

I want the user to see that, and an input type="text" element after the row of sales numbers. The user would have to enter their initials to confirm the numbers. At that point, I would actually modify the text file to show their initials (as well as set some flags in the database). The site is built using PHP and JQuery, with some cgi perl scripts as well. So solutions involving any of those would be great.

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JQuery Generated Input Fields: Read Form Values?

I'm getting a json string with jQuery and then for each value, I add a checkbox.

function dateClick(url){

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Specific Jquery Plugin Which Includes A Combination Of Jquery Slider & Php Paging ?

I have a products listing page that lists 3 products in a single line per page.So I want to put next-previous buttons on left-right side of this 3 products line.So when someone click next, it bring next 3 products by slide-in effect.

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Jquery, Ajax, Json - Cascade/chained Select Plugin For Jquery?

Does anyone know for a good cascade/chained select jquery 1.4.x plugin(s) (or jquery ui widget) that uses ajax call to php that returns json format data for populating options?

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Jquery - Large Enable Web Form - Around 75 Field - Best To Send Email With All Fields?

Have created simple Ajax enabled contact forms before that have around 12 fields - worked fine.Now working on a PHP enabled web page for job applications that has around 100 fields.The ajax technique I was using was to send request via querystrings(&val1=test;&val2=test2 and etc ...)

That is not going to scale very well with larger form with 100+ fields.
Maybe use jQuery Form plug-in instead?


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AJAX File Upload With The "Form Plugin" For JQuery - Convert My Query String To A JSON Object?

I am using JQuery and I would like to upload files with AJAX. I have made some searches and found it is not possible.However there is one jQuery plugin which allows us to upload files throught AJAX :

http:[url]....It works very well, Here is my code :

$('#question-form').submit(function() {
var serialAnswers = '';[code]...

But I don't know how to convert my query string to a JSON object and if it would be interpreted as an array on the PHP side.

EDIT : Even if I use an iframe, I don't know how to add a query string with information which does not come from the form (my serialAnswer from the code above).

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Comparing Form Fields With Data Base Fields And Highlighting The Form Fields?

the following two scenarios (PHP+MYSQL)

Scenario1: I need to compare the HTML Form field values with the Database field values and highlight the form fields in some color whose values are different from database values before submitting the form (to alert the user).

Scenario2: On loading the form, i need to compare the values present in 2 different database tables (tables are having different column names but the information is same). the fields which are not same needs to be highlighted in the html form to indicate the users that the master data is varying from secondary data.

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JQuery Accessing Form Array - Display Or Hide Certain Fields Dependant On What Select In A Dropdown

I have a php form and I want to display or hide certain fields dependant on what I select in a drop down.
I have code below which works:

$(document).ready(function() {
if ($("#perpetrator").val == "1") {
else {

So basically this is a multi row form and on each row if Current is selected then I want to display pupil_id if anything else is selected then I want to display pupil name. For processing the input I run round the array m_perpetrator[] using php

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Open Source Auto Complete Plugin?

Am some free open source auto complete plugin same like this demolink text

link text

I am looking pagination on auto complete ,
auto complete that should contain the pager also

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Netbeans, Auto-formatting IDE Inserts Braces, Quotes, In Plugin?

Note that this is not about auto-completion or the excellent code formatter, Alt+Shift+F.Right, so I've tried to let the auto-close braces, brackets and quotes 'grow on me.I've coded PHP in NetBeans for a few months now.Especially, fixing up an echo HTML-line that is lacking one single or double quote is a terrible experience, same thing for when I cut out a few lines ending with a brace to put it below a code line that should be inside the braces.

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Calculate Percentage Of Fields With Data?

how to calculate all the fields in a row of a certain mysql table that has data from the overall fields.

so User Table has say 20 fields and the user with the id of 1 only has 10 of them with data in, I need to write a function that can easily count all fields in the row and then count only the fields with data and display this as a percentage.

Can this even be done? I have tried to the best of my knowledge but come up empty If anyone can show me the way I would be 5 days worth of grateful to you

this is what I have so far:

PHP Code:



But as you can see my code is flawed, any one able to show me the correct way?

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Wordpress + Magic Fields Plugin - Wrapping A Field Within An Href Tag?

I've been posting at the support forums for the Magic Fields plugin, but have not had much luck. The Magic Fields plugin for Wordpress let's users create custom fields that can be displayed in a page template. What I am trying to do, is wrap the contents of a field in an href tag, to make it clickable.Here is how the data is currently retrieved and displayed in the page template:


What I would like to do, is wrap the content of "field-name" in an href tag so it may be clickable

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Plugin To Calculate Spam Assassin Spam Score?

I have spam assassin on my hosting server. Is there any way to plug into it and calculate the spam score of an e-mail, before it is sent out? Preferably not invoking spam assassin directly.

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Install Jquery Plugin But Not Run?

i try to install jquery plugin but not run..

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Implications Of The Jquery Plugin Periodicalupdater?

In one of my previous questions, I've asked how I would replicate facebook's "new message" alert, that is shown in the head section of their website inline with the "inbox" link. The functionality allows data to be updated live, without the user refreshing their browser, and has since been integrated further into their technology, allowing live updates of times, and dates.In the question, I was referred to a jquery plugin that replicates the prototype ajax.periodicalUpdated function, which has turned out to be a pretty cool plugin. But I am concerned about the implications of using a script that makes multiple posts per min(atleast 3 as per my settings). For instance, what kind of load will it put on a server if it is being executed by multiple users? Can it be hacked in anyway, or in such a manner, that it causes disruptions, and loading issues? Is there anything I should know(as a javascript/ajax/jquery newbie) before using this plugin in the production of a LAMP based website which is expecting large traffic intake?

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JQuery Code - Using The Dhtmlxcombo Plugin?

I have this code fragment

var combo = new dhtmlXCombo("combo_zone4", "alfa4", 230);
combo.attachEvent("onChange", onChangeFunc);[code]...

My questions are what are those 3 files used for, and why we need three different files to be called.

Fragment 1:combo.loadXML("create_store2.php");

create_store2 seams it returns some XML data, some <option> tags.

Fragment 2:combo.enableFilteringMode(true, "select_store.php");

select_store seams it returns some XML data, some <option> tags.

Fragment 3:url: "select_store2.php",

select_store2 seams it returns some JSON data, this is probably the result of the autocomplete call.

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Use A Special Upload Plugin For JQuery?

I am attempting to submit a form via jQuery. My form contains fields and a file that must be uploaded. It is of type ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data".

I can receive all my field values using: post = $('#myForm').serialize();but how do I receive the $_FILES array? I need this to process the uploaded file. Is this possible using jQuery, and if so how? Or do I need to use a special upload plugin for jQuery?

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JQuery Plugin With Multiple Functions?

I currently have a web based application which strictly relies on a 3rd party soap server to supply the site with information.This application has little to no javascript, a few elements pulled from jQuery UI and a few jQuery things (more for simplicity than any other reason).

This application is coming back around for feature enhancements and my thoughts are based on the soap server we rely on for data and each soap request requires a round trip we really want to reduce making multiple round trips on a single http request.Therefore, my thought was to make the application ajax based and only update content areas where the user wishes to see.

So we have this server side library, php based, which uses soap to get information, generate HTML and send that data to the user.Now the fun begins, we want to take this server side code and make it modular and build a jQuery plugin to interact with server side.The part I am having trouble gathering is how to have multiple functions in a plugin (perhaps this is the wrong approach, please correct me) where I can call each one at will.

The basic idea is the following:

The soap server allows access to all of its underlying tables, each table has a specific WSDL and defines a set of functions available for each table.These functions are the same for all tables.

We have for example:


(function( $ ){
var methods = {
init: function( options){


So a get call to soap server would require a ID to identify which record in the table, a getRecords call accepts a query and returns multiple records, insert inserts a record, update updates a record etc.

To perform a get call I wanted to do something such as:


The result would be that the div with id="div" would be updated with the return of whatever the get Function in the plugin myPlugin defined to do with that element.Is this the right approach, is there a better approach, am I all wet? This is my first jQuery plugin and I feel I am coming from the object oriented world where I am used to constructed things and then calling functions/methods of them and/or using fields.And maybe this is the problem that my mentality is off.

My thoughts were to construct something similar in a jQuery plugin to be able to pass these calls to the server and the php on the server would determine the WSDL location based on what resource you want.

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Odd Results Using JQuery Rating Plugin?

I use a for loop to generate my stars. I want them split into four so I use

class="star {split:4}"

I want 5 stars, so I need 20 loops (4splits * 5stars = 20). When it hits 17, it echo's


However, in the browser, my script displays 30 stars with 25 and a quarter stars highlighted. Here's my line in PHP

<input type="radio" class="star {split:4}" disabled="disabled" <?php echo $i == $row['rating'] ? 'checked="checked"' : "" ?>/>

Also, I do have the metadata plugin.

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Jquery - Tree Menu Plugin?

Im trying to build a dynamic menu with the ability to "roll out" the deeper into the structure you get! Something along the lines of http:[url]...
(I have been struggling with that for quiet some time, i implemented it on but only the very first menu item works as intended, the rest snaps back as soon as you click the child)

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Get JQuery Plugin Working With SQL Server?

I am trying to get this awesome JQuery plugin working with SQL Server. I have setup PDO as I use it elsewhere (with MS Access) - I think I have it setup with sql server (2008) now. Here is how I connect:

define('DB_DSN',"odbc:Driver={SQL Server};Server=MyInstance;Database=table1;");
define('DB_USER', '');
define('DB_PASSWORD', '');[code]....

I have narrowed it down to this function: $grid->SelectCommand - if I remove this no error occurs but I can not do without this as this is where my t-sql to query the database goes.I am able to query SQL server mysql using PDQ->Query('SELECT * FROM table1').

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JQuery-Plugin For Tab Support In A Textarea?

I'm looking for a plugin or lightweight js-editor, which supports tabs in a textarea.

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Parse JQuery Address Plugin?

$.address.init(function(event) {

how can i parse this so i get only the var values? it is better to do it on client side?and also if my html href is something like <a href="items.php?id=2&var=jj">link02</a>jQuery address will ignore the &var=jj

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Integrate Jquery Tipsy Plugin?

I'm trying to integrate tipsy plugin. But its not working.,I already using another jquery plugin.Its called orbit slider.Project page Orbit sliderThis is the tipsy home pageTipsyI'm trying to integrate tipsy below the navigation slider buttons.Check this page.

I need tipsy integrated below those 7 bullets.
Those bullets are from previous orbit slider.
This is the modified orbit plugin js code.

Here is the cource code.Source codeThe problem is when i click view source i'm not seeing source code of those bullets. Because html are coded within javascript.They are not appear in the html source. So tipsy plugin nt recognizing it.

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