Assign A Textarea Value

May 13, 2006

How can I pass the value of a textarea to a variable so that I can send it via post ?

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Assign Value Of Textarea From The Database?

how to assign value to a textarea the data from a database. I tried the following codes but they didn't work.

echo "<textarea name='aaa' rows='4' cols='70' value='$abc'>

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Cut - And - Paste From One TEXTAREA To Another TEXTAREA In The Same Form - JavaScript?

Does anyone have an example of a PHP script/form where I can have two TEXTAREA on a form, and when I click on a cut/copy/paste button, it cut/copy/paste from one TEXTAREA to another. I know how to echo the contents of the TEXTAREA but I prefer to echo the contents to a TEXTAREA of the same form on the same page instead.

It is kinda like a FORM verification script but instead of loading the page using echoes, I want to be able to display the result of the TEXTAREA into another TEXTAREA on the same page. how the FORM should look like but I don't know how to code the PHP stuff.

<html xmlns="" xml:lang='en'>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/xhtml; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Example Cut/Copy TEXTAREA</title>
<body><center><h1>Example Cut/Copy TEXTAREA</h1>

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Fread Fwrite A File Containing A <textarea> </textarea>

I want a webpage that can open another webpage, edit the contents and then save the changes. I can do this using the functions fread and fwrite, however the pages I'm trying to edit contain both html and php. I use fread then put the contents into a <textarea>, the problem is that the files I'm editing contain the tag

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Set A Htmlarea To Some Specific Textarea - Instead Of All Textarea?

I have a drupal site. And i have intsalled a htmlarea module and it worksfine.

Now all textarea in the form changed into htmlarea.

How is possible to change only some particular textarea to htmlarea.

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Post Into A Textarea And Then Get The Result From Another Textarea?

Let say I have this JS code:

function plus2(){
print (2+2);

So I want to post this code into textarea#input at [URL] and then get the result back from textarea#output.

Can use PHP Curl, Shell Curl or JQuery to do the job?

P.S.: By the way, there is bug in PHP Packer port and that's whay I am not using it.

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Append To Textarea And Then Refresh The Textarea?

How to append to textarea with PHP and then refresh the textarea?

edit: It should be server triggered from PHP code

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Send Textarea To Textarea On Different Page?

I have a form that generates html code, and displays it in a textarea with submit button.I want to submit button to take the data entered in that textarea1 on page 1, and upload to textarea2 on page 2 How can I do this? I have no idea where to start.

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Add And Combine Text Value Of 2 Textarea Elements And Populate The Combined Text In A Third Textarea Using Javascipt ?

I have 3 textarea elements say tb1,tb2 and tb3. The text values of tb2 and tb3 should get populated in tb1 as soon as i start typing in tb2 or tb3.The format in which text should appear in tb1 is . The space between is important.

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Remove <br> Within A <textarea></textarea> Only?

I have some articles stored in a text field in my database. There are times when the article includes <textarea>content.....</textarea> The problem is that when the content is displayed on a page using php, it includes the actual <br><br><br>. The <br> is placed there by the text editor (CKEditor) So it looks like the following

<textarea> <-- this actually becomes a textarea

This content is shown inside the text area<br> but the problem is that the <br> is also shown. </textarea>

How can I strip <br> from the <textarea> tags only. I imagine some preg replace would be useful.

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Cannot Re-assign $this ...

I'm one more guy having the cannot re-assign $this problem.

someone left a php4 file here containing the lines

|function linkbar()
|if(func_num_args() == 1)

|$this = func_get_arg(0);

inside a php4 class definition. func_get_arg(0) in this case delivers
an object - working fine in php4. I struggled a bit with the &
referencing (while not really understanding it and the problem) but
gave up. how must I modify the code to get it to work in php5?

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Assign Name To Every Key?

i have array


i want show resul such as (Fullname : $fullname Email: $email) to send it as email and add array in string using implode(" ",$data) what can i do?

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PHP 5 Re-assign $this PROBLEM

Just a quickie, in case it's been covered, like a million times or
something. I'm self taught, and thought I was being pretty clever when building a "messaging" class.

The idea was to abstract "html email", "text email" and "sms message" up a
layer into a "message". To get a message started, I call on something like this:

$msg = new Message("sms");
Message (which re-assigns the $this variable) then looks something like

class Message{
var $message_hash;
var $message_path;//this can be changed, in case stuff is moved in future...
function ryan_Message($type=""){//starts the whole thing
case "html"://this means an html email
$this = new HtmlMessage();
case "text"://this means a text mail
$this = new TextMessage();
case "sms"://this means an sms message
$this = new SmsMessage();
}// end switch
}// end function
}// end class

Each class has methods that are named the same, but act a little
differently, so, basically, I can use the same set of commands to compose a
message and send it, regardless of what type of message it is.

Things work fantastically under php4, but I know that when I swap over to
php5, it's going to throw a hissy fit, because reassigning $this is not

Aside from going around the Message class, and just starting messages of a
particular type from scratch:

Is there some sort of cunning retro-fit I could do to the Message class, so
I don't have to trawl through thousands of lines of code?

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Assign Value To Variable

Is there any way I can use a function to create a variable and assign
a value to it? I have a Perl script that returns some LDAP


Instead of parsing this text and assigning the values, I was wondering
if a function exists where I can pass a variable name and a value, and
the variable would be created.

ie. somefunc("sn", "Shore")

Would create the variable $sn and assign the value "Shore" to it.

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Assign Value On Click

is there a way to change the value of a variable when a hyperlink is clicked? like im include()ing a variable $content. and when you click it changes from URL to links or whatever?

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Assign Value To The Link

I am creating a order-online application. I create some links in my html file. And in my table that I created by mySQL, there are some fields including picture_id, picture_name. What I want is to assign the picture_id to the link so that the picture_name will be selected (using mySQL) when the link was clicked. Can someone tell me how to write PHP code to assign the picture_id to the link?

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Assign Include

if I can assign the output of an included file like


to a variable?

I tried

$content = include("file.php");

but it does actually include the file. I want the output kept in the variable and not be displayed, because I plan to use the variable later with a template engine.

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Assign All The Values

How do i assign all my values of a row: I found the following: is it a good way to do:

$row = $rs->GetRowAssoc(false);


$strSQL = Select * from users where id_user=&#3914;'

$rs = $dbconn->Execute($strSQL);

$row = $rs->GetRowAssoc(false);

$data["login"] = $row["login"];
$data["fname"] = $row["fname"];
$data["sname"] = $row["sname"];
$data["country"] = $row["country"];
$data["city"] = $row["city"];

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Assign To Variable

I am trying to take data from the database and assign it to a variable but i'm not sure how this is the code ive been trying

$sql = "SELECT Name FROM Names WHERE Name = 'Peter'";

while($row = @mysql_fetch_array($sql))
$var == $row['Name'];

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Assign Value In Array ?

In one script i seen a form with this input code, can you please guide me, how can i input the value using this form.

<input type="hidden" name="subject" value="<?=$array['subject'];?>" />
is it like this?
<input type="hidden" name="subject" value="<?=$array['Php_tutorial'];?>" />

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Assign A Javascript Value ?

I kinda understand that JS is client side and Php is server side...and in my googling i found a solution that many people suggest...I just cant seem to wrap my head around could also refresh the page with the variable in the url like:

then access the variable:
echo $_REQUEST['scr_w_php'];
Thats what they all say...but what does it mean/how does it work?

For example. I have a javascript function that is trigged by an onclick:

HTML Code:
<label id="<?php echo $dateCheck;?>" onclick="test("><?php echo $dateCheck;?></label><br/>
so when it is clicked, the javascript function will have a parameter of...say...2009-05-03.

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Assign A Value From A Script Value?

I have some code

FB.Event.subscribe('auth.login', function(response)

An alert screen appears and shows the value i want (response id). but i would like to assign this value to a php value called $id i know how to do this but because the value is in script it wont work, i have tried adding in the below code without success

</script> <?php $id ?> <script> </script> <?php ; ?> <script>

this code is added just below the alert(;

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Assign A Value To A Variable?

If i assign a value to a variable like this in PHP:$var1 = 123; and then assign another value to another variable like this: $var2 = $var1; Are those two variables pointing to the same value in the memory (like in Java if I'm not mistaken) or are they two copies of the same value?

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Assign A Number From 1 To 9

I was wondering how to assign a number from 1 to 9 to a $variable which is used by a random feature if random is possible in PHP ?

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Cannot Assign (str)$txt->value To A Variable?

does anyone knows how to fill this value to a variable (code below works on the screen):

Code: [Select](str)$txt->value;
echo (str)$txt->value;
I need to get the value from the code above into $myvalue (code below does not work):
Code: [Select](str)$txt->value;
$myvalue = (str)$txt->value;
echo $myvalue;

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How Do You Assign A Various Number Of Variables?

I'm struggeling with a small search engine here. I'm trying to put everything together myself, but I have a problem.

I've made a small form where search-words can be entered. This string is put into a variable $search. Then I've split this string up in pieces using the SPLIT command. something like this:

list ($one, $two, $three) = split ('[ ]', $search);

This works very nicely, but there is only one small problem. I can't possibly know how many search words will be used. It could be only one, but it could very be 10 or more (although unlikely). I thought about creating 10 variables, and in case they use less, they are just blank, but then if I use a OR function between these empty variables, the complete database (MySQL by the way) is called for.

I don't know if you're getting the picture, but I want to know how I can assing a number of variables not knowing the amount in advance.

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