Any Way To Suppress Security Message

Jan 13, 2004

Is there any way to suppress security messages while going in and out of https servers messages like You are about to be redirected to a connection that is not secure... Do u wish to continue..


Suppress Result

Aug 22, 2005

Is it possible to have mysql_query NOT return a result? Or,is it possible to suppress the result and therefore just have the query executed without generating anything in return? My problem is caused by the fact that I'm trying to track when a particular user is logged into my website.

THe problem is that when the user navigates to another webpage, the php script returns a result and prevents their intended page from loading. I'd like to find a simple php script that can _just_ UPDATE the db and not return a result, allowing my user to go merrily on their way to another site.

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Suppress Reposting

Jul 14, 2005

created a self posting page in php, to allow users to bid on products which refreshes every 20 seconds, so members can see any counter bids, is there a way to suppress the resend POST message which will occur if the user places a bid and then the page refreshes again?

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The Message Isnt Sent And The Approval Message Failed Message Is Displayed?

Mar 16, 2011

First of all, this is not a mysql error.I got the following script which updates a mysql field before redirecting the script to another "page" to get the users information from the database and then sending an email to notify the user that their account has been approved.

However, the message isnt sent and the Approval Message Failed message is displayed.Here are both parts of the script although it is the second part which is failing.

Code: [Select]case "approval":


$mysqlPassword = (base64_decode($mysqlpword));[code]....

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Suppress Error Messages

Jul 23, 2003

Could any one please tell me a command in php to suppress error messages that come because of any reason like query invalid or any other problem .i would like to see none of the error message s to come, even if there are errors(sounds weird but i need that).

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How To Suppress Warning Messages

Aug 28, 2000

I do not want any warning messages to appear in my application. How can I suppress the output of warnings?

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Suppress Error Using Fread()?

Apr 23, 2010

I wrote a script for screen pops from our soft phone that locates a directory listing for the caller but occasionally they get "Can't read input stream" and the rest of the script quits.Does anyone have any suggestions on how to suppress error the error message and allow the rest of the script to run? Thanks!

$open = fopen("".$_GET['phone'], "r");

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Suppress Output Within A Function?

Jan 28, 2009

What is the simplest way to suppress any output a function might produce? Say I have this:

function testFunc() {
echo 'Testing';
return true;

And I want to call testFunc() and get its return value without "Testing" showing up in the page. Assuming this would be in the context of other code that does output other things, is there a good method for doing this? Maybe messing with the output buffer?

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Suppress SetCookie From Header?

Jun 15, 2010

Apparently, because my site uses cookies, a SetCookie header is sent with every page on my site...well I don't want that as Google PageSpeed sees that as a huge I either have to create a cookieless doamin to serve all of my content, or preferably, I'd like to suppress the SetCookie from being sent in the header of my index.htm...I don't use cookies on those pages anyway.

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Suppress Warnings In Eclipse?

Sep 24, 2010

I'm getting warnings for not having a start tag (<div>) because the start tag is in another file. How do I suppress this warning to keep it out of my "Problems" window?

I know in Java I could do @SuppressWarning, but I don't know how for php. I assume that there is, based on the availability of php type hinting in Eclipse, but maybe it isn't?

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Suppress Notices And Warning In Code

Jul 17, 2005

I have a form with check boxes. When accessing a check box element
that is not checked, I get a notice (Notice: Undefined variable..). Is
there a way to hide these notices and warning in PHP code without
having to modify the PHP.ini file?

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How To Suppress Error Messages Without Using Error_reporting(0) ?

Jul 17, 2005

This line:

if (file_exists($fileName)) {

is (on some web servers) giving me this kind of error:

Warning: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 1022
is not allowed to access /home/www owned by uid 0 in
/home/www/krubner/ppKernel/McControllerForAll.php on line 454

This only happens when the software is checking directories that are
above what where PHP is allowed to check.

I want this software to work on all servers and I don't want the end
user to have to know PHP, and so I don't want them to have to set
error_reporting() on their own. I also feel like I shouldn't have to
do this:


because my software should capture all errors on its own and store all
the error messages that I write in the resultsObject that my software
uses. Turning off error reporting is cheating, in my view, the
programmer should capture all errors on their own.

So how do I suppress errors on a line like this?

if (file_exists($fileName)) {

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How Do You Suppress Errors Produced By File()

Aug 18, 2005

I'm getting this error:

file( FcbHeadline%3DTestimonials%26amp%3BcbDateCreated%3 D%26amp%3BcbUserName%3D%26amp%3BpageAddress%3Dhttp .php%3FpageId%3D33119):
failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
on line <b>64</b><br />

these are lines 56-64:

$url = "";
$url .= "?cbHeadline=$cbHeadline";
if ($cbHeadline == "") $url .=
$url .= "&amp;cbDateCreated=$cbDateCreated";
$url .= "&amp;cbUserName=$cbUserName";
$url .= "&amp;pageAddress=$pageAddress";

$url = urlencode($url);
$arrayOfPublicPenResponse = file($url);

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Suppress Form Field Submission

Jun 7, 2006

I have a form that currently consists of 1 text field (name) and two pull down boxes (date and category) The form is being used to search a database using only one of the form items. When I submit the form using the GET method the &name= gets appended to the URL whether it has been completed or not. Is there anyway I can suppress it being sent if it's blank?

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Does A Fopen With 'b' Mode Suppress Magic_quotes_runtime ?

Mar 30, 2006

The PHP documentation contains a user note which says that opening a file in binary mode ('b' flag) replaces the need to set magic_quotes_runtime to off before every read and writes.

As it seems not to correspond to the rest of the documentation (I thought that the 'b' mode was used only for Windows end of lines), can somebody please tell me if it is right or wrong ?

I am developping a library which needs to read binary data from files and, as I have to deal with a possible setting of magic_quotes_runtime to on, it would make it much simpler if it could be specified at fopen() time.

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Suppress Drupal Status Messages By Role?

Aug 26, 2009

Is it possible to suppress the status messages set by drupal_set_messages() for certain roles? One client does not want certain roles (anonymous) to see these messages.

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Suppress Errors For A Single File Or Class?

Nov 26, 2009

How can I suppress errors for a single file or class? ini_set(display_errors, false) seems to affect all files.

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Suppress Html Echo In Blank Line

Apr 21, 2011

I have a members directory that echoes name, address, phones, etc. I want to indicate which phone numbers are home, cell or work, but I don't want the html of home, work or cell to appear if the entry does not have one or more of those phone numbers. Is there a way to suppress this information and have the field name only appear if there is information in that field? Here is the code with the three phone names in it.

echo "<ul>
echo "<li>" . $First_Name . " " . $Last_Name . "</li>
echo "<li>" . $Home_Phone . " Home</li>
echo "<li>" . $Cell_Phone . " Cell</li>
echo "<li>" . $Work_Phone . " Work</li>

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Suppress Or Catch() Invalid Function Call?

Apr 22, 2009

Have a series of functions I am calling dynamically sort of like this:

$function = 'someFunction';
$x = $function();

.. however, if the function expects parameters, and I don't code it in the call, I seem to crash the page. For example:

function someFunction( $in_param1 ) {
return "SUCCESS";
$function = 'someFunction';
// this next line does not work
$x = $function() or die("error");

How can I handle this kind of error?

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Suppress The Default Template From A View With CakePHP?

May 5, 2009

I'm doing some experimenting with AJAX in CakePHP and it seems to work except that the view that gets returned includes the default template. How can I get rid of that (or even just specify a different empty template for a view)?

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Suppress Error If An Argument Is Missing In A Function Call?

Oct 7, 2010

I made a function like this (no need to write the whole function here):

public function selectNode($from, $attributes = null, $childs = null)
and, of course, if I call it this way:

The argument $from isn't initialized and then you got a warning error.I know you can suppress the error doing @$node->selectNode(); or something like that thanks to @.But, I want to handle it myself.How can I do that if that's possible?

The only way I found is to initialize it like this public function selectNode($from = null, $attributes = null, $childs = null) but that doesn't make it clear ($from is not an option as the others).(And, of course, this function, here, is just an example.It could be extended to other functions)

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Foreach Does Not Support The Ability To Suppress Error Messages Using '@'

Jun 4, 2011

I read some articles in [URL] some note here: foreach does not support the ability to suppress error messages using '@'. so how to avoid output foreach error? I do not want see Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() is there anyway to make a if else judgement?

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How To Suppress A Specific Error In A Script That Is Running Automatically?

Aug 6, 2010

I want to suppress the timeout error in a script that is running automatically. The fact that the script is timing out is not a problem since it will be running again in a minute after the timeout. I DO want all other errors reported.

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PHP Security - Some Common Security Pitfalls That Are Inherent In The Language?

Feb 27, 2001

I'm working on developing an application in PHP4/MySQL and I've got very little experience with either. Most of my work is in ASP/Access and compiled programs. The app that I'm developing doesn't need to be perfectly secure, but I want to avoid common pitfalls, and I have no idea where to start.

From your experience, what are some common security pitfalls that are inherent in the language? I shouldn't have any trouble with program logic being an issue, just stuff that may be PHP specific. (Like the User being able to put anything that they'd like in the QueryString and having that show up as a variable in the script).

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MySQL Security - Put Some Security Statement On Every Spot Where There Is An Input?

Mar 30, 2009

I have no experience in database security and I had a few questions. The story is I built my site and database just using the bare minimum and used no security. My friend wanted to prove a point, that my site was so insecure, that he could create a button on HIS website that would delete all the users on MY website with the click of a mouse (and he did this).

I have a few FORM inputs like "username" "password" "email" and an image uploader and stuff like that where he could input his malicious codes.How does this security work, do you put up a generic function at the top of every page that automatically makes everything on the page safe? Or do I have to put some security statement on every spot where there is an input?

What is an example of some code snippets (and where to place them in my php file) that would provide some pretty heavy security for 3 FORM inputs: "username" "password" and the image upload?

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Test Site Security For Most Common Security Flaws?

Sep 29, 2010

I need to make sure that PHP sites that I administrate, don't have any common PHP flaws, like SQL injection, wrongly configured permissions to files and folders etc. By site I mean for example Joomla site with plugins and modules. Making this security check manually can be time consuming and automated test could be run on daily basis to just make sure nothing has changed.So my question is that is there any good automated software for this or do I have to code one myself?

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Sending A Text Message Via - Receiving Message Gives Out The Hosting Servers Name ?

Jun 25, 2010

I've been using a friends code to send an sms message via php. The only issue is that on receiving the message it gives out the hosting servers name. Now this I know can lead to a security issue. This code uses the mail function of PHP.The default sub is set to TestingText .Here is the general form:

<form id="sms" name="sms" method="post" action="send.php">
<table width="400">

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Message System Like Hotmails Where The Message List Appears On The Left?

Nov 3, 2010

i am making a private messaging system like hotmails where the message list appears on the left. Then when you click on one of them the box on the right loads the email. The problem is i dont really know how to go about it.

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Chat Concept : Enter Message Into Chatroom1 Table.Retrieve Messages Periodically By New Message Entered Organized By Timestamp?

May 9, 2011

Im thinking about taking on a chat room php based project.I want to make sure my logic is right though.



Sign up.php
Insert username and password into Username table.

Search Username table to validate username and password. Create session.

enter message into chatroom1 table.Retrieve messages periodically by new message entered organized by timestamp.

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Retrieve A Specific Message From Imap With Consistent Id (message Id)

May 17, 2010

I need to keep a link tracking for an email message. I am using PHP and IMAP. I need some ID that identify the email over time. Using IMAP UID does not seems to work since the UID changes after expunge(), i know there is a message_id for emails, but how can i retrieve an email using it's message_id with PHP and IMAP?

Is there another identifier i can use?

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Programmatically Getting POP3 Message Unique Id And Message Size

Jul 13, 2010

I need to access a POP3 email account and obtain the the list of messages' unique id and its corresponding file size. I'm using CodeIgniter and have access to Zend libraries. Trying to do something similar to the LIST command. Ideas?

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Change The Color Of An Echo Message And Center The Message?

Nov 7, 2009

How do I change the color of an echo message and center the message in the PHP I've written. The line I have is:echo 'Request has been sent.

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Suppress The "Division By Zero" Error And Set The Result To Null For The Whole Application?

Sep 16, 2010

How to suppress the "Division by zero" error and set the result to null for the whole application? By saying "for the whole application", I mean it is not for a single expression. Instead, whenever a "Division by zero" error occurs, the result is set to null automatically and no error will be thrown.

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Security - What Security Dangers Should I Be Aware Of?

Mar 16, 2005

I am quite new to PHP but I have managed to write a simple page create script. So far the script does not have any user input. It does open/write files and it also accesses my MySQL database. No variables are passed from script to script either.

My question is, what security dangers should I be aware of? My other question is, can you download a php file and view the contents?

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How Would Php Security Compare To Java Security?

May 29, 2007

I just want to know how would php security compare to java security? Its because that me and my officemate are developing a site which would handle confidential documents and we just cant decide on whether we should use php or java. Please do post you opinions regarding this and it would even be better if you could also post links to write-ups about php security.

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Sql - Array Query - Passing $message Variable As Blank - Error "Column 'message' Cannot Be Null"

Dec 27, 2010

I have the following PHP code:


While running this I am passing $message variable as blank so I am getting this error:


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'Database error [23000]: Column 'message' cannot be null, driver error code is 1048' in /var/www/ryapi/Db.php:179 Stack trace: 0 /var/www/ryapi/Db.php(54): Db::_query('INSERT INTO car...', Array)1 /var/www/ryapi/card.php(79): Db::execute('INSERT INTO car...', Array)2 /var/www/ryapi/index.php(173): Card->givecard('4', NULL, NULL)3 {main} thrown in /var/www/ryapi/Db.php on line 179 If I want to pass $message as blank, how can I remove this error.

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Displaying A 'Message Posted' Message

Apr 6, 2007

I'm trying to create a function that will display a 'message posted' notification under a button, once when a user clicks the "save" button. Code:

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Enable Alert Message Together In A Same Message Box?

Sep 30, 2009

i have the following code:

how to enable the 2 alert message combined and only show one time when the mandatory field is blank?

E.g if the txtSPEarlyRedemptionPenalty and optSDStatusOfSecurity is blank, the system will prompts 2 message box. how to combile the msg box and only show once if the 2 fields above is blank?

PHP Code:

if (($txtSDSecurityDecs == "")||($optSDStatusOfSecurity == ""))
echo "<script>alert('Security Details Incomplete. Pls ensure all mandatory fields are input.')</script>";


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Sending Message Using Message Gateway?

Dec 29, 2010

check the script below and let me know if I mistook somewhere.There is no error on page......Please let me know if there is something missing in code.PHP Code:

//your username 


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Group Mailing, Want To Suppress All The "to" Addresses In The "to:" Field

Jun 11, 2007

I want to do a mass emailing for a club.
I don't want all the clubs members to see all the addresses of the
other club members for privacy reasons.

How do I set up the php mail function to not display the recipients
email addresses, just to display something like, "U7 Soccer Club

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Cli - Mean To Run In Quiet Mode / Quiet-mode. Suppress HTTP Header Output (CGI Only)?

Apr 25, 2011

You can run PHP with the -q command line switch. The manual only say:

Quiet-mode. Suppress HTTP header output (CGI only).

What does that actually mean in practical terms?

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Message Queue: Trigger Events When A Message Enters The Queue?

Nov 23, 2010

At work we're discussing whether or not to implement a message queue for our PHP application. Currently we're looking at Apache's ActiveMQ. One thing we're not entirely clear on is whether or not it's possible to trigger a process based on a message arriving in a queue. The literature we've found so far seems to indicate that messages queues are a pull-based mechanism: the process runs regularly (either as a daemon or a cron), and pulls its incoming messages from the queue. Is it possible to turn this into a push mechanism? That is, is there a way to have the Message Queue actually initiate an HTTP request (or a process) when a message arrives? One option we have found is the Publish/Subscribe model, but this requires running our PHP app in an infinite loop to maintain an open (TCP) connection to the ActiveMQ instance.

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Replace The Set Message Text For Body And Subject With Post['message']; Post['subject']?

Dec 29, 2010

Can I replace the set message text for $body and $subject with $_POST['message']; $_POST['subject']; so I can get a users input from a html form via php as the action.  Instead of the set text in the script.
As seen url.

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PHP And Security??

Feb 29, 2000

I am very new with php and web content in general, and my concern is with my novice ability leaving huge secuirty holes for any joker to have there way with.

Here is my current thought.

If I have a php script in a public html fodler named index.php3 how secure is this if at all.

Say I have a line like:

How easy is it for people to get the host,account,password.

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Oct 1, 2001

For security reasons I want to know more about (1)where session store its info and (2)what "single sign on" is. Does anybody know any articles about these subjects, or does anyone know the answers to these 2 questions?

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