Accessing A Document's Properties/metadata

Is it possible (and if it is how?) to have php display the details of a
word/excel/pdf document's properties/metadata?

I can go into MS Word...File...Properties and assign things like Title,
Subject, Author, Comments, etc... What I need to do now is put thse
files on a server and have php display some of those properties for me.

(Is that the same as metadata?)

Is that possible and if it is how do I go about getting started?


Accessing Properties In An Array?

I have an array of objects as so


I would like to know how I can access the name and urls in this array.

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Accessing MS Word Doument Properties

Is it possibe that we can access the MS word Doucment properties in PHP and store the captured information into a database record.

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Accessing SOAP Object Properties?

I have .NET web service that I'm accessing through PHP. This web service is passed an ID and returns four properties from my DB2 server to the PHP object - code is as follows.

PHP Code:
$client = new soapclient(SOAP_ADDRESS);
$objectresult = $client->GetDataByID(array('PeopleVendorsID'=> 'N21248'));

GetDataByID is my .NET web service function. PeopleVendorsID is the parameter that I passed it, a person's unique ID at our organization. SOAP_ADDRESS is a constant with my WSDL address - all of this is fine. PHP is hitting the database and returning data to $objectresult because when I do a var_dump I get this in the browser:


$objectresult obviously has all of the data inside of it but for some reason I'm blocked from calling the results out of the object? I also tried assigning $objectresult to a new property and that didn't work either.

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Accessing A Child's Private Properties In Parent?

I have a parent object that I use for general CRUD in my applications - it has basic save & retrieve methods so I can don't have to reinclude them them in all my objects. Most of my child objects extend this base object. This has worked fine, but I'm finding a problem with retrieving a serialized child object. I use a "retrieve" method in the parent object that creates an instance of the child, then populates itself from the properties of the unserialized child - this means is can "self unserialize" the object.

Only problem is - if the child object has a protected or private property, the parent object can't read it, so it doesn't get picked up during retrieval. So I'm looking either for a better way to "self unserialize" or a way to allow a parent object to "see" the protected properties - but only during the retrieval process.

Example of the code:

BaseObject {
protected $someparentProperty;
public function retrieve() {
$serialized = file_get_contents(SOME_FILENAME);
$temp = unserialize($serialized);
foreach($temp as $propertyName => $propertyValue) {
$this->$propertyName = $propertyValue;


EDITED: Should have said "Private" not protected child properties.

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Oop - Accessing Parent Properties And Overridden Methods?

I have parent and child classes as follows:

abstract class ParentObj {
private $data;
public function __construct(){
$this->data = array(1,2,3);


The problem is, the child object cannot access the data property and the parent refuses to call the overridden method in the child.

EDIT: I should clarify that I am instantiating a ChildObj as $child = new ChildObj()

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Parsing A Xml File Using Simplexml And Accessing Properties?

I am trying to parse a xml file which has this structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <uclassify xmlns="" version="1.00">
<status success="true" statusCode="2000" />[code]....

I am trying to access the properties className and p in class.This is the code that I have so far:

$resXml = simplexml_load_file($requestUrl); //$requestUrl is where the xml file is located
$children = $resXml->children('');
foreach ($children->readCalls->classify->classification->class as $d) {[code]....

Been trying different things for a while and cannot figure this out.

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Storing And Accessing $_GET And $_POST Properties?

Is this an effective way of accessing the $_GET and $_POST properties?

I can see that the native $_GET function has been looped through so that $varName would be for example "username" and $value would be "Jeremy". Then they are both stored into an array called $getVars?

foreach($_GET as $varName=>$value)
$getVars[$varName]=trim(clean($value, 100));
foreach($_POST as $varName=>$value)
$postVars[$varName]=trim(clean($value, 100));[/php]

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Maintain The Metadata Or Re-apply Metadata After Imagejpeg Gets Called?

I have php script that creates a temporary watermark image for users that are not logged in. The original image contains IPTC (metadata) information that I would like to retain, however, when the watermark is applied and imagejpeg is called, all metadata is removed. how I can maintain the metadata or re-apply metadata after imagejpeg gets called?

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Accessing Object Properties Of Type Array Dynamically?

I am building a Language class for internationalization, and I would like to access the properties dynamically (giving the string name), but I don't know how to do it when dealing with arrays (this is just an example):

class Language {

public static $languages_cache = array();
public $index_header_title;
public $index = array(
"header" => array(


So, outputting members:

echo _('index_header_title', "en"); //works
echo _('index["header"]["title"]', "en"); //does not work

I would need a way for accessing arrays dynamically.. for public and private via __set() function.

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Oop - Accessing Private/protected Properties Of An Object In Anonymous Function?

I'm trying to dump elements of an object's private property through an anonymous function - of course I could achieve this in any number of other ways, but this highlights a PHP conundrum I can't solve off the top of my head, short of $foo = $this and using $foo - but THAT won't give me the private stuff, so...

Sample code:

class MyClass
private $payload = Array( 'a' => 'A element', 'b' => 'B element');
static $csvOrder = Array('b','a');


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Parent Class Accessing Properties Of A Child Class?

What's the proper way for a parent class to access properties of a child class?  Should I pass the object in as a function argument?  Then access it that way?  I can't really think of any better way that?  This method wouldn't break encapsulation, would it?

Example of what I'm asking:

class A
function testIt($class)
if ( $class->getTest() == 1 )


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Show Microsoft Documents, (PPT, DOC) And PDF Documents Online?

Is there any pre-made API or SDK available in PHP from which I can show these documents online? Please suggest me any perfect solution even if it is paid, I will gonna buy it.

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NetBeans. Code Completion - Properties Should Not Be Listed In View Php As Properties?

I use something like this:

include 'view.php'[code]...

I know that something like this are allowed in ZendFramework plugin Maybe I can add it with my framework?

some other html */

I want to see properties which I used in index.php in code completion in index.tpl Properties should not be listed in view php as properties

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Assigning Values To Properties In The Controller And Copy Properties?

Given a Controller class and a View class, the controller to directly assign values to view properties or, is it better to assigning values to properties in the controller and then copy those properties to the view when ready to display it?

Code:class Model
public $propertyA;
public $propertyB;


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JPEG Metadata

Does anyone aware of any program/apps/scripts that has the ability to modify/add/create/delete metadata in any image type such as JPEG, GIF, PNG,
etc. Question for the experts, is it wise to store information in the image file
instead of the database?

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Metadata + Variables

I am building a custom CMS solution with PHP and mysql.

I really have myh work cut out for me because my customer does not want to spend the $$ on a comercial solution.. dont even get me started!

The problem i am havin is that that I am trying to add custom metadata to the page. IE:

<meta name="if.classification" content="unclassfied">
<meta name="if.postdata" content="01232004">

I have like 35 of these. Code:

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Add Metadata To An Image?

Where does one insert meta data into and image file and what it the mark up to do so? i want to do this with php.

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Adding Metadata To PDF?

I need to augment a PDF with a custom metadata field on download in PHP (5.3).

I have been looking at the pdftk library, but I can't get my head around how I would get PHP to interface with it on our (Ubuntu) web server. The deprecated PDFInfo library seems like a dead end.

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Modifying MP3 ID3 MetaData

I run a php web site that allows administrators to upload MP3 files.  The form asks for the artist, title, and date as input along with the file to upload.  I would like to modify the metadata attributes of the mp3 file that is uploaded.  (I want to change the song title, artist name, year, genre of the mp3 file.)  I am wondering how I could do this using php? 

I do not want to install pear modules or anything like that, I would like to do it using just straight php code.  Can't I load the file into a binary stream and then some how modify the metadata in the binary stream and save it to a new file?

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Extracting Metadata

Is there anyway to extract the metadata i.e. title, artist, album, from audio files using PHP?

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Extracting Image Metadata

Right-click on a jpeg in XP click "summary" tab and there are metadata fields. My questions are. How can I extract this data for each jpeg? Is this exif data is it some proprietary MS format? I see it in my text editor. If I have hundreds of images is it possible to "program" this ie. loop and put data in a flat text file?

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Read PNG Metadata From Mysql?

This is what I have so far:

$file = "18201010338AM16390621000846.png";
$test = file_get_contents($file, FILE_BINARY);

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Metadata - Read XMP Data From A JPG?

PHP has built in support for reading EXIF and IPTC metadata, but I can't find any way to read XMP?

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Editing WMV Metadata Using Python?

Is there library to edit WMV metadata using Python or PHP? I tried editing with ffmpeg but it just creates a new video file(with edited tags) rather than just editing the tags.

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Retrieving Shoutcast MetaData?

php newbie here..Can you explain how can i use this stuff in php?[URL]..I found a phyton script:[URL]..and Java code (i guess):[URL]..But i didn't found any php solution for this problem anywhere

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Upload File With Metadata And Retrieve It

I am in need of a script where I can upload files, categorize them, and hopefully add some metadata to them, and later display a list of categorized files (for inclusion in other pages, depending on which category the files are in).

I know how to make a upload form and how to process the file upload, but I don't know how to add categorizing and metadata to the files, nor how to display a list of the uploaded files, based upoen their category: Code:

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Uploading And Storing File And Metadata

I am using the following code to prosess and upload files as BLOBs into mysql. But I also need to store three additional inputs of metadata with each file. Do I only need to decalre some more post variables and insert them into the DB? Here is the processing code:

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Image Stripped Of Metadata Upon Upload?

A certain site I know recently upgraded their bandwith from 2,5 TB monthly to 3,5 TB. Reason is they went over the 2,5 limit recently. They're complaining they don't know how to get down the bandwidth usage.

One thing I haven't seen them consider is the fact that JPEG and other images that are displayed on the site(and it is an image-heavy site) can contain metadata. Where the picture was taken and such.

Fact of the matter is, this information is of no importance whatsoever on that site. It's not gonna be used, ever. Yet it's still adding to the bandwidth, since it increases the filesize of every images from a few bytes to a few kilobytes. On a site that uses up more then 2,5 TB per month, stripping the several thousands images of their metadata will help decrease the bandwidth usage at least by a few Gigabytes per month I think, if not more.

So is there a way to do this in PHP? And also, for the allready existing files, does anybody know a good automatic metadata remover? I know of JPEG & PNG Stripper, but that's not very good... Might be usefull for initial cleaning though...

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Array From Form - Wordpress Metadata?

I got a custom post type, with a form for storing some data (name, url) to display in a template.What I want to know is how can I store those values in an array?An example of my code:

<? function files_metadata(){
global $post;

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Parsing - Fastest Way To Read PNG Metadata?

I would like to extract two fields from a PNG file. Namely, the geometry field and one of the fields from the metadata.What is the fastest way I could go about doing this? I have benchmarked my script that currently performs this and by far the slowest action is executing the actual ImageMagick "identify" program on the PNG file. (.4 seconds vs .0001 seconds to parse the outputted array for the geometry and 8.39E-5 seconds to parse key phrases from the metadata)

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Picture Metadata - Labelling Capability ?

I'm developing a picture gallery manager for my personal CMS.I would like labelling capability but I don't want to achieve this by creating additional support files ( like a txt file ) or by storing those in a database.

I would like to write variable length text onto the files themselves, but i'm having a rough time to see code in PHP in order to write to GIF and PNG files, the "Comment Block" (GIF) and "iTXT" blocks (PNG). Since GD provides an IPTC for JPEG there is no problem, but for those formats it's a pain...

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FLV Files Losing Metadata On Upload

I have been trying to get flv files working on my site. This is what I have for my Form. Code:

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Zend_Db_Table_Rowset:- Get Table Info (metadata) When Using JOINS?

how to get the metadata info from a Zend_Db_Table_Rowset class when using joins in the query that produced that result set? It's easy when there are no joins involved.. for example:

foreach ($rowset as $row) {
$info = $row->getTable()->info(Zend_Db_Table_Abstract::METADATA);
Zend_Debug::dump($info); // outputs array of column info including data type

But when I do that to a row that came from a query using joins I just get the data from the main table I was selecting from..

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Reading EXIF/MetaData From CRW ( Or Other RAW Files ) With Script?

Pretty much as the title says, I've had a search around but been unable to find anything. I can read TIFF and JPEG files, but I've not found anything to read RAW files. Does anyone know of anything PHP or otherwise that can do this (if otherwise, then something I can use with PHP).

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Read Metadata Added By Apple Final Cut?

I am editing some videos in Final Cut and I would like to make these available on my website. I have added some keywords to the videos. Is there a way I can extract/read these keywords using php scripts?

Is this metadata stored in the same way as ID3 tags? How can the php script read them?

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Read Quicktime File Chapter Metadata?

Does anyone know of a way using php, perl, or python I can read the chapter name and chapter start time from a quicktime video file in a .mov container on a linux system?

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Enable Cache(MetaData) On Session Table?

i am using Zend_Session_SaveHandler_DbTable to store the session in a table

my profiler tells me that on each page request zend does:

# Query Time

(1) connect 0.0032038688659668

(2) DESCRIBE session 0.0041539669036865

(3) SELECT session.* FROM session WHERE (((session.session_id = '7nnan8ltd6h64sigs6dlkicvh0' AND session.save_path = '' AND = 'PHPSESSID'))) 0.00057697296142578

Total time : 0.008 sec

when i do queries on other tables, zend DESCRIBEs them once(the first time it access that table), then if i refresh the page it only does the query with no Describe, on the session table it does DESCRIBE on every page (since i use authentication ... )

how can i cache only the metadata on the session table?

i am currently using this

class Gestionale_Application_Resource_Cache extends Zend_Application_Resource_ResourceAbstract{
public function init ()
$options = $this->getOptions();
// Get a Zend_Cache_Core object


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Reading Title And Description Metadata From Image?

I need to read metadata from an image. At present I'm concerned about the title and description fields. Is there a way to read this information from a jpeg image? If php can't do it, can I do it in javascript? If I can't read either of these fields, are there other exit or iptc fields I CAN read that are text and big enough to put a title and description in ?

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Linux - Obtain Picture Metadata Using Perl?

How do I obtain the metadata for a png or jpg image? I have a few thousand images that get processed by a perl script. One of the things that I need to be able to get from each image is the metadata for them. The most important information is the date listed in bold. I would like to have a script I can run that will grab the date info from each of the pictures that I process. It would be ideal if it is in perl, but php would work too. this is running on a Linux system.

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