Save Data From An HTML Form To A Database Table In WordPress?

Mar 13, 2011

I have a WordPress theme, and I'm trying to save data from an HTML form into a database.I made the HTML form and added a "save & close" button which calls a JavaScript function named saveData() that takes the data from the form and sends it to addrow.php, which should save the data into a database table named vel.

I think the problem is in addrow.php because in WordPress, one needs to use the global $wpdb or some other thing.What would be a simple example be for how to save data from an HTML form into a database table in a WordPress-powered application?

The addrow.php code:

// Gets data from URL parameters
$nombre = $_GET['nombre'];


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Allow User Insert Data To Mysql Table And Save It To A Html File

i would like to create a php code which allow user insert data to mysql table and save it to a html file. there are two part of my design, the first part allow user insert data to mysql.. like this

<form action="insert.php" method="post">
<p>size:<input type="text" name="size" /></p>
<p>color: <input type="text" name="color" /></p>
<p>name: <input type="text" name="name" /></p>
<p>Length: <input type="text" name="length" /></p>
<p>heigth: <input type="text" name="heigth" /></p>
<input type="submit" />

The problem is that i want every column retrieve data from mysql, so according to my method, there will be a lot of php script (start from <?php.............?>) replace to color, size, length, height. This method seems so stupid, i would like to know how does you guys make it. The second problem is that ("SELECT * FROM example WHERE id IN (3)" ). how can i automate the where id in (y) , i dont want to change every html to display the correct data.

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Wordpress Adding Data To Table (database)?

I have a custom table in my WordPress database named "post_votes" used for voting post? Whenever I publish a new post can I simultaneously add some data to that table as well? I'm trying to achieve this without editing any wp core files. Perhaps a function if possible.

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Save Form Data To Database Then Do Form Action?

I have an even registration form which a customer fills out and then clicks submit. On submit they are taken to my merchant processor to enter their credit card information and then redirected back to my site. However, I collect additional information about the customer that is not sent to the merchant provider. For example: Age.

When the customer clicks submit I want to save their information into my database, and then have them go to the merchant page. I do not want to add another step for them to click anything. What I want to happen is:

1.Customer fills out form.

2. Clicks submit

3. Customer information is entered into table

4. Customer is brought to the page to enter their credit card

5. Customer clicks submit and their card is approved or declined and they are redirected back to my site.

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Adding Html Tags To Form Input And Save In Database?

I use this to get info from post values and save it to database. The problem is that it doesnot add html tags like <br /> or <strong> to database. What am I doing wrong?PHP Code:

<?php //Connect to database, all incoming posts from sql injection
$cat= new mysql($db_host, $db_user, $db_password, $db);
$cat->connect(); $cat->select();


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Create Html Form Data Store In Xml File And Save In Desktop

create the html form data store in xml file and xml file save in Desktop

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Survey Written In HTML Using Generic HTML Form Processor, Won't Save A User's Data If The User Clicks The Previous Button?

I'm using Generic HTML Form Processor in combination with an xampp lite installation to save data into a MYSQL database. However, I've encountered a problem while writing a multi-page survey. If users use the previous and forward buttons coded like:

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Previous Page" onClick="history.go(-1);">
<input type="submit" value="Go to last page">

The next button differs slightly per page. For example, on page 1 it's:

<input value="Next Page" type="submit">

Users can go back and forth in the survey. I would prefer them to use the backwards and forward button to let the browser take care of saving the data but sadly it's not an option. The next button is linked to a hidden input code like:

<input type="hidden" name="next_page" value="http://localhost/quislast.html">

It works like a dream except for one problem. Imagine there are three pages, A, B, and C. If a user is on page C, and they click the previous button twice so they return to page A. If they then click the next page button, the form data (radio buttons) that the users select on pages B and C are no longer remembered. The users then have to re-select their answers before submitting the form.

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Save Dynamic Form Data From Javascript To Database With A Query?

So I have a script that makes dynamic form content and each input has a name of "field-1", "field-2", etc. up until the last input is created by the script. How can I save the form made to the database?I only know how to do this in a traditional way where you make like 5 static inputs and give them static names and ids then use the either post or get go formulate the mysql_query.But in my case, the inputs can range from 3 - 200 inputs. and each have a similar name/id of "field+num++"

My html code:

<form id="myForm">

My JS code that will append to my HTML form:

var $int = $('');
$int.html(function(i, html) {
return html.replace(/(d+)(.+)/,function(str,s1,s2){[code]....

more are created on the fly with the script, this can make like 300 sets of these 4 inputs

then I would like to do something like

mysql_query("INSERT INTO `table` (`scene_num`, `int_ext`, `scene_desct`, `day_night`) VALUES ('{$scene}', '{$int_ext}', '{$scene_desct}', '{$day_night}')");

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Save Dynamic Form Data From Javascript To Database With A Query?

So I have a script that makes dynamic form content and each input has a name of "field-1", "field-2", etc. up until the last input is created by the script.

How can I save the form made to the database?

I only know how to do this in a traditional way where you make like 5 static inputs and give them static names and ids then use the either post or get go formulate the mysql_query.

But in my case, the inputs can range from 3 - 200 inputs. and each have a similar name/id of "field+num++"

My html code:

<form id="myForm">

My JS code that will append to my HTML form:

var $int = $('');
$int.html(function(i, html) {
return html.replace(/(d+)(.+)/,function(str,s1,s2){
var text = s2.split('.');


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How To Insert Data Into One Form ,the Form Include 2 Table Data In Database

i had create a form and i want to insert the data, but my form was include the data from 2 table , wat will be the query looked like, can somebody give me the example ? How to do it?

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Insert Data From Html Form Into Database Without Using HTML POST Method?

I would like to know if there is any other way using javascript or something to enter the user input directly to database without using POST method.

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Pull Database Table Into Html Form?

I have a form that is submitting to a database currently. I would like to check the data and be able to update it with a notes section.

The form is currently 80 text boxes, dropdowns, and text areas being submitted to the database. I need this info to populate after the user id is entered and a button is pressed. I will have to update this page frequently with notes. I am going to create a new table just for the notes and will attach the customer id to it also.

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Create A Data Entry HTML Form For Given Table

I am working on a simple web site updating utility for a web site. Rather than hard code the data entry forms, I would like to automactically generate them based upon the table a user selects to update or insert into. What is the best way to approach this?

for "insert" should I use the MySQL DESCRIBE table command and build a form element for each field according to its data type? for "update" should I use the DESCRIBE command to build the form as above and SELECT statement to populate each element with data, or should I just use a SELECT statement to retrieve the data and use php to determine the field type and choose an appropriate form element?

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Convert Html Data In Table To Input Form?

I have a table that is passed via ajax and displayed. When the code is passed, it also passed all the javascript associated with the pass, as the code doesn't seem to work if I just put it in the page that it is being passed to.

When I click a in the table that has been passed, I would like to take the data convert it to a input field. Each TD has a class of table2, so in theory this should be simple.

function () {
var html = $(this).html();
$(this).empty().html('<input name="" type="text" value="' + html + ' " />);

But I get a

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /products.php on line 90

When I try to do an ajax call on it.

If I try creating php variables, and passing the form data that way, I get an illegal XML error.

The reason I didn't include the PHP is that it is rather lengthy, and all it is doing is echoing some HTML/JS:

$dbh=mysql_connect ("name","user", "pass") or die('I cannot connect to the database because:'. mysql_error());
echo '<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">


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Convert Html Table Data To Form Using JQuery?

I am attempting to retrieve data from a table on another website using YQL and display the data in a form on my website using jQuery. I have been successful retrieving the data and displaying it on my website as-is, however, I am not sure where to start to put the data into my form inputs.The data being retrieved looks like this:

<tr class="">[code]...

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Select Data From Table And Place It In HTML Form?

how can we select date of birth from db and break it into three variables so year stores in $year month stores in $month and day stores in $day. i need this because i have a form with three select menus so when user clicks edit to edit his date of birth then it select dob from db put the current dob in those select menus. my form is below

Code: [Select]<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">


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Mysql Database Data Into Html Table Limiting Column?

My script is retrieving images from a database and displaying the images in a table. I want to have the table have 4 columns of images before it breaks the row and starts over. I've found some helpful answers on this forum but after re-organizing and fussing with the code it displays every image in it's own table rather than adding the row breaks after every fourth image.

include_once "connect.php";
$userid = $_SESSION['id'];
$albumid = $_GET['album'];

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Add Data From Html Table (rendered From A Page) To Mysql Database?

I have a form at [URL] which shows results if a proper roll number is entered... the results are fetched from [UTL] site and only the table is shown... now i want to add the data of the table to my database using php.

for example if the roll number entered is 1rn06cs006

the page will show the results as
SubjectExternal InternalTotalResult
Advanced Computer Architectures (06CS81)592382P
System Modeling and Simulation (06CS82)552277P
Project Work (06CS85)9797194P
Information and Network Security (06CS835)592079P
Seminar (06CS86)04949P
Programming Languages (06CS846)602484P
Total Marks:565

now i want the data from this table to be stored to my database so that if the same roll number is searched again... the result should be shown from my database and not from [URL]

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Save A Date From A Html Form In Mysql Database In The "dd-mm-yyyy" Format?

-how to save a date from a html form in mysql database in the dd-mm-yyyy format?

- i have a website with users being able to publish their concerts. I wish to SHOW in php all the concerts that are about to be HELD, and all concerts that have passed, i would like them to be not showns... is it possible?

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Display Data From Database In Table Form?

how i want to display data from database to look like this :

<table width="633" height="224" border="1">
<tr bgcolor="#999900">
<td width="45">Bil</td>
<td width="121">Course_name</td>
<td width="83">session</td>
<td width="83">start_date</td>


** all the view data is called from database including the icon image

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Selecting Some Data From A MySQL Database And Fetching It Into A Fluid Html Table

I'm having some issues selecting some data from a mySQL database and fetching it into a fluid html table. Basicly what I want is a table with 4 columns and a X number of rows depending on how much entry is stored in the DB. Here's the SELECT code :

Code: [Select]<?php
mysql_connect("host", "user", "pass") or die(mysql_error());
mysql_select_db("DB") or die(mysql_error());
$id = $_GET['id'];
$data = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM artist_gallery WHERE artist_picid='$id'")
or die(mysql_error());
while($info = mysql_fetch_array( $data ))

Here the part I just can't figure.... what I want is to fetch the x number of picture in the DB into a html table:


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Form To Add Other Data To The Same Table And Database After The Session Login

I have a session login that has an submit page to create an account.

I want to create another form to add other data to the same table and database after the session login. I want to use hidden fields based on the session data already in the database to asssit the user without re-entering the same data again.

can someone show me an example of 3 user entered text inputs and two existing input from the mysql database based on the session information. Code:

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Extracting Table Field To Html Form Then Inserting Values Back In Database

I have a table in my database that look like this: id - name - orderno

the table has data in the fields of id and name but orderno is empty. I made a html form based on the data of this field, in front of each name field there is an text input field. when the user submits the data I want every value in the text input field to be inserted in the orderno of the relevant id.

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Enter Data In Database From HTML Form?

I am trying to use this script to enter data into my database from an html form. this code is not working. plz tell me where the error is form is

<title> Review, Ratings, Opinions Site </title>


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Insert Data Into Database From A Html Form?

i am trying to insert data into database from an html form which contains dropdown list boxes in php using mysql as database. syntax to insert data into table from a drop downmenu in php

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Inserting Data From A HTML Form Into A Database

inserting data from a HTML form into a database using PhP, without opening other page when submit.
I have the basic PhP code (insert.php):

$con = mysql_connect("localhost","user","pass");
if (!$con)
die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
mysql_select_db("my_db", $con);
mysql_query("INSERT INTO table (value1, value2, value3)
VALUES ('x', 'y', 'z')");

So, what I want to make is when I click on submit to display a message (succesful or error) in the same page with form.

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