Resolving Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method Facebook::getSession() During Facebook Authentication?

May 25, 2011

i am currently working on facebook connect login page for my web page.but i keep receiving 'call to undefined method' error message at line 24:

$session = $facebook->getSession();

when i remove line 24 everything seems to run smoothly . as i am following a tutorial at

http:[url]...and.html and http:[url]....the error message is

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Facebook::getSession() in C:xampphtdocskiteindex.php on line 24

here is my code:

<?php session_start();
include "resources/Connections/kite.php";[code]....

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Facebook SDK GetSession Method Always NULL?

I'm really confused about the Facebook session related methods. Everything besides the ->API method in which you have to supply an access token now seems to rely on getSession returning whatever is expected to be in a valid session (I know access token is one of those things).My code performs the oAuth handshake and gets a valid access token which I store to $params['access_token'] and then can call the method ->api(/me, $params['access_token']) to get data back.How do I set a valid session to the FB object so that I can use the other methods, such as ->getLogoutURL? I know there is a ->setSession method but I don't know what it is expecting as input.Hopefully my question is clear...1. I can get a valid access token2. How do I make the ->getSession method return anything other than NULL?

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method?

I am having this error Fatal error: Call to undefined method RecursiveArrayIterator::fetch_array() on line 128

$hierachy = new hierachy;
$iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(new recursiveArrayIterator($hierachy->getSamelevelNode($name1)));

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Call To Undefined Method SimpleXMLElement - Fatal Error

i am having a code which parses the xml text which is obtained from google search it used to working fine before , I think after updating my version infos it not working fine what might be the problem i am getting the following error Fatal error: Call to undefined method SimpleXMLElement::child_nodes() in /home/search.php in line 70 let me know how can i solve this problem This code is used in smarty And it gets the response string from curl.

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method PDO::close()

i have got that error and the line was this :

public function __destruct() {

i use PDO, is this the problem, does the PDO driver don't recognize this function? if yes, what is its equivalent in PDO ?

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method After Uploading On The Web?

I have some pages, which work fine locally(using WAMP and error_reporting E_ALL in php.ini), but once I upload them, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB::exists()

The method is there, and I don't know why it can't be seen.

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Fatal Error : Call To Undefined Method Log::setUserId() ?

I have a generic Logger class that looks like this:

class Logger {


public function add($userId, $siteId, $logTypeId, $message) {
$Log = LogMapper::create();


I have two other classes, LogMapper and Log, which Logger uses to write records to a database.I also have a mechanism that emails me when a fatal error occurs. I received the following in about a dozen emails: Call to undefined method Log::setUserId()

My application uses autoloading, and I first thought that may be the problem, but clearly the Logger class is being loaded, and so autoloading has not broken. The path for the Log class is correct in the autoloader...and clearly the Log class has been loaded--otherwise a "Class 'Log' not found" error would have been thrown.

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method Session?

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Session::ismod() in /home/a1535619/public_html/main.php on line 38

Code: [Select] ."[<a href="userinfo.php?user=$session->username">My Account</a>] "
."[<a href="useredit.php">Edit Account</a>] ";
echo "[<a href="admin.php">Admin Center</a>] "


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XML_RPC_Response Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method Kindof

I am new to php5 programming :)

I redirect users to another server to login. After they login
successfully, they will be redirected to test.php. The server provides
xml_rpc interface so I can communicate with it. After running my
scripts, I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method XML_RPC_Response::kindOf() in /
usr/share/PEAR/XML/RPC.php on line 1972

It seems it is these two lines that cause problems:

I do get some response from the server, though.

The followings are my scripts:



ini_set('display_errors', true);


$test=new cwl();





require 'XML/RPC.php'
ini_set('display_errors', true);

class cwl{

private $cwlURL;
private $xmlrpcPath;
private $appID;
private $appIDPassword;
private $cwlClient;
private $sessionTicket;
private $params;.....

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method Mysqli_stmt::fetch_array()

in this code i get the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method mysqli_stmt::fetch_array()

What is the problem?

$search= "player";
($sql = $db->prepare('select job from jobs where job like ?'));
$sql->bind_param('s', $search);


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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method SplFileInfo::getRealPath()?

I've got a client who has just set up a new VPN and is attempting to install my plugin.He's getting the following error:Fatal error: Call to undefined method SplFileInfo::getRealPath() on the commented line below. This appears to have something to do with the ZEND libraries. Any ideas what I should tell him to do?

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method Date::shortYear()

This line of code:

echo "<strong> {$this->author->last} {$this->date->shortYear()}</strong> ...";

gives me this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Date::shortYear() in /f5/debate/public/libs/Card.php on line 22. Even though in Date.php (which is included in Card.php):

class Date {
public $day;
public $month;
public $year;
public function shortYear() {
return substr($this->year, -2);

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method Net_SMTP::getGreeting()

I get this error when sending emails with the PEAR Net_SMTP module:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Net_SMTP::getGreeting() in /home/test/Mail/smtp.php on line 316

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method CI_DB_mysql_driver::result() - CodeIgniter?

I have CodeIgniter error below,

function check_email()

why is it when i include th result() method it show an error mesage?

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Fatal Error: Call To A Member Function Fql_query() On A Non-object In Facebook?

I have a problem with my php script which im developing for my facebook application this is my php code

PHP Code:
$app_name = "GAME";

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Getting Error: Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method

I'm running this code:

$db = new Mongo("[URL]...;
$collection = $db->foobar;

I'm trying to test mongohq by just creating a random collection. I'm getting this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method MongoDB::insert() in /ajax/db.php on line 24. I have the client installed as far as I know: I'm also running php 5.2.6. What's the problem?

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Swift Mailer With Kohana Wrapper - Fatal Error - Call To Undefined Method

My current code is this

$swift = email::connect();
->setFrom(array('[URL]' => 'Alex'))
->setTo(array('[URL]'=> 'Alex'))
->attach(Swift_Attachment::fromPath(DOCROOT . 'assets/attachments/instructions.pdf'));

The email::connect() returns an instance of SwiftMailer. As per these docs, it would seem that it should work. However, I get an error Fatal error: Call to undefined method Swift_Mailer::setSubject() in /home/user/public_html/application/classes/controller/properties.php on line 45 I've seen that email::connect() does exactly what the example code in the docs does. That is include the correct file return an instance of the library What am I doing wrong?

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Passing Parameters In XML - Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method XSLTProcessor::addParameter()

i'm trying to implement paging in xml using this code and got around to making it work. while it works perfectly, there is a small issue, that when i click on the NEXT button, it keeps reloading the page with the same initial records. it does not take the user to the next page.

i came across this link wherein the poster had a similar issue, and it seems from the answers parameters need to be passed. however, the guy in that link was using MM_XSLTransform, while i'm not. hence when i try to implement this code in index.php:

$xsl->addParameter("Page", $_GET["Page"]);
$xsl->addParameter("PageSize", $_GET["PageSize"]);

it throws an error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method XSLTProcessor::addParameter()


php code:

ini_set("display_errors", 1);
$xmldoc = new DOMDocument();

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Overide Parent Function In Stub - Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Method DbConnect?

This is probably an easy one for some of you. I'm trying to test a protected method on a small DB connection class I have. Relevant code is as follows:

class DbConnect{

* Connexion MSSQL local[code]....

To test the method, I had the bright idea (probably from a post here somewhere) to subclass and call from there. I created a subclass, right at bottom of my test file. I obviously could not override the visibility of the method to public, so decided another approach in the stub: declare a public method that calls the parent's protected localConnect method:

class DBConnectStub extends DBconnect{
public function callLocalConnect($localConfig){
The weird part, when I run the test, php spits out:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method DbConnect::callLocalConnect() in C: irelinkCRMsync est
irelinkCRMSyncDBConnectTest.php on line 82.

The object is properly instanciated, but why is the method not defined, surely there is a detail that has eluded me. Is this approach valid or is there a better way?

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CakePHP Facebook Integration Tutorial "Fatal Error: Call To A Member Function Share() On A Non-object"

I'm doing this tutorial here: [URL].._facebook_integration_with_cakephp I baked a new project with cake bake facebook_app and set the configuration database file to the correct settings and the default cakePHP screen showed that tmp directory was writable, DB setup was good, etc.

I downloaded the CakePHP plugin by WebTechNick here:, and filled out app information (app_secret, app_id, etc), adding it to facebook_app/config/facebook.php

Changed facebook_app/app_controller.php:
class AppController extends Controller {
var $name = 'Facebook';
var $helpers = array('Session', 'Facebook.Facebook');


I realize that means PHP didn't recognize Facebook as an object. But I installed the plugin! Also, it seems not MVCish to have something like $this->Facebook->share(); in a view (home.ctp). However, this is exactly how WebTechNick does it in his tutorial (I followed it exactly 3x) and it does not work for me. I'm a complete noob at cakePHP (although I've read the entire documentation) and I'm just trying to learn and understand through examples.

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Facebook SDK GetUser() Method Returning Uid Even After Unauthorizing Application From Facebook?

I'm writing a web app that uses facebook's PHP SDK. I'm using the getUser() method to authenticate users similar to this:

$user = $this->facebook->getUser();
$loginUrl = $this->facebook->getLoginUrl(array(
'scope' => 'email,publish_stream',


What I don't understand is why getUser() continues to return my facebook uid even after I've removed the app from my facbeook privacy settings in facebook.

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Mysqli Extend - Fatal Error: "Call To Undefined Method Mysqli"

i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. Im extending the mysqli class but can't seem to call the error function..


Fatal error: Call to undefined method mysqli::error() in C:wampwwwvhdocs estmysqli.class.php on line 31. i've also tried parent::mysqli_error and had the same error... I cant see why i cant call the error.....

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Facebook Authentication Using $_GET Error

Failing the facebook PHP OAUTH authentication (the user presses don't allow for example) means facebook adds the correct $_GET endings to the redirect URI i pass it. For example:[URL].. No problems there. I can use $_GET to get the error reason and inform the user of what they did wrong.

If it passes however, facebook adds[URL].. A hash symbol instead of a question mark. And I can't get the authentication code using $_GET. Why? Any Help?

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Class - Method Call Reports Error About Undefined Method

I believe my class is correct but when I try to echo the output of the class I get an error on line 28: the line " echo 'Your full name ...." is line 28.

echo 'Your full name is ' . $person->retrieve_full_name() . '.';

This is where I created the function "retrieve_full_name"

public function __retrieve_full_name() {
$fullname = $this->firstname . ' . ' . $this->lastname;
return $fullname;
}/* This ends the Full Name Function*/

the error I get is Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::retrieve_full_name() in /home/mjcrawle/processlogin2.php on line 28

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Function :

I'm working in an environment that only uses windows!!! HELP!!! but because of this I must test and use everything on windows. So, I'm using PHP 4.06, Apache 1.3.2 and Windows 2000 pro. Everything works. But here is my problem. I tried setting up functionality with fdftk. What I tried doing is setting up my extension directory and the extension=php_fdf.dll in my php.ini file. When I try to run my script I get an error like this: Fatal Error: Call to undefined function : fdf_open().

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Fatal Error: Call To Undefined Function: ()

I am currently butting my head against a brick wall with a problem right now. I am trying to use two arrays to track an item and it's quantity. When ever the script runs it says I keep getting this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in /info/www/docs/cpcdb/search/addcart.php on line 109

This error occurs on the first time the session is initialized. The called function is get(). When I reload the page (reloading session) I get a new error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in /info/www/docs/cpcdb/search/addcart.php on line 93

which occurs in a branch of an if statement that checks to see if my arrays are not empty. The function called on line 93 is upditem. Code:

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