Create A Link Inside A Body Of A Text Email?

I have a .php that contents the body of a text email.In that body I want to create a link that when the user receives the email can be clicked.How to create that link?


Function To Exclude All The Text In The Body Tag Except The Table Tags And The Text Inside It ?

i have html file contains tables and text, i need a function to exclude all the text in the body tag except the table tags and the text inside it .

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Automatically Create Email Link From A Static Text?

I'm trying to figure out how to automatically link the email addresses contained in a simple text from the db when it's printed in the page, using php.

Example, now I have:

[url]....And I would like to convert it (on the fly) to:

Lorem ipsum dolor [url].....

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Html - Remove Link And Style Tags Inside Body?

I must cleanup some HTML code to remove <style> and <link> tags inside the <body> tag.I'm already using PHP Tidy to do some cleanup but I did not found how to remove those tags with PHP Tidy.Or maybe another markup cleaner PHP class...

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Encoding Mailto Link With Body Text?

I'm trying to create a mailto link using PHP. Basically my function gets the body text from database and then creates the html tag like this:

<a href="mailto:?subject=sample&body=sometexthere">send</a>

well, the problem is that my body text may contain non standard characters, like accents and so, so i need to encode the body text before output it; but i don't know how to do it because when my mail client opens (Windows Live Mail) it displays wrong characters for the body.

How can i solve this? what is the right encoding to use unicode text into the body?

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Additional Text In The Email Body?

I'm building a simple order system and want to send an email after the form is submitted. My PHP code looks similar to this:

$headers = "From: $email


That works fine, except in the body of the email I get the value of $item1 string at the very beginning, before the "Message sent..." - just like I added it to the $message (which I don't as far as I can see).

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Imap - Extract Body Text From Email?

I am currently using an imap stream to get emails from an inbox. Everything is working fine except I am unsure how to get the body text and title of the email. If I do imap_body($connection,$message) the base 64 equivalent of the email attachment is included in the text.

I am currently using this function to get the attachments.


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From Contact Form To Email Body Text?

how can I pass these variables into the email body text the way i want?

for example:I have these three data from my contact form:

PHP Code:
$DD = Trim(stripslashes($_POST['DD']));   //day
$MM = Trim(stripslashes($_POST['MM']));   //Month
$YY = Trim(stripslashes($_POST['YY']));   //Year 

and i would like to receive them like this "Date: DD/MM/YY" in my email body text.
I have this:

PHP Code:
$Body .= "Date: ";
$Body .= $DD $MM $YY; 

what should i put between variables to work fine?

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$msg(body Text Of Email) Variable In The Mail Function.

I have a question about the $msg(body text of email) variable in the mail function.
Is it possible to place logic in this variable? I have form that uploads 4 or so pictures and stores them in a database. After the upload the database prints the form data. btw, i am just storing the URL's in the database not the actual images.

Therefore the files show up as URL's to where the images are kept. Sometimes there may only be 1 file uploaded. When I print the record to the browser from the database I have added if/else statments like this: Code:

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Convert RAW Email Body Messages To Plain Text?

Im currently working on a PHP script that will automate inserting comments into a database. I have everything working perfectly except one small problem...

The message body when emailed and inserted into the database looks as follows:


This is happening as im sending the email from a webmail client (Gmail), If I was to send the email in plain text then there is not a problem - However the software that im developing is a bug tracking system which is opensource and will be released soon called ElvinBTS, Therefore its not as simple as telling everyone to only reply to email notifications using plain text emails.

PHP class or function that can convert raw email body (not headers, I already have this sorted) into simple plain text (if possible strip the HTML out too, if the email is HTML format).

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Email - Mail() Has The Message Source Displayed As The Body Text

I have been having an ongoing fight with this email setup. The code below works on my server but on the client's server it displays the message source (from reply to) as the message body. The server it is on is a plesk server. I am sure it is a problem with with the header because if I take out the reply to header it displays correctly in hotmail and googlemail, but not regular email accounts.

UPDATE: It displays fine in my email account using thunderbird but my boss, using macmail, still gets nothing but lines of source code. we both use the same server for our emails.

SECOND UPDATE: It now works in everything i have access to except for macmail. The file simply won't open, saying it's corrupt or not recognized.


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Get The Users To Enter Text In Fields On A Form And Use These For The Subject And Body Of The Email

I now have to send emails in html format, but the client wants to be able to write their own mails and include their own markup html. The way I used to do it, was have my own template, and get the users to enter text in fields on a form and use these for the subject and body of the email. I notice that phpmailer can use and external html file, is it better practice to get my code to create the html file?

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Create Link Inside Html Table?

I have the following code to generate a table

$query = $this->search_employee->getAll($config['per_page'], $this->uri->segment(3));
$this->table->set_heading('Name', 'Department');
$tmp = array ( 'table_open' => '<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1" width="70%">' );
$data['main_content'] = 'display_professors';
$data['table'] = $this->table->generate($query);

My question is how could i create a link under to each row under the Name column that links to view_employee/ID I am using codeigniter's table class

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Creating A Link Inside A String Of Text

First I want to grab a string of text from a database like so,

$query = "SELECT text FROM $database WHERE id = '$id'";

The text will look something like this,

echo "This is some text about widget nuggets and how they work";

What I want to do is put the word "widget nuggets" inside a function that will turn it into a link like this,

echo "This is some text about ". link( 'widget nuggets' ) ." and how they work";

My first thought on how to approach this would be to add some type of identifier around the text in the database I want to be turned into a link like so,

"This is some text about ^widget nuggets* and how they work"

What symbols would you use? What symbols are allowed in mysql?

Anyway, now that i've marked the text to be put inside a function what would be the best approach to searching the string for this text?

My current thought would be to count the length of the string and then do a substr search for the occurences of the characters and insert the function call in the appropriate places. I am also thinking about preg_match but I am thinking there is a better and more effecient way to do this.

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Link List Inside A Text Area

I have this REALLY long link list that is dynamic. It shows what images have been uploaded. Because this list is so long, I want to put it into a container. So I thought I'd use a textarea becuase I can control the rows and columns. They way I'd like it to work is have a table with two columns. Inthe left cloumn I wish to have this textarea box populated with links to the images. These are text link the the link names are the filenames themselves. Upon Clicking one of these link results in the actual image being displayed inthe right column. Here's the PHP of the image link list

$html_img_lst = "<table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' border='0' width='100%'>";
for ($i = 0; $i < count($files); $i++) {
////$html_img_lst .= "<tr><td><a href="javascript:getImage('".$files[$i]['name']."');">".$files[$i]['name']."</a></td><td align='right'>".format_size($files[$i]['size'])."</td></tr>
$html_img_lst .= "<tr><td><a href="javascript:getImage('".$files[$i]['name']."');">".$files[$i]['display']."</a></td><td align='right'>".format_size($files[Code].....

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Separate Each Link That Is Placed Inside The Text Area?

Ive got a text area and i want to separate each link that is placed inside the text area,.

Is there a way using php exlode or somthing to reconise that the link has finished? Each of the links in the text area are on a new line.

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Create Links Inside An Email Content?

How can I create links inside an email content? can you send me a code for that?

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Create A Link Between An Email And My Web-app ?

I've seen on site like flickr or brightkite, a personnal email is provided to the users.If the user mail somethin to this adresse, the content is posted on his public profile.How can I do that on a web application ?

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Create Link In Notification Email Like Facebook?

i wanna ask about how to make link in notification email like facebook's notification email?

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Create Email LINK With HTML Style?

The web site is on online library where the user finds a book and sends an email to the owner of the book.My PHP creates a table of results based upon a query. One of the cells in the table includes an email link to the owner of the book. Clicking on the link opens up the user's email program with an email mostly filled in. (To, Subject,and most of the Body) The user adds a bit more to the message and then sends the email with his request.

This all works perfectly. The pertinent code is:

$body = "
Media: ".$row[1].",  titled "".$title.""";
if ($by<>"") {$body = $body." and authored by "".$author.""";}[code]....

I would like to add some <i>style</i> to the actual email letter - just bold and italics. For example, putting the Title in bold and the Author in Italics.Sending email with style from PHP is discussed on the web, but not creating a link that will create an email message in the users email program.

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Create A BbCode Tag That Would Leave The Text Inside It The Way It Is Without A Change

I'd like to create a bbCode tag, that would leave the text inside it the way it is without a change. Like that:

[ img ]blah[/ img ]
[ url=blah ]blah[/ url ]

Now the code above has to be changed to this:

<a href="blah">blah</a>

After all the tags are parsed, the htmlspecialcharacters are applied to the entire string, so how do i only apply it to the parts that were not between [html] and [/html] tags?

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Links To Email The Text Not Match The Link?

I am having trouble get links to email when the Link Text does not match the link.


Is there a workaround for this?Or is this just a limitation of PHP?The thing is that I want to put 3 options in each email.each of which sends a different response to a script that will enter their response into the database.the links are this long and non-descriptive.

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Create A New Record Text Link Clicked?

I know with a submit button I can have a new record created when clicking it, but is it possible to do with a text link?

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Email Which Will Send What Is Written In A Text Box And The Corrosponding Link

what im trying to do is when a comment is written on an image, the link to that page is written in an email and what was typed into the comments box. the only problem is i tried doing a simple test with a simple email script from what i think was tizag but as im using a server i dont know what else i would need to put into an email script to make it work. i also have no idea how to grab the link from the page your on and write that.

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Link In Email Displaying Full URL Rather Than Just Anchor Text?

I am using the code below to send out an email if certain conditions are met. It works fairly well. However, $link1 displays as a full URL rather than just as anchor text. How could I make just the anchor text display?

$querye = mysql_query("SELECT subcheck FROM submission WHERE subcheck = '1' AND submissionid = '$submissionid' ");
if (mysql_num_rows($querye) == 1)
$email_query = "SELECT email FROM login WHERE username = '$submittor'";


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Add A File To The Link To Populate The Body Of The Second Page?

Basically, I have 2 pages:

Image.php has a link that currently looks like this:

HTML Code:
<a href="image_temp.php?name=<?php echo htmlspecialchars("Image 1"); ?>">Image 1</a>

It's sending a page title to 'image_temp.php', which looks like this:

HTML Code:

So, populating the page title works fine.My question is, how can I also add a file to the link to populate the body of the second page with a file, 01.jpg, for instance.?

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Email A File As The Body Of Email

i have a file....:

<?php echo $USer_Name; ?>

assuming its called email.php, how would i send that file as the body of an email using mail(), coudl i do it.  and if so, how..

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Code For Decode Link Address From A Message Body?

I need a code for take the link address that be in the email message body. Now i take message body in a variable and i can print that one on the screen. Now i need to take the link contained in it. Or otherwise need a code for converting that text file in t an html format .

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Extract Body From Email

Is there a way to extract just the text part of an IMAP email body without all the gumf at the top? i.e. - the main message part of the email.

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Email With Body From Sql Field

I have some stored email templates in a Microsoft SQL Table called emails

In the table I have fields for email_subject and email_body

In the body is a standard html email template such as Dear $name, blah blah

If I use ;

$name = Joe Bloggs

$body = $crm_email_body ;

$success = mail("$to", "$subject", "$body", "$header");

The mail works fine but the $name doesn't change to "Joe Blogs" it stays as $name

Is there a way around this?

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Extract Email-body

Is it possible to extract the email-body from a IMAP-mail-file. The function 'imap_body()' expects that I'm connected to an IMAP-server, but I'm not. I just have the file. So I'm looking for a possiblity to use imap_body and give the name of the file as a parameter.

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