Embed HTML In The Middle Of A Ternary Operator Somehow?

For example, can I do something like the following?

<? $foobar = 1;
$foobar==0 ? ?>
<span>html goes here.</span>
<? : ?>
<span>something else.</span>
<? ; ?>

That code won't work. So i'm guessing it's not possible, or is it?


Ternary Operator

i was wondering if it was possible to use functions within a one liner ternary operator. and if you could give an example of what it would look like.

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Ternary Operator?


I think this is called a ternary operator, I've read about it on a few sites including the PHP manual but I am still confused as to how it works... can someone please explain rather elaborately... as I just don't get it.

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Problem With Ternary Operator

I have a book that I've been using to learn PHP and MySQL. In it, it uses some code to show you how to use hidden fields which is not working correctly. Code:

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Ternary Operator Problem

PHP Code:

print_r("otherText = $otherText<P>"); // PRINTS "blah blah blah<P>"
            $html .= ($otherText) ? htmlspecialchars($otherText) : ($result[$i]->display) ? 'zz' . str_replace('', '', $result[$i]->display) : 'qq' . $result[$i]->label;

This variation of the ternary operator should produce the first result since $otherText exists, however, it constantly produces 'zz'. NULL, even though $result[$i]->display does not exist.

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Using Return In Ternary Operator

I'm trying to use return in a ternary operator, but receive an error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_RETURN

Here's the code:

$e = $this->return_errors();
(!$e) ? '' : return array('false', $e);

Is this possible?

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Ternary Operator Not Working

The code below takes an array value, if it's key exist it should echo out it's value, the ternary if/else part works but the value is not showing up, can anyone figure out why it won't?

$signup_errors['captcha'] = 'error-class';
echo(array_key_exists('captcha', $signup_errors)) ? $signup_errors['catcha'] : 'false';

Also where I have it echo out false, I do not need an output if a key does not exist, should I just delete the word false or is there something else to make the code only show 1 value?

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Ternary Operator Syntax

this code is giving me a T_ECHO error can anyone look at the syntax for me.

$is_this_admin = ($admin == 'Site Administrator') ? echo '[<a class="altlink" href="edit.php?id='.$id.'&editedby='.$upper.'"><b>EDIT</b></a>]-[<a class="altlink" href="delete.php?id='.$id.'"><b>DELETE</b></a>]'; : echo "";

am i allowed to have an echo in this type of function at all?

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Create A Ternary Operator For This Statement?

function integer($str)
if(preg_match('/[^0-9]/', $str))

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Undefined Index Using Ternary Operator?

my PHP version is 5.3.5.The code:

$num = $_REQUEST['num'] ?: 7;

The error:Notice: Undefined index: num in C:path ofile.php on line 34

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Difference Between Ternary Operator And If Condition?

Is there difference between ternary operator and if condition in php ?

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Explain Ternary Conditional Operator?

Explain the ternary conditional operator in PHP?

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Pass By Reference While Using The Ternary Operator?

Simple question, simple code. This works:

$x = &$_SESSION['foo'];
This does not:
$x = (isset($_SESSION['foo']))?&$_SESSION['foo']:false;

It throws PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&'. Is it just not possible to pass by reference while using the conditional operator, and why not? Also happens if there's a space between the ?

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What Does Question Mark Represent Other Than Ternary Operator

Is there any other use of the question mark ? in PHP other than being part as the Ternary Operator.Just to take note: I know about how it works in regex and all that. I am talking about the PHP language itself, not regex or what. I know how it works in opening and closing tags.I am more concerned about tokenizing a PHP script. Is there any other token involving question mark?

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Ternary Operator And String Concatenation Quirk?

I just want to know why this code yields (at least for me) an incorrect result.

Well, probably i'm in fault here
$description = 'Paper: ' . ($paperType == 'bond') ? 'Bond' : 'Other';

I was guessing that if paperType equals 'Bond' then description is 'Paper: Bond' and if paperType is not equals to 'Bond' then description is 'Paper: Other'.

But when I run this code the results are description is either 'Bond' or 'Other' and left me wondering where the string 'Paper: ' went???

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Assign To Multiple Variables In Ternary Operator

After writing my response on the question how to assign to multiple variables in a ternary operator I actually tried out the code I wrote:

true ? $w = 100 xor $r = 200 : $w = 300 xor $r = 400;
var_dump($w); var_dump($r);

I would expect PHP to do it this way, according to operator precedence:

true ? $w = 100 xor $r = 200 : $w = 300 xor $r = 400 ;
(true) ? ( $w = 100 xor $r = 200 ) : ( $w = 300 xor $r = 400 );
(true) ? (($w = 100) xor ($r = 200)) : (($w = 300) xor ($r = 400));

As the first part of the ternary operator is evaluated, this should output:

int 100
int 200

But instead I get

int 100
int 400

This is very odd to me, because it would require that parts of both parts of the ternary operator are executed.

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Use Lambda Function As A Condition In Ternary Operator?

I'm writing a function which will be used to limit too long strings. I want to avoid duplicated code so I thought that putting almost whole function "logic" into return expression will be better than checking condition in every switch's case. But let's see code:

function test($mode, $string) {
$x = strlen("...");
$overThr = function($x, $y){strlen($string) >= $y + $x + 1;};
switch ($mode) {


as you can see I want to use $overThr as a flexible condition in a ternary operator. But I can't figure out why every time $overThr is executed in "return" expression it's always returns false.

$a = test('songs_week', 'razdwatrzyczterypiecszescsiedemrazdwatrzyczterypiecszescsiedem');
echo $a;

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Coding Style - Is It A Ternary Operator Without A Return True Value?

I saw this today in some PHP code.

$items = $items ?: $this->_handle->result('next', $this->_result, $this);

What is the ?: doing? Is it a Ternary operator without a return true value? A PHP 5.3 thing?I tried some test code but got syntax errors.

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Html - Colour Every Box In The Middle?

I have a list of boxes on my website:

box1 box2 box3
box4 box5 box6
box7 box8 box9

how to mark every box in the middle of the list (box2, box5, box8)? Here's my foreach loop:

<?php foreach($usersResult as $user) { ?>
<div class="box">
// other stuff here[code]....

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Header Location Works In The Middle Of HTML?

I'm having problems understanding how a header("Location: http://www.google.com/"); can work in the middle of a HTML page's <body>.
Shouldn't there be an error since the header has already been sent due to the HTML output, way before the <?php ... ?> part started.

I'm referring to the warning Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by... that I'm expecting to get.I'm testing this on my local PHP dev environment (Apache/2.2.15 (Win32) PHP/5.3.2).Here's an example:


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Extracting Context From A Set Point In The Middle Of A HTML File?

I have some HTML, and I'm extracting a snippet at a certain point (an inline image), but I'd like to show some context around this image. I'm using PHP, and I know that both Symfony and Wordpress provide functions for dealing with what happens when you chop up text in the middle of some HTML (it closes all open tags), but nothing for dealing with snippets in the other direction. So, in the case of :

'Snippet of text and a <a href="#moo">link right her'

I can use the above-mentioned function to fix, but what about:

'nk right here</a> and then more text after the link.'

I've considered the possibility that even the tag-closing snippet is probably the wrong way to go about this, and I should instead be using Xpath to parse the HTML. However, I can't find any examples or mentions of using xpath to create snippets like this.

Update: move up the parse tree until I get to the tag that encloses all the content (div class=post in my case). The last node that I have before this div is the starting point (most likely a p tag). From here, get the previous sibling (which should be a p tag again). Descend into this node and get the last children, saving the text content to a temporary string. Keep stepping back through these children, until we get enough of a snippet.

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Embed Php Generated Html In Another Html Page

I am trying to include some php generated html in a page that is just a standard html file, NOT a php file. I have seen other html pages do this by including an src to the cgi script in script tags, like this:

<script src="http://someurl.com/somescript.cgi"></script>

the html page loads and the script is executed and the returned html is displayed in the calling page. So, I tried this:

<script src="http://someurl.com/somescript.php"></script>

It doesnt work!!

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HTML Embed Tags Within A .HTML Document - Possible?

Embedding HTML within .PHP files is one of the primary functionalities of PHP, but is it possible to do it the other way round? I mean, embedding PHP tags, , within a .HTML document?? Is this sort of coding possible?

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Embed A Php Code Into Html

I want to embed a php code into my html file. But its not showing anything. The same code works when I rename the file as .php

<?php echo "hi";?>

This code works as hi.php3 but doesn work when I rename file to hi.html.

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Html Embed Editor?

I ve coded a CMS which also allows the administrator to write custom php modules that get stored in the database. Those modules are called in the frontend with eval(). It works great.

The problem, is that the only way i can edit the module is on a big textarea. and its not very nice to code in there. Does anyone know any html embed php editor?

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Embed Data In To Html?

is it possible to embed this into html

if (empty($_POST['extras'])) {

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Eclipse PDT HTML Attribute Assignment Operator Colour?

I would like to know how to change the colour of the equality sign and double quotes for html documents in the eclipse PDT IDE. I can change most colours in Preferences -> Web & XML -> HTML Files -> syntax coloring, but can't change the characters = or " e.g. in an anchor tag

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Embed PHP Script In HTML Page...

The first page of my Internet website must be INDEX.HTM. But, if I want to embed some PHP code in this page, I must rename it to INDEX.PHP. Easy, but not simple, because INDEX.PHP will not load as the default startup-page of my website.

So, my question is:

How can I embed some PHP code within a normal HTML page (without using the
..PHP extension)?

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Embed Chart Graphs Into Html?

i'm using PHP Graph Lib PHPGraphLib

i created some graphs , and all i need is to embed these graphs into html,, you know, inside and so on,, every time i put the code within html it gives me errors

The image “http://localhost/chart2.php” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

although without the html code , it works fine ...

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Embed A Png Image Into An Html Page?

So I have a .png file. I am using windows OS. How can I embed my png file/image into (blank by default) file.html so that when you open that file in any browser you see that image, but the file is not anyhow linked to it - it is ebbeded into it?

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Embed A Progressbar Into A HTML Form?

I have this code below and want it to show the progress of a form submission of a file upload. I want it to work on my website visit it through this IP ( So if you saw the website I want the progress bar to be displayed when the user fills in the information and then hits the submit button. Then the progress bar displays with the time until it's finished.

.hide { position:absolute; visibility:hidden; }
.show { position:absolute; visibility:visible; }[code].....

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