Uploading Photo From Website And Send It Via Email?

I have a form, which gathers some Information of my visitor, and when they submit the Information, it will send it to my desired email. now I need another input "file" that they can even attach their photo and send along with it to my email not on my server.


Send Photo To Email Bot And Upload Photo To Website?

I am constantly taking the following steps, and I know there's a way to automate this:emailing photos from my phone to myself saving those photos to my computer
uploading the saved photos to a website.Is there a way to write a script (perhaps in PHP), that does the following:listens to any emails sent with attachments to a bot email automatically uploads any attachments sent to that email to the site?


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Form Doesn't Send Uploaded Photo To Email?

Form doesn't send uploaded photo to my email as expected!

Here's my code which seems to work perfectly with one exception - when I go to my email address to look for the file, it's not there.

$target = "files/";
$target = $target . basename( $_FILES['uploaded']['name']) ;
$to = "orders@jryaltreats.com";


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Send Email From Website Contact Forms To GoDaddy Email Accounts

I have a simple PHP contact form located here: [URL]... I have the form configured to send the email to a specific email address for my client. The form was working fine when I had their email accounts hosted on my server. But ever since we switched the email hosting to GoDaddy, they are not getting any of the mail coming from the contact form. They are allowed to send / receive any other emails. And when I configure the form for just my email account to receive the message, I can get it just fine. This is a really odd problem. Does anybody have any ideas? Has anyone ran into this problem before on a hosted GoDaddy email account? I called GoDaddy and they say that it's not their problem.

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Send And Receive Email Via A Website?

I need the source code for sending and recieving mail to a person in the web page

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Send An Email From A Website Form?

I'm trying to create a simple form. When filled out on my site it is emailing to me but all the fields are not being sent. Here is the php code:

PHP Code:
$subject="from ".$_GET['name'];
$headers= "From: support@mysite.com";

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Send Email To The User Who Register To Website?

im trying to send email to the user who register to my website..

SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address in D:Domainslelys.orgwwwroot eg_save.php on line 66

this is the error im getting..

//echo "record added";
//$count = 1;
$to = $mail;


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Mail Function To Send An Email From A Website?

I am using the php mail function to send an email from a website. This worked just fine prior (like, immediately prior) to having an ssl certificate installed with my hosting company. Now the mail function returns true (based on my code generating a success message if this condition is met), but no email ever arrives in my inbox. Do I have to change how I am sending the mail? It works the same way if i access the page via http or https.

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User Send An Email From Website To Multiple Friends?

I am trying do a tell a friend page that will allow me to have user send an email from my website to multiple friends when they enter their email address in the form.

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User Photo Uploading

I'm working on a website where some users will be able to upload photos to their account. Can anyone recommend some resources to read about good ways to store the photos on the server?

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Uploading A Photo With Flickr?

If I allow a person to upload a photo to my website and then in order for me not to store it on my small local server, how can I just upload that photo to Flickr using the PHP Flickr API?That should be a pretty common use case, correct? I use PHP.

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Uploading Photo To Mysql?

what is the simple way to upload a photo to mysql or store in a dir, and update the database with the new url?

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Uploading A Photo With Out Refreshing Page?

I'm having trouble getting this to work and I'm starting to wonder if it's possible or not. Basically I want someone to navigate to a "Homepage" which has 5 blank table cells. If the user has uploaded an image previously, a thumbnail of the image will be loaded into one of the 5 cells. If the user has not uploaded an image, then a submit field will be present in the table cell.

[(thumbnail of image1)][(thumnail of image 2)][Browse for a file ____________ SUBMIT][etc][etc]

When the user clicks 'browse'  and chooses an image then clicks submit I would like the file to be uploaded, then the image thumbnail shown. So far, I can get the file to upload to php's temp location but the file will not end up in its final destination.

   $userID = $_COOKIE['user'];
   $con = mysql_connect("com","UN","PW");
   mysql_select_db("rmvusers", $con);[code]....

Again, right now my DB won't update that a file has been uploaded. Also, the file does not show up in my 'upload' folder even though the file does upload .. i believe it is getting stuck in the php temp folder.

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Users Crop The Photo They Are Uploading?

does anyone know of a script or how i could let users crop the photo they are uploading?

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Invalid Signature Uploading Photo To Flickr

I am using the following code:


to create my signature for the flickr upload post call. However, it keeps telling me its invalid. what am I doing wrong? maybe you could have a quick look at my code?

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Exception When Uploading Photo With Facebook Graph API?

I would like to upload a photo to facebook for a user in the default album for an application. This is described under publishing here:[URL]The method has been answered here:[URL]-using-facebook-graph-api. I am using the following:

$args = array(
'message' => 'Photo Caption',
'image' => '@'.realpath("image.png")


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Uploading Photo To Other Users Profile In Facebook?

post a photo to the wall of a friend of the logged-in user using the FB Graph API? I could find no posts that answered this exact question but if there are please point me in the right direction.

I have tried the code found in answers to this question to post a photo, but no matter what user id is used in the call to api, the photo gets added to an album on the logged-in user's profile.

Is it possible to post a photo to another user's profile - just like one any user can manually add to someone's Wall Photos? i.e, a post that will have type: "photo" in the graph API instead of type "link".

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Start Uploading Photo When The User Clicks Submit Button?

I have one form on the page for addition and it is related with 2 tables in the database.Eg. Say i have a table named event and one table named eventphotos. The uploadify plugin of jquery for eventphotos works just fine, however, event is the master table and eventphotos is the child table. Thus when i upload the photo due to asynchronous behaviour of uploadify the photo gets submitted on server but there is no EventId present for this photo which throws exception when i try to insert the photo into evenphotos. I hope you got the idea what the problem is.

I want that when the user clicks on the submit button on the form, the photo uploading process should start and it should only get inserted into database once the master record is inserted into table.

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Get Photo Album For Website?

I want to have a photo album on my website such as this: [URL]....I'm looking for something where the photo that is displayed is also highlighted as thumbnail below that so that users can select photos rather than having to click next.Also, I want to be able to have multiple photo albums so each set of thumbnails is different. Perhaps something where the whole page doesn't have to reload, but just the photo itself and the highlighted thumbnail?I've done some research but I'm unsure of which type is best ie- PHP, javascript, etc...I only have experience in HTML, CSS, and basic javascript and limited PHP.

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Email Integration - Implementing RFC 2369's "List-Unsubscribe" In Website - Should Send Confirmation?

I'm trying to implement RFC 2369's "List-Unsubscribe" in a PHP website which sends out daily updates by email. I'm planning to use the HTTP option only since this can be implemented simply in PHP code. My question is this: Once the user is unsubscribed, is it ok to send out a confirmation email, like "unsubscribe successful"? Or will this count against my site's "unsubscribe score" by Google et al? I've tagged this as PHP because I'm interested strictly in a PHP-programming based answer to the proper implementation of this standard.

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Send Email - Page Where You Enter An Email Address And Click Send.

I am interested in creating an "email -this" type ability for a website. I am sure most people have seen an "email -this story" type link that is standard on most news web sites. You click such a link and then it takes you to a page where you enter an email address and click send. The link for the story and the title are not editable. Does anyone know where I can find example code of how to do this with php, and any explanation of how this works.

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Send The Data To The Mysql Database As Well As Send An Email To The Email Address

This code is supposed to pull data from a mysql database so I can edit it. that part works. The other part of this code is, it's supposed to send an email to an email address based off of the "location" field. If I choose "Office1, it will send the data to the mysql database as well as send an email to the email address in listed for office1 with the data that went to the mysql database. Can someone take a look & correct my code issues?
Code: [Select]<p> To go to the main page <a href="http://tnep-g-psrflow/flow/index.html">click here</a>.</p>
<?php # edit_dqa.php
$page_title = 'Edit a Record';
$con = mysql_connect("localhost","uname","password");
if (!$con)
die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

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Resizing The Photo Thumbnail In Website?

how to resize and make the thumbnail view of the photos like in facebook or other sites without distorting the photos

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Finding An Option To Take Photo From Website?

i got a site where i take the details of the visitors that enter my office premises.
Now what i wanted is to add the photo of the visitor into that. i have a webcam with me through which i can take pictures.

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Send Photo URLs To JavaScript?

He wants the photo gallery to be generated automatically from the photos he places in a directory. I am not experienced with Ajax and think it might be too complex to use for this.

What I think would be best is to use PHP to identify the URLs of the photos in a directory and somehow send those URLs to JavaScript so that JavaScript can pre-load them and then display them when the corresponding photo button is selected on the site.

I know PHP and JavaScript (JQuery) relatively well, but I'm just not quite sure what the Best Practice is for what I need to do.

Just to reiterate: What he wants to do is place the photos in the directory, PHP searches that directory for the photo names, and passes those URLs to JavaScript so it can pre-load them.

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Develop A Photo Upload System For My Website

I am trying to develop a photo upload system for my website. Currently I have to upload each photo one at a time, with comments etc, into a database. This works fine, but I'd like to be able to upload all the photos at once and then write a script to comment on the photos thereafter. All I need help with is the best way to create a simple interface to upload the files. What is the quickest way? POST? FTP? Something else.

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Integrate Facebook Photo Album Into Website?

How can I display photos from a facebook album inside a website?

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Send Email Via Cronjob And Set Amount Of Email Send Per Mins?

i have a program which use to send group emails, i set a cornjob per mins for this program, and set execute per 2nd/min, and check if the now time is match to my defined schedule time in db. if true the program will run and send email, else nth...

the problem is i want to dynamic set the amount of email sending per mins by user, let say i have 10000 emails to send, and i want to send 3 emails per min, something like that, but i cant find the way when using cronJob, (set cookie? record the current email to db?),
since i found that if i use sleep(), it will cause php execute limit error...

how to do that?or using other method to do schedule task? pear?if using other methods, can show how to use it briefly ?

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Security Measures To Be Taken While Building Photo Sharing Website?

I am building a photo sharing website in php. I have almost completed it. I want to know what are the security measures we should take in storing images. I am using file system to store the images. How can I make it secure? Is there anything I can use to password protect the directories in which the images are stored?

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Upload Script For A Photo Website - Photos Are Not Copying Onto The Server?

Ive wrote a upload script for a photo website im making and ive cam across a unusual problem. The script inserts all the values into the databse correctly and displays "file upload successfull" but the photos are not copying onto the server.

require 'functions.php';
require 'common.php';[code]....

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Email A Photo As An Attachment Without Saving It First?

Is it possible to email a photo as an attachment without saving it first?

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