Passing Variables To Pages Via Sessions?

Mar 20, 2010

i have page findroom.php that will redirect to the page DisplayDetails.php.i wanted the DisplayDetails.php page to display data from the query in the page findroom.php. The data that i wanted to display from the query from page DisplayDetails is 'room_price' and 'room_type'.However, when i clik the Book Now link, it dosesnt't display the value.Since i'm just a starter in php, can someone tell me am i treating the session the right way as it doesn't diplay any result for the data that i wanted to take from the query in the findroom.php. But, for the the others data which is 'checkin', 'checkout' and others, it just show perfectly.I do hope if someone can tell me am i using the session in the right way or not.below is the code: findroom.php



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Sessions, Globals, Passing Variables Between Pages

I'm trying to pass variables from test001.php to test002.php.
However, with the following code, the values don't appear on the second page. (The value is null).

Global variables are ON right now, but will be turned OFF soon for security reasons. Is there a way to pass variables from page to page without passing them in the URL AND a way that will work regardless of the settings of the global variables.

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Sessions Not Passing Between Pages With Iis

I have been using the apache win32 module until recently when i decided to switch to IIS after installing VS .Net, anyway I set up php with iis with the isapi.dll and everything seemed to be working fine except for when i use a login script it will log me in but when i go to another page I will be asked to log in again. The script works fine on my apache setup and I even tried the phpnuke login and it does the same thing. So can anyone explain to me how to fix this or why its doing it.

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Passing Varaible Between Pages Ussing Sessions?

I have 2 php forms, the first that takes the input and sends it to the second form which checks to see if the fields are empty.What I have to do is if both fields are not entered is return to the main page and highlight the field/s that is not fill with an asterix, If one of the fields was entered I need to return that value to the textbox on the first page and then link back to the first page to enter in the missing is the first page input.php

$asterixFirst = "";
$asterixLast = "";
// check for asterix value


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Passing Variables In Sessions

I have setup PHP 4.2.3 on Apache HTTP server 2.0.40 on Win 98. I am trying to pass variables in session. PHP Code:

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Passing Sessions Variables Through An Iframe?

I have a problem, i am using an iframe within a site which im attempting to use a session variable inside, firstly ive just been trying to display the session variable to make sure they are accessible from within the iframe:

echo "session of productcheck ".$_SESSION['productcheck']." ";
echo "session of productcheck1 ".$_SESSION['productcheck1']." ";
echo "session of productcheck2 ".$_SESSION['productcheck2']." ";
echo "session of productcheck3 ".$_SESSION['productcheck3']." ";

this just shows "session of product check" with nothing after each one, I set the session variable as such:

$_SESSION['productcheck'] = $productBox;

the $productBox is a GET from the URL:

echo " <iframe src="homeview.php?productBox=$product1" name="FRAMENAME" width="594" height="450" scrolling="No" id="FRAMENAME" allowautotransparency="true" > </iframe >";

whats strange is if i just take the $productBox variable retrieved from the URL and use that then the code works, its only when i store it in a session variable that it gets confused. I want to retrieve a second $productBox and assign it to session var productcheck1 and so forth down the line. Unfortunately, i have to take one var in at a time, otherwise i could just pass all 4 products and not worry about the sessions.

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Help Passing Variables To Other Php Pages

I am trying to write a script to pass the value of the variable $cost
to buy.php but I keep getting a parse error. Here is an example of what I am
trying to do:


echo "<Form Action="buy.php?Price=$cost" METHOD="POST">";

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Passing Variables Between Pages

i read a tutorial the other day on passing variables between php pages
using a html form and setting the action to the php page to parse, can
anybody see anything wrong with the code below? the problem is, that the
page always loads the html form, and i cant work out why this is so, even
after i select a catagory from the drop down list and press search.

the code:

if (empty($catagory)) { ?>
<div align=center>
<form action="<?php $PHP_SELF ?>" method="GET"> <table>
<tr> <td>
<INPUT name=search>
</td> <td>
<SELECT NAME=catagory SIZE=1>
<OPTION any>Search All Catagories
<OPTION floral>Floral Creations
<OPTION lighting>Decorative Lighting
<OPTION kitchenware>Kitchenware & Crockery <OPTION
furniture>Fancy Goods & Furniture
</td> <td>
<INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="Search">
<?php exit; }
echo ("the catagory variable was set");

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Passing Variables Across Pages?

I'm having problems passing my variables using thru the url. Here's the code.

[CODE =php]
$connection = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbusername, $dbpassword) or die (mysql_error());
mysql_select_db($dbname, $connection);
//i use this line to test that variable id has been passed.
//this also happens to be the error point
$test = "select * from jobpost where id=".$_GET['id'];
echo $test;


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Passing Variables Between Pages In URL

Yes In know this has been covered in other ways, but after searching the forum I did not find a specific solution that fit my application. Maybe I overlooked something, so I'm sory if I did.

Here's what I have got. It's very simple (or at least should be). I have a page on my site that has a URL of:


And in that page I have an iframe that calls for the gid variable like this:

<iframe src="family.iframe.php?gid=<?php echo $gid; ?>"

family.iframe.php is another page I have that has formatting and other stuff on it. I basically gets called over and over again until there is nothing left to display. This is not the problem though. I have this setup working in a different fashion elsewhere. Plus I can go directly to and get the results I want on a full page. But I want it to go in that iframe I have created. Am I missing a bit of code that pulls the 'gid=1' from the url and inserts it into the 'echo' section? I have tried using the $var=$_GET method with no luck as well.

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Passing Variables Between Pages?

if it is possible to pass a $phpvar that is defined upon execution to an iframe.php page?

So I have a parent page that contains an iframe. I want to pull an array that is defined in the parent page to be passed to the iframe page somehow.

Is there away to do this?

I'm starting to use cookie's, but this has become problematic. The cookie's can only seem to go up to an intial 50 recognized cookies. After every refresh I get an additional 7 cookies recognized. This is in Firefox. This doesn't work in IE.

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Assigning And Passing Sessions Variables Between Subdomains?

I am going to create a site that will have have multiple subdomains. For an example:

I would like to know if session variables can be passed between the subdomains. For an example $_SESSION['variable'] would be accessible on all of the subdomains listed above.

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PHP Passing Variables Between Pages And Security

i'm passing session and hidden variables between pages. not to mention
post values.

i'm a little concerned that someone with sufficient knowledge could
spoof these vlaues and manipulate the program.

is this a valid concern? i'm thinking i can check the submitting page
setting up something around the following the following code...

$base_name = basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);

is this a good bet? is there a better way?

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Passing Session Variables Across Pages

I have two servers at work, 'A' for testing and development, and
server 'B' for production.
On server A, I wrote a PHP test code to login users then direct them
to a personalized page. This is done in 3 steps:
Step 1.Normal http login page.
Step 2.A page called login.php that takes the posted username, stores
it as $_SESSION["username"], and registers it
session_register("username"); user is taken to the personalized page
according to his username and things are fine up to here. (this page
is not displayed, only for redirecting purposes).
Step 3.On the personalized page, I check whether session is started,
then display a welcome message with the username. Session variables
are passed across pages fine.

Next, I did exactly the same steps on server B; at step 2 (above) user
is directed to the correct page. But when I get to step 3, the session
seems to lose or set all its variables to NULL (I checked this using

The codes on server A and B are identical. I copied the php.ini file
from server A to B (just in case there were differences) and restarted
Apache on server B. But still, session variables are lost in Step 3
although the session is still running.

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Passing Variables Between Pages With In The Script.

I don't know if anyone is familiar with PHP/SWF Charts application. It basically creates dynamic charts based upon php code. Its a great problem but I'm having a hard time passing variables between pages with in the script. I'm trying to pass a variable to another page and I have it formatted like this PHP Code:

$chart[ 'link_data' ] = array ('url'=> "detailall.php?key=" .'$key'. "",
                              'target'=> "_blank");

On the detailall.php page the $key variable is just coming up as $key Any ideas on how to pass the actual variable? I have tried lots of different combinations of periods and parenthesis and nothing seems to work right.

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Session Variables Not Passing Across Pages?

Common problem, but I'm stumped. Session variables are passing across pages on my local (localhost) deployment, but not on my (www) host. I use a common includes file for each page with this code:

$sessionDomain = "/";
$sessionName = "ccSID".md5('/store/');[code]...

I confirmed that the session ID cookie (ccSIDxxxxx...) remains the same across pages in my browser, but session variables don't seem to hold up when changing to a page in a different directory.

EDIT: My session cookie file has legible data from one path directory, but not another. I noticed that the good directory has a blank php.ini file in it. When I place a blank php.ini file in the bad directory, the session cookie becomes legible but then regular browser cookies don't save from pages in that directory. What's the deal with (blank) php.ini files in directories that change the behaviour of the session cookie?

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Passing Variables Between Pages Without A Form?

I'm hoping someone can help me out with a problem I'm stuck on. I'm building myself a little blog from scratch, using it as a way of learning some new PHP (and quite enjoying it too lol!) Anyway, it's coming along quite nicely. I've got a form where I will be able to enter a title and article for each post.
When that form is submitted, this is the page that is in the form action.

require ('db_connect.php');
Get variables form submitted form
$title = $_POST['blog_post_title'];
$tag = $_POST['blog_post_tag'];
$date = $_POST['blog_post_date'];
$tagdate = $_POST['blog_tag_date'];


What I need to happen (I'm pretty sure) is that $file from the first page, needs to be inserted into the first echo in the while loop above.

Anyway, as I said, this is me trying to learn new stuff, so not entirely sure if this is possible in any way. If not, could someone point me in the right direction?

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Building An Array And Passing The Variables Through Pages

I have a form that inserts a variable and then shows the variable where needed. simple... i think. I have it working, but I can't seem to add elements to the array. Also anytime I go to another section I lose the information. from the variable. here is the basic bit of code used. Code:

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Passing The Values Of The Form Variables Between Pages ?

I have a problem passing the values of the form variables between pages when I want to save them in session.I'm using sessions for saving another values that don't come from the form, and all of them are saved in the session correctly. For example I'm saving the user and the profile once the user is logged, and I pass this value through all the pages without any problem. But now I have to save some values of a form, just in case the user wants to come back and see the values that previously had inserted.

When I print the session in the page where I'm reading the form variables, all of them are set correctly, but when I go back they are empty, but the ones that I had previously are saved correctly.I was looking for a solution in different forums, I change the name of the variable of the session (at the beginning the name of the session variable and the variable form were the same, and this was giving me problems). I did everything I can think, but the problem is still there.I'm not sure if it's a problem with the global variables.... In my php.ini are off, and I wouldn't like to change this.

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How To Pass Information Between Pages Using Cookies, Sessions, Form Variables

I know how to pass information between pages using cookies, sessions, form variables , but I wonder how to pass a variable to already opened paged ? I have a pages contain an image button that button will open a window to upload file into server I need when the window closed to pass the images name to the opened (calling) pages .

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Passing Variables Between Steps Of Listing Creation Admin Pages?

My site includes the ability to add an accommodation listing and I have broken this down into 3 steps:

1. Basic info
2. Detailed info
3. Add Photographs

The 3 steps must be followed in sequence because I need to retrieve the unique id from step 1 to use in step 2 and step 3.

mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
$accommodationId = mysql_insert_id();

Each of the 3 steps is a separate php page. I was going to pass the value of accommodationId appended to the url of the next step page but I am now thinking this may make my site less secure as anyone could change this Id in the address bar and therefore amend another persons listing.

I therefore would like to know what people would suggest as a method of passing the variable.

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Deal With Users Clearing Sessions When Use Sessions To Restrict Access To Pages?

I have a page that I restrict access to by checking if a certain session variable is set. But then again, users can clear that session variable and now have access to the page.

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Redirect Pages Using Mod_rewrite To The Pages With Some Variables?

I am trying to redirect pages using mod_rewrite to the pages with some variables (for using them with PHP's $_GET).

To give an example with few lines:

When the user enters /c/stg it redirects to item_show.php?id=$1&f=1 (where f is page number). When the user enters /c/stg/2 it redirects to the second page with show.php?id=$1&f=$2.

I think there are no errors or misuses of these in my file but, here's what I want:

I want user to enter /string directly to go item_show.php?id=$1&f=1 with $1 is our string of course...

But when I change my file by removing the /c/ part from RewriteRule it starts giving errors in all other directories and doesn't read any files (my.css) even though I have already defined a RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f...

Or how can I made this system possible with any method?

Options FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d


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Regex - Passing Variables To Perl - Using Spaces Between Variables Method?

i had been using this method to call perl (before i started trying to do this with regular expressions).. passing in a regex string as a variable causes all sorts of problems, such as using " ( )" anywhere makes it not work, among other things.. I am wondering if there is a better way to do this, than the string of variables after the perl filename method as it seems to have some glaring limiations.

the way I do it currently:

$file = "/pathtomy/ $var1 $var2 $var3" ;
$perlreturn = ob_get_contents();
return $perlreturn;

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Sessions Not Passing

I have a strange problem with my sessions. A first attempt at logging in fails yet attempting to log in a second time works.

Here is what I have for my login:


Once sql finds the user and creates the session, user is redirected to secondary page which contains a session_start(); I checked the variables right after registering the session and the values are populated. They are gone at the secondary page despite the second session_start();

Its very strange. This happends on a number of different computers.

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Passing Sessions

I've used session before and have never had a problem.

$_SESSION['test']= "set";
<a href="page2.php">next</a>

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