Preg Replace - @ Sign In Replace

Oct 14, 2007

$string = preg_replace('/m[^a-z]*y[^a-z]*s[^a-z]*p[^a-z]*a[^a-z]*c[^a-z]*e/i', 'test', $string);

//this filters out the work myspace with any thing in between the letters I want to //modify it to also match when a user uses the @ sign in replace of the a in myspace.

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Preg Replace - Preg_replace Oddity With £ Pound Sign

I am applying the following function


It conflicts with the pound sign £ and replaces the pound sign with the unidentified question mark in black square. This is not critical but does anyone know why this is?

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Regex/preg _ Replace To Replace Subdomain?

i need to use preg_replace to replace two subdomain elements with a single element. my regex skills are virtually nonexistent. the urls are of the form:


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Convert Ereg _ Replace By Preg _ Replace?

i want to change ereg_replace by preg_replace, ereg_replace is deprecated.below the code :

$Correction = $Email;
$Correction = trim(ereg_replace ('(%20)', ' ', $Correction));
$Correction = trim(ereg_replace ('<br>' , '' , $Correction));
$Correction = trim(eregi_replace('(%3c)', '.', $Correction));
$Correction = trim(eregi_replace('}' , 'e', $Correction));


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Ereg Replace Or Preg Replace

I have HTML content that I want to do a search and replace of urls. If the content contains an <a href="" I want it to take the content and append an id to the end. For example:

<p>content here <a href="">link</a></p>

would change to:

<p>content here <a href="">link</a></p>


<p>content here <a href="">link</a></p>

would change to:

<p>content here <a href="">link</a></p>

Basically I just want to search for hrefs and add a tracking on the end.

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Preg Replace / Preg Match For Href In Html Link?

have a regular expression to replace the following code:

<a href="originalLink">hi</a>


<a href="newLink">hi</a>

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Use Preg Match And Replace To Replace Li Tags Within Ol Tags?

Here is what i got:


This php code works well if the page only contains ol tags, but if it contains both ul and ol tags for some reason it changes li tags inside ul tags too and I only want it to replace it within ol tags. What could be the problem and how can i fix it?

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Preg Replace All Except

how do you replace all chars except certain ones, in my case A-Za-z0-9-_.?=&:+'...

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Preg Replace

I want [color=f35f46]lol[/color] to change to <span style="color: #f35f46">lol</span> with php preg_replace.

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Simple Preg Replace

I would like to know how I would go about changing my links throughout a document using preg_replace.

For example.

I have links called foo.php throughout my document I want to change it to new.php how would I go about doing this using preg_replace and prevent myself from typing it manually throughout the document.

I have looked at php manual but it doesnt say how to do it throughout a document and not specific a named variable.

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Preg Replace And URLs

Hi, I'm having some problems with my URL-code, which automatically turns adressess into urls.

Problems is that when people type "something.something else" that's also turned into an url.

So what I'd like to do is change the below expression to only turn it into urls when you type either "www" in front ( or when you use "http://" (,

$text_s = preg_replace("/(?<=^¶s)((https?¶ftps?)://)?(([-_a-zA-Z0-9]+.)+)([a-zA-Z0-9]{2,6})(/[^][s]*)?(?=s¶$)/e","'$1'!=''? '<a href="$1$3$5$6" target="_blank">$1$3$5$6</a>':'<a href="http://$3$5$6" target="_blank">$3$5$6</a>'",$text_s);

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Trim Preg Replace...

im using:

if($varCheck && trim(preg_replace("/[a-zA-Z0-9,@._]+/", "", $varCheck))) $stop = true;

how would i go abouts adding "-" ( a hyphen, -) to preg replace?

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Preg Replace Beginning

I have a filename such as admin_press.php. I want to do a preg_replace so that I end up with just "press". I can get it to remove "admin_" or ".php", but never together. How would I go about doing that? This is what I was hoping would work, but it removes everything.

preg_replace("/^admin_.*?.php$/", "", $file)

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Preg Replace With Variables

I have a loop that loops through and sets $q to certian tags in an HTML documet such as body UL etc etc. It also sets $a to a list of styles for that tag. There are no <> in the $q variable. What I need to do is for each loop is change.

<BODY> into <BODY style="color: #000000;" > etc etc

I was going to do for each loop something like

$templatein = preg_replace('/<$q/','<$q style="$a"',$templatein);

just can't seem to get it to work. Should be pretty str8 forward. I'm just new to PCRE.

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Preg Replace Problem

I want to replace all character other then alphanumeric to "-", to get this output i ote this expression but it not works, please check it.


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Regexp/preg Replace

Im trying to run a preg_replace for replacing some things in the contents of a retrieved webpage. For example, im using the snip below to strip out all javascripts within the content

preg_replace("/<script[^>]*?>.*</script*>/is", "", $content);

The problem with dat however is that, if there happens to be more than 2 script tags within the content, e.g,

some js codes
some content here, this should be omited
another js codes

the match matches from the begining script to the end script, swallowing allong "some content here". The idea is to simply replace contents within each individual script tags.

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Preg Replace :: Strip Out

I use code like this to strip things out PHP Code:

$string = preg_replace('#</?t(able|r|d)(s[^>]*)?>#i', '', $string);¬ ¬ // strip out tables

But I need to strip out this:

left:0px; top: 0px;

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Preg Replace Newlines

I have a form box where users enter in directions (one per line). I then turn each line into a list item <li>. The problem is that when people enter a blank line at the end it creates a new list item. So I tried the following preg_replace to strip out extra lines at the end of the string.

$directions = preg_replace('/

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Using Variables In Preg Replace

I need to replace a chunk of html code in 100 odd pages for a project. So I have written a php script that opens the files, does a preg_replace to cut the code I don't want then save the file (and loop over the rest).

However, I am having trouble with the preg_replace. This works:

$new_contents = preg_replace ("/$replace1(.*)</td>/", "cut out", $contents);

Where $replace1 is the beginning part of the html I want to cut.

But, I want to specify the second part and not just use </td>. So I thought it would be:

$new_contents = preg_replace ("/$replace1(.*)$replace2/", "cut out", $contents);

But this doesn't work. Could someone check my syntax, please? Or is it even possible to have two variables in the expression?

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Preg Replace ID Number?

I want to find id="left-tabs( any digit )" and replace it with id="left-tabs99".What am i doing wrong?

preg_replace("/id='tabs-left(d+)'/", "id='tabs-left99'", $form_start);

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Using $ Variables In Preg _ Replace?

how do I use variables in a call to preg_replace? This didn't work:

foreach($numarray as $num => $text)
$patterns[] = '/<ces>(.*?)+$num(.*?)</ces>/';
$replacements[] = '<ces>$1<$text/>$2</ces>';

Yes, the $num is preceeded by a plus sign. Yes, I want to "tag the $num as <$text/>".

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Regex - Allow Dot In Preg _ Replace?

I'm using The perfect PHP clean url generator to clean some file names with an upload script (as well as to clean my permalinks elsewhere). How might I modify it to allow a . if the function looks like this:

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_US.UTF8');
function toAscii($str, $replace=array(), $delimiter='-', $exception = '') {
if( !empty($replace) ) {
$str = str_replace((array)$replace, ' ', $str);
$clean = iconv('UTF-8', 'ASCII//TRANSLIT', $str);


EDIT Modified the function slightly to reflect my actual usage - sorry about that.

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Preg Replace For Href Links

Can someone please give me an example of how i can use preg_replace for a link such as:

echo"<a href="make.php?id=$id&amp;modelname=$name">$name</a>";

to be changed to..

echo"<a href="make/$name-$id.html">$name</a>";

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Preg_replace() [function.preg-replace]

i made a code for my forum does bbcode. Ive designed it so that me, the admin can input a template, such as if i wanted the template would be a ":" and then a ")" one after another,

then a function checks the post when you go to view it and see whether it has a template in it, if it doesnt it leaves it and if it does the function replaces the template with a replacment, which is also designated by the admin and stored in a database. Code:

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A Function In Preg Replace, Works?

I'll use a function (crearvinculo()) in a preg_replace, but the functon doesn't get the variable. Here's the code:

$txt = preg_replace("/[enlaceGrupo¦(.*?)]/", crearvinculo('1'),$txt);

I've tried to use the "e" and 1, like the manual in, and 1, $1.. Nothing works, and the variant with de "e" and 1 give's me an php error.

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Bolding Keywords With Preg Replace

Im setting up a search engine for a content site. It works find, but i still need the keywords to be BOLD on the search results.

For example, if i search for "dog" and one of the results is:

* Dog contest winner
Last friday an Akita dog won the dog contest...

The result SHOULD come up as:

* Dog contest winner
Last friday an Akita (STRONG)dog(/STRONG) won the dog contest...

--I dont quite get the reg.expressions... but i know that this could be accomplished with preg_replace.

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