On Line Store Solution

Jul 17, 2005

I've been looking for "open-source-on-line-stores-php-apache-mysql
powered solutions", and I found mainly two:


I'm just beginning so I've to choose one of them to give it a try...
Which one you would opt for?

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Linebreaks - Elegant Solution For Line-breaks?

$var = "Hi there"."<br/>"."Welcome to my website"."<br/>;" echo $var; Is there an elegant way to handle line-breaks in PHP? I'm not sure about other languages, but C++ has eol so something thats more readable and elegant to use?

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Check Variables Line By Line In Text File And Store Unique Variables?

I store my variables in text file.Next I get another vars, they most store in text file if they arent duplicate and old data must be clear.Check each new vars by vars stored in file. and only store unique vars.for example first I have:



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Store Emails In Textfile One Per Line?

This snippet of code renders a users email when a user enters a page of my site: ...


... you can echo it like this:

<?php echo $email;?>

but how would you store it in a text file in a directory or folder of my choosing with one email per line?

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Remove Last Line In A File / Store All Lines Except The Last One

Is there a way to remove the last line in a text file? Or, alternatively, is there a way to read a text file until the penultimate line of the file? That is, if you have a file like:


read all lines except the last one? In the previous example I need to hold only AAAA, BBBB , CCCC and DDDD.

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Concatenate All The Lines Between HEADLINE And FILE - AUTHOR And HEADLINE And Store In A Single Line?

In the text file has the values,


How to concatenate all the lines between {HEADLINE} and {FILE}, {AUTHOR} and {HEADLINE} and store in a single line

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Clone Line In Array With Array_splice And Then Store New Array?

I have CSV text thats stored in the session array as csv. The lines are terminated by ### and fields terminated by %%. I also have a line number of a line within that array which is CID, or the line which i want to clone. I need to find that line within the csv array, splice it, and then update the session variable with the spliced array.

$data = $_SESSION['csv'];
$cid = $_POST['cid'];
$csvpre = explode("###", $data);


the goal is to let the user select which line to clone, and then perform this function, and have that line cloned in the csv session variable

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Parses Large Files Line By Line - Fseek() By Line 0 Not Bytes?

I have a script that parses large files line by line. When it encounters an error that it can't handle, it stops, notifying us of the last line parsed. Is this really the best / only way to seek to a specific line in a file? (fseek() is not usable in my case.)

for ($i = 0; $i < 100000; $i++)
fgets($fp); // just discard this

I don't have a problem using this, it is fast enough - it just feels a bit dirty. From what I know about the underlying code, I don't imagine there is a better way to do this.

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Need A Php Solution

I understand my question might not necessarily be a issue specific
for PHP. However since my current development is conducted with
PHP so I definitely need a PHP solution for it. Here is the situation:

1. A Login form page for user to keyin username/password.
2. After user input correct login info a small window will popup
and the parent window (the login form page) still stay unchanged.
3. If user click "accept" on the popup window then the parent window

Step 3 is not a big issue for me. But step 2 is a big headaque.

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PGP Solution

I would like to be able to take the data submitted to a form, encrypt it using a specified PGP key and email it to a specified recipient. All in PGP.

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PDF: What's The Best Solution?

I'd like to start generating PDF files via PHP, but I'd rather not spend $450 on pdflib. The files I'll be creating (to start with) are invoices, so they contain tables, etc. My server is running PHP v. 4.3.2.

I've seen a couple alternative solutions out there, but most seem fairly old at this point. What have people found to be the best solution for generating PDF files in PHP?

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Cant Fiugre Out The Solution....

PHP and MYSQL and have been working on a form that
when it is submitted stores the information into a mysql database.
The main problem is that i'm trying to finish up my script for almost
a week now and I still cant get it right.
here is the code


include ("ES_includes/appconst.inc.php") ;
// Ceck of begin datum juist is
if (!checkdate ($_POST['maand_van'],$_POST['dag_van'],$_POST['jaar_van'])){
echo "De begin datum die u hebt opgegeven is ontjuist <b>"
..$_POST['dag_van']. "/" .$_POST['maand_van']. "/" .$_POST['jaar_van'].
//check of begin datum reeds in het database staat
$datum= $_POST['jaar_van']."-".$_POST['maand_van']."-".$_POST['dag_van'];
$db = mysql_connect("$dbHost", "$dbUser","$dbPwd");
$sql_check = "SELECT * FROM verlof WHERE
gebruikersID='$_POST['gebruikersID']' AND datum='$datum'";
$check = mysql_query($sql_check,$db);

if (mysql_num_rows($check) != 0){
echo "Deze datums staan reeds in het databse op uw naam.
$sql = "INSERT INTO verlof (gebruikersID, datum, voormiddag,
namiddag, opm_aanvrager) VALUES
$result = mysql_query($sql);
echo "Uw verlof aanvraag is aangevraagd.
echo "<br><input type=button value="Terug"

$datum_van= $_POST['dag_van']."/".$_POST['maand_van']."/".$_POST['jaar_van'];
$datum_tot= $_POST['dag_tot']."/".$_POST['maand_tot']."/".$_POST['jaar_tot'];


$newsplit = explode("/", $mydate);

$newsplit = explode("/", $mydate);

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What's The BEST PHP Template Solution?

What's the BEST PHP Template solution?

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Pagination Solution

how to createa pagination just like the one in vBulletin. Yesterday, I asked a question about making sure that I get 10 pages per page, even though some of the things get deleted. I went back to work on that right now, and I can't imagine how easy it is - it's logical too!! I present my solution for those who MIGHT want to know. PHP Code:

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Looking For A Php Application/solution..

Knowing that there are hundreds of php applications and solutions out there,
and I don't want to re invent the wheel, I am looking for something in php
that will provide a web based solution for me to add/edit/delete records in
a MySQL database/table that must include one BLOB (JPEG) image field.

It's a PEOPLE application that has details on the people that includes a
picture. So, must be able to add(upload) or delete a JPEG image as a BLOB
field to the Table.

(the Table already exists with some 20+ records and most if not all have a
BLOB {jpeg} field included.)

Perhaps there's something out there already that will simply read and
examine an existing table and fields, then generate a simple data
entry/update type page.

Or maybe someone else out there has something like this, or knows of
something like this in GPL, open source, or other?

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Database Solution

I need assistance trying to figure out conceptually how to create a single username/password across many off the shelve products and custom ones as well. Let just say I installed vBulletin, word press and a custom classified software all using mysql and php. These all have a seperate database or prefixed so that the tables could be seperated logically in a MYSQL single instance.

Unfortunately, when you think about it, it would be awful if your users would have a different username and password for all of these tools, let alone, to have to login to them all seperately on every ocassion.

how do people solve these problems. What is the concept behind it without going too much into the programming aspect. The programming side I can figure out, but I need help understanding the standard approach for something like this, if there is one. I would hate to have inconsistency problems between two tables.

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Email Solution

An old php mail system I wrote for a client can't handle the load anymore. My client needs to send out about 3000-5000 emails when they are using the newsletter system.

I was looking at PHPMailer, but noticed the last update was July 2005, this doesn't have to mean anything bad of course, but I'm just wondering what systems are out there.

I don't mind paying for a good script so it can be a commercial license. I need something that will handle batch sending...like 250 emails every minute or whatever.

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Standalone Solution

I was asked to write a database solution for a friend.. it was supposed to do the normal add/retrieve/modify/search functions of a databse. i started with vb6 then decided to use php/sql.

I might sound really dumb and ignorant but the question is... if i want to "package" this to him... how can i do this without having to personally go and install a webserver and php and sql and the rest so he can use it just through his web browser?

can i use an installer that will allow it to be packaged so after the install he would just have to open the databsae through his browser?

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Application Solution

the best would be a solution that can read psdĀ“s and replace text in it and check size and fontsize and things like that. or is it possible to make an text over an image thats already filled with the backgournd and then place text over it with a script. so image001 = text001. we need this for thousands of pictures/translations. and it would be good if theres the possibility to pos it form center or change degree by a setting. and stuff like that.

scripts / products / anything.

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Utf 8 - Encoding To UTF-8 - Is There An End-all Solution?

I've looked across the web, I've looked through SO, through PHP documentation and more. It seems like a ridiculous problem not to have a standard solution to. If you get an unknown character set, and it has strange characters (like english quotes), is there a standard way to convert them to UTF-8?

I've seen many messy solutions using a plethora of functions and checking and none of them are definitely going to work. Has anyone come up with their own function or a solution that always works?


Many people have answered saying "it is not solvable" or something of that nature. I understand that now, but none have given any sort of solution that has worked besides utf8_encode which is very limited. What methods ARE out there to deal with this? What is the best method?

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Use A NoSQL Solution?

I'm looking to use a NoSQL solution for my next project, which will be written in PHP. What choices do I have in terms of NoSQL solutions that can easily interfaced via PHP? I haven't done much thinking about the architecture yet, so I'm not sure what my needs will be; I'd simply like to know what my choices are so I don't build something I can't reasonably implement. For instance, I know Cassandra has Pandra, but that's just a PHP library. MongoDB has a native PECL extension.

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Use Mcrypt_decrypt From Commond Line - Error - Call To Undefined Function Mcrypt_decrypt() In Command Line Code On Line 1?

i m trying to use mcrypt_decrypt from commond line but i m getting the folllowing error:-

Call to undefined function mcrypt_decrypt() in Command line code on line 1

and any other alternative solution because i m using os:cmd() from erlang to achive this.since erlang do have function to achieve this but i m unable to figure out whats worng in that.so thought of doing like this so that i verify the things.

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PHP Vs JAVA - Is PHP An Enterprise Solution?

I am commencing a project with a guy - and have just received an email of him saying that the project should be writtin all in Java! Now I code in PHP and was interested in his comments:

However there are many things to consider. First we have to standardise on one language to code in. It should be Java and only Java. All professional organisations use Java because it is the language of the network and the internet. Its scalable, reusable, object oriented and extremely powerful.

There is no other means if you want to get this right first time and professionally. There are all too many people out there using languages like Perl and PHP. These are not what we call "Enterprise" solutions

I would like your thoughts on this as I belive as many others that PHP is indeed the language of e-commerce and the Internet.

Also I heard Microsoft was scaling out Java cause of legal action and SUN might not now be able to continue its production due to losing its biggest client.

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Timestamp Or Microtime? Which Is The Better Solution?

I have always used timestamp but see alot of microtime in code I read.

Is there a good reason to use one solution vs. the other?

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PHP Solution To ASP Include Function

I've been offering UNIX based hosting for awhile, but for a prospective client I wish to set up a system where he can update a section of his homepage without having access to the whole webpage.

I wish to show him how to create an MSWindows.doc that he can export as a "Web Page", then FTP it to a special directory. I wish to then have the actual home page access this other page as an "include", placing his data on the home page in its correct place. This keeps him from wrecking the homepage. On a Windows server, I would put an include on the HTML page leading to the content page as in:

<!--#include file="../home/home.htm"-->

but this solution will not work on a UNIX system.

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Looking For Visual Php Development Solution

I have recently been implementing php code in some web pages and am
now looking for a more visual oriented php development environment
because for example creating php/html forms by hand for the x'th time
is not exactly my idea of working efficiently. (Unlike some guys i
work with who seem to think this is an extremely cool working method.
:-/) I'm looking for something with an interface like delphi or vb,
and some of the more visual GUI based web scripting systems out there.
Something where i can click on a web site item, get to the code part
and then work on the code, or maybe first grab some prefab code by
using a template or some kind of code library. I'm sure someone has
implemented such a thing for php, but so far i haven't been able to
locate it.

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